REC-ERC Reports

Report Number        Title, Date Download

REC-OCE-69-03 Hydraulic Model Studies of Pump Intake Manifold and Evaporation Trays, 1969 Full text (7.2  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-69-05 Experimental Study and Analysis of Draft-tube Surging, 1969 Full text (1.1  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-03 Hydraulic Model Studies of Silver Jack Dam Spillway Stilling Basin, 1970 Full text (2.17  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-08 Colorado River Front Work and Levee System — Hydraulic Model Studies for Development of Mixing and Rating Structures — Delivery of Water to Mexico, 1970 Full text (11.7  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-11 Hydraulic Model Studies of an Energy Dissipator for a Fixed Cone Valve at the Ute Dam Outlet Works, 1970 Full text (1.4  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-12 Hydraulic Model Studies of Jackson Lake Dam Baffle Blocks, 1970 Full text (0.9  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-16 Hydraulic Model Studies of Interstage Module Piping in the 2.5 MGD, 1970 Full text (0.8  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-17 Hydraulic Model Studies of the Spillway Bucket Energy Dissipator, Pa Mong Project, Laos and Thailand, 1970 Full text (1.1  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-24 Laboratory Load Tests on Buried Flexible Pipe—Progress Report No. 2, 1970 Full text (29.6  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-30 Pond Linings for Desalting Plant Effluents — Field and laboratory Evaluation of Four Types of Lining Materials for Seepage Control in Brine Disposal Ponds, 1970 Full text (7.6  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-33 Hydraulic Model Studies of a Turnout from Lateral WB38 Chute-Wahluke Branch Canal—Washington, 1970 Full text (1  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-34 First Progress Report on Evaluation of Reinforced Plastic Mortar Pipe—A Government-Industry Cooperative Study, 1970 Full text (25.9  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-37 High Head Gate Seal Studies, 1970 Full text (1.2  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-38 Water Measurement Procedures Irrigation Operators' Workshop, 1970 Full text (7.5  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-39 Petrographic and Physical Properties Techniques for Study of Rocks-Morrow Point Damsite, 1970 Full text (1.3  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-42 Hydraulic Model Studies of Toa Vaca Dam Spillway — Puerto Rico Water Resources Authority, 1970 Full text (10  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-44 Hydraulic Model Studies of Tiber Dam Auxiliary Outlet Works, Missouri River Basin Project, Montana, 1970 Full text (7.5  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-51 Evaluation of Materials for Cavitation Resistance, 1970 Full text (5.3  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-54 Investigation of a 10-inch Vertical Flowmeter, Flow Controller, and Integrator, 1970 Full text (3.4  MB PDF)
REC-OCE-70-55 Reaeration of Streams and Reservoirs - Analysis and Bibliography, 1970 Full text (5.1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-04 Hydraulic Model Studies of the Tehama-Colusa Canal Fish Concentrators, 1971 Full text (1.1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-08 Ice Formation-A Review of the Literature and Bureau of Reclamation Experience, 1971 Full text (2  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-10 Hydraulic Model Studies of Corrugated - Metal Pipe Underdrain Energy Dissipators, 1971 Full text (1.3  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-12 Hydraulic Model Studies of Folsom Spillway-Outlet Junction, 1971 Full text (1.2  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-14 Governor Characteristics for Large Hydraulic Turbines, 1971 Full text (1.5  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-18 Hydraulic Model Studies of The Pueblo Dam Spillway and Plunge Basin, 1971 Full text (1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-20 Soil-Cement Slope Protection on Bureau of Reclamation Features, 1971 Full text (5.8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-21 The 1967 Altus Reservoir Sediment Survey, 1971 Full text (2  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-22 Synthetic Rubber Canal Lining, 1971 Full text (5  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-23 Documentation of Operation, Damage, Repair, and Testing of Yellowtail Dam Spillway, 1971 Full text (3.4  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-25 Pond Linings for Desalting Plant Effluents-Evaluation of Four Types, 1971 Full text (9  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-29 Studies to Determine the Feasibility of a Baffled Apron Drop as an Energy Dissipator - Conconully Dam Spillway, 1971 Full text (0.5  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-30 Chemical Stabilization of Soils, 1971 Full text (5.2  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-31 Hydraulic Model Studies of the Intake-outlet Structure for the Pump-Generation Facility at Mormon Flat Dam. Salt River Project, Arizona, 1971 Full text (0.8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-32 Selective Withdrawal Studies for the Fish Hatchery Outlet at Pueblo Dam, 1971 Full text (1.5  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-34 Hydraulic Model Studies of the Reservoir Inlet-Outlet Structure for Horse Mesa Pump-Storage Unit, Salt River Project, Arizona, 1971 Full text (1.2  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-35 Laboratory Load Tests on Buried Flexible Pipe, Progress Report No. 3—Steel Pipe in High Density, Cohesive Soil, 1971 Full text (22.6  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-36 Reducing Hazards to People and Animals on Reclamation Canals, 1971 Full text (1.4  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-42 Draft Tube Surges - A Review of Present Knowledge and an Annotated Bibliography, 1971 Full text (1.1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-44 Drainage from Level and Sloping Land, 1971 Full text (1.5  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-46 Ice Control Structure on the North Platte River - A Hydraulic Study, 1971 Full text (2.3  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-47 Hydraulic Model Studies of Aeration Devices for Yellowtail Dam Spillway, 1971 Full text (0.9  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-71-48 Laboratory Investigations of Combined Vertical Flowmeter and Flow Controllers Used for Irrigation Water Delivery, 1972 Full text (1.1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-03 Study of Hydraulic Filter Level Offset (HyFLO) Equipment for Automation, 1972 Full text (1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-04 Laboratory Tests to Study Drainage from Sloping Land, 1972 Full text (2.8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-05 Hydraulic Model Studies of the Forebay Reservoir Inlet-Outlet Structure for Mt. Elbert Pumped-Storage Powerplant, Fryingpan-Arkansas Project, Colorado, 1972 Full text (1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-13 The 1969 Elephant Butte Reservoir Sediment Survey, 1972 Full text (4.3  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-14 Laboratory Study of a Flat-Bottom Trapezoidal Venturi Flume, 1972 Full text (0.7  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-17 Ecological Impact of Water Resource Development, 1972 Full text (1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-22 Hydraulic Model Studies of the Canal Structures Adjacent to Bacon, 1972 Full text (1.2  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-23 Solar Reflectance of Monolayer Covered and Clean Water Surfaces, 1972 Full text (2  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-24 Influence of Draft Tube Shape on Surging Characteristics of Reaction Turbines, 1972 Full text (1.5  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-26 Evaluation of Reinforced Plastic Mortar Pipe—A Government-Industry Cooperative Study, 1972 Full text (32.2  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-27 Hydraulic Model Studies of Scoggins Dam Fish-trap Aeration and Supply, 1972 Full text (0.8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-28 Control of Surging in Low-pressure Pipelines, 1972 Full text (1.3  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-31 Hydraulic Laboratory Studies of a 4-foot-wide Weir Box Turnout Structure, 1972 Full text (1.6  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-32 Measuring Water Velocity with an Ultrasonic Flowmeter, 1972 Full text (1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-33 Biological Effects of Artificial Destratification and Aeration, 1972 Full text (4.4  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-37 Laboratory Load Tests on Buried Flexible Pipe, Progress Report No.4 - Reinforced Plastic Mortar (RPM) Pipe, 1972 Full text (700  kB PDF)
REC-ERC-72-38 Progress Report on Residue Studies on Organic Arsenicals Used for Ditchbank Weed Control, 1972 Full text (30.9  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-73-02 Hydraulic Model Studies for Grand Coulee Third Powerplant Forebay, 1973 Full text (1.6  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-73-03 Hydraulic Model Studies of Vertical Stilling Wells, 1973 Full text (1.8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-73-05 Hydraulic Model Studies of Chute Offsets, Air Slots, and Deflectors for High Velocity Jets, 1973 Full text (3.3  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-73-07 RPM Pipe Deflections on Yuma Project Field Test—Analysis of 30-inch-diameter reinforced plastic mortar pipe behavior under 4 feet of backfill with various bedding conditions, 1973 Full text (19.7  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-73-08 Discharge and Torque Characteristics, 198-inch Butterfly Valve,Auburn Dam, 1973 Full text (1.7  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-73-09 Laboratory Load Tests on Buried Flexible Pipe, Progress Report No.6—Steel and Fiberglass Reinforced Resin Pipe in Sand Backfill, 1973 Full text (18.9  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-73-13 Evaluation of Accessory Materials for Desalination Plants, 1973 Full text (5  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-73-15 Hydraulic Model Studies of O'Sullivan Dam - Columbia Basin Project, 1973 Full text (3  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-73-16 Laboratory Load Tests on Buried Flexible Pipe, Progress Report No. 5—Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Polyethylene (PE), and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe, 1973 Full text (23.4  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-73-19 Hydraulic Model Studies for Backfilling Mine Cavities, 1973 Full text (4.5  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-73-20 Mathematical Simulation of Temperatures in Deep Impoundments, 1973 Full text (1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-73-22 Hydraulic Model Studies of Crystal Dam Spillway and Outlet Works,CO, 1973 Full text (4.7  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-74-01 Hydraulics of Stratified Flow - Final Report - Selective Withdrawal from Reservoirs, 1974 Full text (1.7  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-74-03 Hydraulic Model Studies of the Low-Level Outlet Works, LG-2 Development, Quebec, Canada, 1974 Full text (4.1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-74-04 Research and Development of Nozzles for Spray Applications-First Progress Report, 1974 Full text (8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-74-8 Progress Report of Field Evaluation of a Method to Detect Acrolein in Irrigation Canals, 1974 Full text (600  kB PDF)
REC-ERC-74-09 Hydraulic Model Studies of Plunge Basins for Jet Flow, June, 1973 Full text (1.8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-74-10 Rock Mechanics Properties of Typical Foundation Rock Types, 1974 Full text (3.1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-74-12 Hydraulic Model Studies for the Penstocks for Grand Coulee Third Powerplant, 1974 Full text (8.4  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-74-15 Prevention of Frazil Ice Clogging of Water Intakes by Application of Heat, 1974 Full text (1.5  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-74-16 Hydraulic Model Studies of the Teton Canal Outlet Works Energy Dissipator, 1974 Full text (4.2  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-74-19 Design and Operation of Shallow River Diversions in Cold Regions, 1974 Full text (3.1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-74-27 Hydraulic Model Studies of Canyon Ferry Dam Spillway Stilling Basin, 1974 Full text (8.4  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-75-01 Reaeration and Control of Dissolved Gases-A Progress Report, 1975 Full text (1.6  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-75-03 Hydraulic Model Studies for Backfilling Mine Cavities (Second Series), 1975 Full text (6.6  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-75-05 Assessment of Heavy Metals Pollution in the Upper Arkansas River of Colorado, 1975 Full text (17.8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-75-06 Hydraulic Model Studies of a Fish Screen Structure for the McClusky Canal, December , 1975 Full text (2.2  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-76-02 Hydraulic Model Vortex Study - Grand Coulee Third Powerplant, 1976 Full text (6.8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-76-05 Hydraulic Model Studies of Navajo Dam Auxiliary Outlet Works and Hollow-Jet Valve Bypass - Modifications to Reduce Dissolved Gas Supersaturation, April, 1976 Full text (4.8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-76-11 Residues of Emulsified Xylene in Aquatic Weed Control and Their Impact on Rainbow Trout (Salmo gairdneri), 1976 Full text (1.9  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-76-14 Ecology of Mysis Relicta in Twln Lakes, Colorado, 1974 Full text (5.9  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-76-16 Bonding Study on Layered Soil-Cement, 1976 Full text (14  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-76-20 Lime Stabilization on Friant-Kern Canal, 1976 Full text (4  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-77-01 Modulus of Soil Reaction (E' ) Values for Buried Flexible Pipe, 1977 Full text (4.9  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-77-02 Electronic Isolation Simulator for Hydraulic Turbine Governor Alignment, 1977 Full text (1.1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-77-03 Frequency - Response Analysis of Automated Canals, 1977 Full text (1.8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-77-04 The Lake Trout of Twin Lakes, Colorado, 1977 Full text (4.1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-77-08 Atmospheric Simulation Using Stratified Liquid Models, 1977 Full text (1.2  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-77-09 Limnological Aspects of Lake Mead, Nevada-Arizona, 1977 Full text (6.6  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-77-10 Digital Load Control for Hydroelectric Powerplants, 1977 Full text (1.7  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-77-13 Historical, Physical, and Chemical Limnology of Twin Lakes, Colorado, 1977 Full text (20.8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-77-14 Hydraulic Tests and Development of Multijet Sleeve Valves, 1977 Full text (1.4  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-78-01 Simazine Residues in Canal Water and Crops Resulting from Experimental Application for Ditchbank Weed Control, 1978 Full text (2.6  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-78-02 Hydraulic Laboratory Manning's n and Grade Deviation Study for 4-inch-diameter, Nonperforated, Corrugated Plastic Drain Tubing, 1978 Full text (8.1 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-78-06 Automatic Generation Control-Notes and Observations, 1978 Full text (1.8  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-78-07 Programmable D-C High-Voltage Ramped Test System for Electrical Insulation, 1978 Full text (1.1  MB PDF)
REC-ERC-78-08 Low Froude Number Stilling Basin Design, 1978 Full text (1.2 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-78-12 Studies of a Method to Prevent Draft Tube Surge and the Analysis of Wicket Gate Flow and Forces, 1978 Full text (2.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-79-01 Development of Pump Characteristics from Field Tests, 1979 Full text (2.9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-79-02 Teton Dam Foundation Grout Testing Program, 1979 Full text (2.4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-79-03 Electronic Filter Level Offset (EL-FLO) Plus Reset Equipment for Automatic Control of Canals, 1979 Full text (17 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-79-04 Winter Ice Jams on the Gunnison River, 1979 Full text (4.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-79-06 Shaft Torsional Oscillations of Hydrogenerators, 1979 Full text (1.9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-79-07 Gate Stroking, 1979 Full text (3.9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-79-11 Polymer Impregnation and Collection of Undisturbed Soil and Rock Samples, 1979 Full text (5.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-79-17 Movements of Lake Trout In Twin Lakes, Colorado in Relation to the Mt. Elbert Pumped-Storage Powerplant, 1980 Full text (4.1 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-80-01 Evaluation of the Algal Assay Bottle Test, 1980 Full text (1.8 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-80-02 Ecology of Catostomids in Twin Lakes, Colorado in Relation to a Pumped-Storage Powerplant, 1980 Full text (3.6 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-80-04 Results of Limnologic Studies of Lake Pocasse, South Dakota, 1980 Full text (5.4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-80-07 Studies of the Effects of Operating the Mt. Elbert Pumped-Storage Powerplant on Twin Lakes, 1980 Full text (3.9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-80-08 Impinging Jets, 1980 Full text (646 kB PDF)
REC-ERC-81-01 Closed-System Freezing of Soils in Linings and Earth Embankment Dams, 1981 Full text (3.6 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-81-02 A System for Measuring Steady-State Torque on a Rotating Shaft, 1981 Full text (0.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-81-03 Hydraulic Sediment Model Study for Proposed Blanco Diversion Dam Modification, 1981 Full text (3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-81-04 Hydroacoustic Surveys of Fish Abundance and Distribution in Twin Lakes, Colorado, 1981 Full text (1.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-81-5 Concrete Tensile Strength Study, 1983 Full text (1.4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-81-6 Mix Design Parameters for Concrete Containing Chemical Admixtures, 1981 Full text (1.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-81-7 Performance of Granular Soil Covers on Canals, 1981 Full text (5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-81-9 High-Voltage Testing Current Measurement Techniques, 1981 Full text (0.4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-81-10 Limnology of the Upper North Platte Reservoir System, Wyoming, 1981 Full text (7 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-81-12 Development of an Automated Plugging Factor Monitor, 1981 Full text (938 kB PDF)
REC-ERC-81-13 A Simplified Frequency Deviation Transducer, 1981 Full text (0.4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-81-16 Characterization of La Verkin Springs Water and Methods for its Reuse in Energy Development, 1981 Full text (2.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-01 Fly Ash and Fly Ash Concrete, 1984 Full text (8.9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-02 Installation of Flexible Membrane Lining in Mt. Elbert Forebay Reservoir, 1981 Full text (8.6 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-03 The Relative Abundance of Opossum Shrimp, Mysis Relicta, in Twin Lakes, Colorado, Using a Benthic Trawl, 1982 Full text (2.7 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-04 Twin Lakes Studies A Characterization of the Twin Lakes Fishery via Creel Census With an Evaluation of Potential Effects of Pumped-Storage Power Generation, 1982 Full text (3.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-05 Studies of the Limnology, Fish Populations, and Fishery of Turquoise Lake, Colorado-1979-80, 1981 Full text (1.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-06 Limnology of Mt. Elbert Forebay-1978-79, 1982 Full text (1.9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-07 Studies of the Effects of Operating the Mt. Elbert Pumped-Storage Powerplant on Twin Lakes, Colorado 1980 Report of Findings, 1981 Full text (4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-08 Colorado Cooperative Fishery Research Unit Studies at Twin Lakes, Colorado 1980 Report of Findings, 1981 Full text (1.7 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-09 Hydraulic Model Studies of Landslide-Generated Water Waves-Morrow Point Reservoir, 1982 Full text (27.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-10 Analog Model and Evaluation of the Fountain Valley Rate-of-Flow Control Station, 1981 Full text (3.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-11 Cation-Exchange Pretreatment Studies for High Recovery-Yuma Desalting Plant, 1983 Full text (20.9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-12 Characteristics and Applications of Big Sandy River, Glenwood Springs, and Dotsero Springs Waters in Energy Development, 1982 Full text (72 kB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-14 Hydraulic Model Studies on Bulb Turbine Intakes, 1983 Full text (1.4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-15 Quantification of Pinhole Test Equipment Hydraulic Characteristics, 1982 Full text (3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-17 Frost Action In Soil Foundations and Control of Surface Structure Heavlng, 1982 Full text (5.7 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-18 Theodore Roosevelt Lake-1981 Sedimentation Survey, 1982 Full text (3.9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-82-20 Parker Dam Concrete Core Investigations, 1983 Full text (2.6 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-83-01 Herbicidal Residues and Environmental Effects from the Experimental Application of Two 2.4-D Formulations to Control Eurasian Watermilfoil, 1983 Full text (5.6 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-83-02 Effects of Operating the Mt. Elbert Pumped-Storage Powerplant on Twin Lakes, Colorado, 1981 Report of Findings, 1982 Full text (5.9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-83-03 Characterization of Water from La Verkin Springs Utah, 1983 Full text (2 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-83-04 Automated Plugging Factor Monitor-Speciflcatlons, 1983 Full text (18.4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-83-06 Columbia Basin Wildlife/Irrigation Development Study, 1984 Full text (18.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-83-09 Discharge Algorithms for Canal Radial Gates, 1983 Full text (17.8 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-83-10 Characterization of Glenwood Springs and Dotsero Springs Waters, 1983 Full text (2 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-83-11 Seepage Analysis Using the Boundary Element Method, 1984 Full text (1.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-83-12 Microsystem Sediment-Water Simulation: A Practical Technique for Predicting Reservoir Water Quality, 1983 Full text (1.1 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-83-15 The Use of Discriminate Analysis With Saturation Extract Data to Identify Dispersive Clay Soils, 1983 Full text (3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-83-17 Southwest Region Solar Pond Study for Three Sites-Tularosa Basin, Malaga Bend, and Canadian River, 1983 Full text (5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-1 Performance of Plastic Canal Linings, 1984 Full text (19.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-3 Erosion Studies of Pipe Lining Materials - Fifth Progress Report, 1984 Full text (4.6 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-4 Synopsis of Insulation Problems at Yellowtail Powerplant, 1983 Full text (0.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-5 Stewart Mountain Dam Concrete Core Analysis-1983, 1984 Full text (2.4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-7 Potential for Introduction of Three Species of Nonnative Fish into Central Arizona via the Central Arizona Project-A Literature Review and Analysis, 1984 Full text (13 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-8 Oxidation of Formaldehyde Solutions Used for the Preservation of Reverse Osmosis Membranes, 1984 Full text (4.1 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-9 Water Quality of the Colorado River System: Historical Trends in Concentration, Load, and Mass Fraction of Inorganic Solutes, 1984 Full text (4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-10 Utilization of Differential Pressure Transducers to Measure Volume Change of Soil Specimens During Triaxlal Shear Testing, 1984 Full text (1.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-12 Cation-Exchange Pretreatment Studies for La Verkin Springs, 1984 Full text (14.2 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-13 Application of Streamflow Transport Models to the Yakima River, Washington, 1984 Full text (3.1 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-14 Summary Report on PVC Contraction Joint-Forming Waterstops, 1984 Full text (1.7 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-15 Mix Design Investigation-Roller Compacted Concrete Construction-Upper Stillwater Dam, Utah, 1984 Full text (5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-16 Centrlfugal Model Tests for Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Footings on Steep Slopes in Cohesionless Soil, 1984 Full text (7.1 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-17 Determining Dynamic Properties for Embankment Dams From Laboratory Testing, 1984 Full text (3.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-19 Study of the Potential for Using Liquid Carbon Dioxide for Freshwater Production at Aquatrain Coal Transport Pipeline Terminus Sites, 1984 Full text (1.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-21 Applications Development of Concrete Polymer Materials-A Summary Report, 1985 Full text (6.2 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-22 Evaluation and Analysis of Motor Starting Problems at Fountain Valley Pumplng Plant, 1984 Full text (9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-23 Effects of Operating Mt. Elbert Pumped-Storage Powerplant on Twin Lakes, Colorado: 1982 Report of Findings, 1984 Full text (6.4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-24 High Recovery Desalting of Brackish Water by Electrodialysls, 1984 Full text (4.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-84-25 Performance of Soil-Cement Dam Facings - 20-Year Report, 1984 Full text (1.1 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-85-2 Rehabilitation of a Calcium Carbonate Clogged Drainage System Using Sulfamic Acid, 1984 Full text (859 kB PDF)
REC-ERC-85-4 Biological Control of Aquatic Weeds: The Efficacy of Hybrid Grass Carp in Two Southern California Irrigation Canals, 1985 Full text (4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-85-5 Solute-Loading Sources in the Dirty Devil River Basin, Utah, 1985 Full text (2 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-85-6 Chlorophyll a Concentration and Distribution In Twin Lakes, Colorado, Prior to Operation of Mt. Elbert Pumped-Storage Powerplant, 1977-81, 1985 Full text (2.8 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-85-7 Hydraulic Model Studies of Fuse Plug Embankments, 1985 Full text (2.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-85-8 Primary Productivity (C14) at Twin Lakes, Colorado: 1973-81 Study Results, 1985 Full text (3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-85-9 Investigating Error in Calculation of Areal Chlorophyll a Concentration in Twin Lakes, Colorado, 1985 Full text (1.2 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-85-10 Alkali-Silica Reactivity in Five Dams in Southwestern United States, 1985 Full text (2.1 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-86-1 Characterization of Glenwood Springs and Dotsero Springs Source Aquifers, 1986 Full text (1.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-86-2 Alternative Procedure for Determining the Shrinkage Limit of Soil, 1986 Full text (1.9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-86-3 Analysis of the Bureau of Reclamation's Use of Grout and Grout Curtains-Summary, 1986 Full text (3.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-86-4 Dynamic Effective Stress Finite Element Analysis of Dams Subjected to Liquefaction, 1986 Full text (2.1 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-86-5 Comparison of Cement Grouts Mixed by High-Speed Grout Mixers, 1986 Full text (2.2 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-86-6 Bighorn Lake-1982 Sedimentation Survey, 1986 Full text (14.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-86-7 Gravel Pack Thickness for Ground-Water Wells-Report No. 1, 1986 Full text (7 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-86-8 Tunnels: Machine Excavation-Rate of Progress-Machine Data, 1986 Full text (6.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-86-9 Test for Soil-Fly Ash Mixtures for Soil Stabilization and Canal Lining, 1986 Full text (2.7 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-87-1 Long Term Changes in the Properties of Soil Linings for Canal Seepage Control, 1987 Full text (3.2 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-87-3 Blue Mesa Reservoir, Colorado: A Historical Review of Its Limnology, 1965-1987, 1987 Full text (4.4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-87-4 Dynamic Testing of Homogeneous Embankment Models, 1987 Full text (11.8 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-87-5 Results of Research in Sampling Loessial Soil for In-Place Unit Weight Determinations, 1987 Full text (2.9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-87-6 Hydraulic Model Studies of Upper Stillwater Dam Stepped Spillway and Outlet Works, 1987 Full text (5.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-87-8 Hydraulic Fracture Study at Tiber Cofferdam, 19857 Full text (19.9 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-87-9 Cone Penetration Testing for Evaluating the Liquefaction Potential of Canals, 1988 Full text (3.2 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-87-11 Habitat Management Models for Selected Wildlife Management Practices in the Northern Great Plains, 1987 Full text (11 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-87-13 Oxidation of Formaldehyde Solutlons Used for the Preservation of Reverse Osmosis Membranes-Phase 2, 1987 Full text (5.8 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-88-1 Emergency Spillways Using Geomembranes, 1988 Full text (1.6 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-88-2 Hydraulic Model Study of Twin Buttes Dam Fuse Plug Spillway, 1988 Full text (4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-88-3 Overtopping Flow on Low Embankment Dam-Summary Report of Model Tests, 1988 Full text (2.7 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-88-4 Plant-Soil-Water Relationships in Las Vegas Wash, 1988 Full text (3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-88-5 Designing Cost-Effective Habitat Management Plans Using Optimization Methods, 1988 Full text (4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-88-6 1986 Lake Powell Survey, 1988 Full text (10.8 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-89-2 Results of Biological Investigations From the Lower Virgin River Vegetation Management Study, 1989 Full text (6.5 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-89-3 Soil Laboratory Compaction Techniques Applied to Roller-Compacted Concrete, 1989 Full text (4.4 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-89-4 Investigation of Alkali-Silica Reactivity in Four Dams in the Southeastern United States, 1989 Full text (2.6 MB PDF)
R 89-1 Concrete Core Testing Brantley Dam, NM, 1989 Full text (7 MB PDF)
R-89-2 Winter Cloud Seeding Potential on the Mogollon Rim, 1989 Full text (11.3 MB PDF)
R-89-3 Evaluation of Concrete Cores Arrowrock Dam ID, 1989 Full text (1.8 MB PDF)
R 89-5 Compaction of Soils on Canal Side Slopes, 1989 Full text (2.7 MB PDF)
R 89-6 Mechanical Properties of PVC Well Screen and Casing, 1989 Full text (4 MB PDF)
R-89-7 Fullerton PVC Pipe Test, 1989 Full text (2.5 MB PDF)
R-89-8 Hoover Unit A6 Excitation System Commissioning Test, 1989 Full text (2 MB PDF)
R 89-9 Acid Precipitation and Bureau of Reclamation Water Resources Full text (4 MB PDF)
R 89-10 Applied Atmospheric Resources Research Program in Thailand (interim scientific report), 1989 Full text (7.8 MB PDF)
R 89-12 Union Avenue Dam Boatchute Study, 1989 Full text (20 MB PDF)
R 89-13 Concrete Performance at Pueblo Dam, CO, 1989 Full text (1.8 MB PDF)
R 89-14 Programmed Al Ghait - Morocco Winter Snowpack Augmentation Project, 1989 Full text (15.7 MB PDF)
R 89-15 Heat of Neutralization Method For Determination of Cement Content in Soil-Crete, 1989 Full text (2.5 MB PDF)
R 89-16 Flatiron Powerplant Automatic Voltage Regulator Performance, 1989 Full text (3.8 MB PDF)
R 89-17 Model Study of Roosevelt Diversion Weir, 1989 Full text (1.3 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-90-1 Compilation Report on the Effects of Reservoir Releases on Downstream Ecosystems, 1990 Full text (10.7 MB PDF)
R 90-1 Hydraulic Model Study — Aeration of the Submerged Jet-Flow Gates at Seminoe Dam, 1990 Full text (851 kB PDF)
R 90-2 Hydraulic Model Study of McClure Dam Existing and Proposed RCC Stepped Spillways, 1990 Full text (1.7 MB PDF)
R 90-3 Effect of Mountain Stream Topography on Accuracy of Small Parshall Flumes, 1990 Full text (866 kB PDF)
R 90-4 Gradation Analysis of Soils Tests, 1990 Full text (4.6 MB PDF)
R 90-7 Hydraulic Model Study of Chili Bar Dam Spillway Modifications, 1990 Full text (2.9 MB PDF)
R 90-8 Hydraulic Model Study of Roosevelt Dam Spillway Modifications, 1990 Full text (6.9 MB PDF)
R 90-9 Concrete Performance at Crystal Dam, Colorado-10-Year Core Report, 1990 Full text (1 MB PDF)
R 90-11 Compacted Earth Canal Linings of Low-Plasticity Soil, 1990 Full text (2.3 MB PDF)
R 90-12 Publications in Hydraulics 1990 National Conference on Hydraulic Engineering, 1990 Full text (3.1 MB PDF)
R 90-13 Hydraulic Model Standards of Santa Rosa Turnout — Tucson Aqueduct, Central Arizona Project, 1990 Full text (1.6 MB PDF)
R 90-16 Laboratory Tests on the 30-inch Clamshell Gate for Grassy Lake Dam, Upper Snake River Project, 1990 Full text (1.5 MB PDF)
R 90-17 Glen Canyon 230-kV Shunt Capacitor and 345-kV Autotransformers Switching, 1990 Full text (9.6 MB PDF)
R 90-19 Lower Colorado River Authority Water Box Calibrations, 1990 Full text (1.1 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-91-2 Excitation System Commissioning Procedures, 1991 Full text (1.6 MB PDF)
R 91-2 Design of Physical Cloud Seeding Experiments for the Arizona Atmospheric Modification Research Program, 1991 Full text (6.5 MB PDF)
R 91-3 Morning-Glory Spillway Model, Beaver Run Dam, Pennsylvania, 1991 Full text (1.5 MB PDF)
R 91-8 Hydraulic Model Study of Ritschard Dam Spillways, 1991 Full text (2.3 MB PDF)
R 91-9 Characteristics and Problems of Dispersive Clay Soils, 1991 Full text (1.2 MB PDF)
R 91-10 Feasibility of Enhancing Streamflow in the Sevier River Basin of Utah by Seeding Winter Mountain Clouds, 1991 Full text (5.5 MB PDF)
R 91-11 Evaluation of Techniques for Detection of Cavitation on the Runner of a Model Hydraulic Turbine, 1991 Full text (4.1 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-92-1 Power System Stabilizer Comparison: Local Mode Damping Performance, 1992 Full text (1.8 MB PDF)
R 92-2 Characteristics and Problems of Collapsible Soils, 1992 Full text (1.1 MB PDF)
R-92-3 Linear Programming Concepts for Unit Commitment, 1992 Full text (1.5 MB PDF)
R-92-4 nvestigation of Debris and Safety Boom Alternatives for Bureau of Reclamation Use, 1992 Full text (1.3 MB PDF)
R-92-5 Trash Control Structures and Equipment: A Literature Review and Survey of Bureau of Reclamation Experience, 1992 Full text (2.2 MB PDF)
R-92-6 Keswick Powerplant Voltage Regulator Commissioning, 1992 Full text (2.3 MB PDF)
R-92-9 Hungry Horse Unit 4 Excitation System Commissioning Test, 1992 Full text (2.2 MB PDF)
R-92-10 Hydraulic Model Study of Taylor Draw Dam Outlet Works, March 1992 Full text (2 MB PDF)
R 93-4 Emergency Closures of Guard Gates With Unbalanced Heads — High-Pressure Slide Gates, 1993 Full text (2 MB PDF)
R-93-5 Analysis of Mechanically Spliced Tension Connections, 1993 Full text (3.9 MB PDF)
R 93-6 Naches/Cowiche Diversion Dam Spillway Modification Project — Fish Barrier Study — Summary of Investigations, 1993 Full text (1.6 MB PDF)
R 93-10 Hydraulic Model Study of Horseshoe Dam Fuse Plug Auxiliary Spillway, 1993 Full text (3.7 MB PDF)
R 93-11 Hydraulic Model Studies of Bartlett Dam Service and Auxiliary Spillways, 1993 Full text (6.2 MB PDF)
R 93-12 Hydraulic Model Studies of a 52-inch Multiported Sleeve Valve for Sixth Water Aqueduct Flow Control Structure, 1993 Full text (892 kB PDF)
R 93-14 Evaluation of Idaho's 1992-1993 Winter Cloud Seeding Program, 1992 Full text (2.7 MB PDF)
R-93-18 Elastomeric Canal Sealants, Application to Wet Concrete — Dry-Damp-Underwater Study, 1993 Full text (5.8 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-94-2 Lead and Chromate-Free Anticorrosive Primers, High Solids, 100 Percent Solids, and Waterborne Coatings as Environmentally Sound Coatings for Reclamation Infrastructures, 1994 Full text (4.2 MB PDF)
R-94-4 Vallecito Dam Flow Measurement and Weir Calibration, 1994 Full text (1.9 MB PDF)
R 94-5 Hydraulic Model Tests: Twin Peaks Pumping Plant, 1994 Full text (1.3 MB PDF)
R-94-7 Automatic Generation Control Response Tests Performed for Western Area Power Administration's UC/LM Control Area, 1994 Full text (1.4 MB PDF)
R-94-8 Prestressed Concrete Pipe Failure, Jordan Aqueduct, Reach 3, 1994 Full text (8 MB PDF)
R-94-9 Direct Shear Tests Used in Soil-Geomembrane Interface Friction Studies, 1994 Full text (2.4 MB PDF)
R 94-10 Hungry Horse Selective Withdrawal Hydraulic Model Study, 1994 Full text (2.2 MB PDF)
R-94-12 Historical Performance of Buried Water Pipe Lines, 1994 Full text (2.1 MB PDF)
R-94-13 Haights Creek RPM Pipe Failures, 1994 Full text (1.7 MB PDF)
R 94-14 Deschutes: Canal-Lining Demonstration Project Durability Report Year 2, 1994 Full text (12.9 MB PDF)
R 94-15 Underwater Lining of Operating Canals, 1994 Full text (7.2 MB PDF)
R-94-17 Acoustic Monitoring of Prestressed Concrete Pipe at the Agua Fria River Siphon, 1994 Full text (2.2 MB PDF)
REC-ERC-95-1 Use of Geomembranes in Bureau of Reclamation Canals, Reservoirs, and Dam Rehabilitation, 1995 Full text (11 MB PDF)
R-95-2 Effects of Various Fly Ashes on Compressive Strength, Resistance to Freezing and Thawing, Resistance to Sulfate Attack, and Adiabatic Temperature Rise of Concrete, 1995 Full text (2.1 MB PDF)
R 95-3 Hydraulic Model Study of the Spring Creek Debris Dam Selective Withdrawal System, 1995 Full text (1.1 MB PDF)
R-95-6 Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting for Improving Reservoir Operation, 1995 Full text (2.1 MB PDF)
R 95-7 Prattville Intake, Lake Almanor, California, Hydraulic Model Study on Selective Withdrawal Modifications, 1995 Full text (2.6 MB PDF)
R 95-8 Evaluation of Stator Coils Removed From Headgate Rock Generating Unit 3, 1995 Full text (1.3 MB PDF)
R 95-11 Modeling Winter Storms Over Arizona, Final Report - Volume 1, 1995 Full text (5.8 MB PDF)
R 95-11 Modeling Winter Storms Over Arizona, Final Report - Volume 2, 1995 Full text (4 MB PDF)
R 95-11 Modeling Winter Storms Over Arizona, Final Report - Volume 3, 1995 Full text (1 MB PDF)
R 95-12 Lake Oroville Runoff Enhancement Project, 1995 Full text (8 MB PDF)
R-95-13 Laboratory and Field Evaluations of Acoustic Velocity Meters at Davis and Parker Dam, 1995 Full text (3 MB PDF)
R-95-15 Erosional and Depositional Characteristics of Cohesive Sediments Found in Elephant Butte Reservoir, New Mexico, 1995 Full text (3.5 MB PDF)
R-96-3 Freeze-Thaw Cycling and Cold Temperature Effects on Geomembrane Sheets and Seams, 1996 Full text (4.4 MB PDF)
R-96-4 Snow Accumulation Algorithm for the WSR-88D Radar, Version 1, 1996 Full text (6.7 MB PDF)
R 96-5 Hydraulic Model Study of the Positive Barrier Fish Screen at Reclamation District No. 108, Wilkins Slough Pumping Plant, 1996 Full text (3 MB PDF)
R-96-8 Statistical Objective Analysis Scheme (SOAS) for Improving WSR-88D Rainfall Estimates-Volume 1: Comparative Analysis Between Stage III and the SOAS Over WSR-88D Overlapping Areas, 1996 Full text (1.6 MB PDF)
R 96-9 Hydraulic Model Study of Ochoco Dam Spillway Modifications and Stilling Basin Design, 1996 Full text (3 MB PDF)
R 97-1 Deschutes - Canal-Lining Demonstration Projects, Upper Deschutes River Basin Water Conservation Project, 1997 Full text (30.1 MB PDF)
R 97-2 Physical Model Studies of the GCID Pumping Plant Fish Screen Structure Alternatives — Progress Report No. 1, 1997 Full text (1.7 MB PDF)
R-97-06 Grand Valley Irrigation Company Diversion Dam Fish Passage Physical Model Study, 1997 Full text (2.9 MB PDF)
R-97-07 Hydraulic Field Evaluation of the Right Abutment Fish Ladder at Red Bluff Diversion Dam, Red Bluff Diversion Dam Fish Passage Program, 1997 Full text (3.8 MB PDF)
R-97-08 Physical Model Study of Enlarged Fish Ladders for Red Bluff Diversion Dam, Red Bluff Diversion Dam Fish Passage Program, 1997 Full text (9 MB PDF)
R-97-07 Use of Temperature Control Curtains to Control Reservoir Release Water Temperatures, 1997 Full text (5.1 MB PDF)
R-98-03 Physical Model Studies of The GCID Pumping Plant Fish Screen Structure — Progress Report No. 2, 1:30 Scale Model Investigations: Alternative A — Multiple Bay "V" Screens, 1998 Full text (3.4 MB PDF)
R-98-04 Physical Model Studies of The GCID Pumping Plant Fish Screen Structure — Report No. 3, 1:16 Scale Model Investigations: Alternative D, 1998 Full text (2.6 MB PDF)
R-99-02 Glen Canyon Dam Multi-Level Intake Structure Hydraulic Model Study, 1999 Full text (658 kB PDF)
R-99-05 Hydraulic Model Study of Contra Costa Canal Fish Screen Structure and Trash Rake, 1999 Full text (4.7 MB PDF)
R-99-08 Hydraulic Model Study of Folsom Dam Spillway Performance and Stilling Basin Abrasion, 1999 Full text (5.1 MB PDF)
R-99-11 Snow Accumulation Algorithm for the WSR-88D Radar: Supplemental Report, 1999 Full text (779 KB PDF)
R-01-01 Price-Stubb Diversion Dam Fish Passage Structure, Colorado River 1:20 Scale Physical Model Study, 2001 Full text (4.2 MB PDF)
R-01-02 Arrowrock Dam Mid-Level Outlet Works Rehabilitation 48-Inch Clamshell Gate Concept 1:10.67 Scale Physical Model Study, 2001 Full text (3.9 MB PDF)
R-02-01 Hydraulic Model Study of the San Sevaine Side-Weir Diversion to Jurupa Basin, 2003 Full text (4.3 MB PDF)
R-02-02 Demonstration of Improved Operational Water Resources Management through Use of Better Snow Water Equivalent Information, 2002 Full text (4.5 MB PDF)
R-02-04 Durango Pumping Plant 1:12 Scale Physical Model Study, 2003 Full text (3 MB PDF)
R-03-02 A Survey of Selective Withdrawal Systems, 2003 Full text (3.9 MB PDF)
R-03-03 Design Guidance for Coanda-Effect Screens, 2003 Full text (694 kB PDF)

*REC-ERC = Reclamation Engineering and Research Center (Former designation of Reclamation's Denver Office)

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