Accessibility Policy for this Website

To report a problem with accessibility on a Bureau of Reclamation web page, you may contact the Bureau Section 508 Coordinator Michelle Piland at or the Web Manager at In addition, you may submit a comment or suggestion regarding accessibility through our Contacts Us page. The Contact Us link and Accessibility link is contained in the footer on every web page maintained by the Bureau of Reclamation. In addition, the Section 508 Coordinator will provide training to staff to ensure all their documents, whether they are distributed on the web or not, meet accessibility standards. See "Creating Accessible Documents".

For further information and to learn more about the regulations governing the accessibility of Federal electronic information products, contact the Reclamation Section 508 Program Coordinator.

If an individual believes that the Bureau of Reclamation has failed to procure electronic and information technology conforming to Section 508, that individual has the right to file a complaint under Section 508. The procedure for filing a complaint under Section 508 shall be the same as described in USC 43 CFR §17.750(c) for filing a complaint under Section 504 or resolving allegations of discrimination in a federally conducted program or activity, except that complaints under Section 508 must be filed with the Bureau Section 508 Coordinator, at the following address:

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Section 508 Program Coordinator
Office of Information Management
Attn: Michelle Piland
Denver Federal Center P.O. Box 25007 (84-21210)
Denver, CO 80225-0007
(303) 445-3292

Last Updated: 1/23/19