Building 67 at the Denver Federal Center, home of the TSC.

The Bureau of Reclamation’s Technical Service Center (TSC) provides innovative solutions to water and power resource issues. The TSC consists of approximately 565 scientists, engineers, and other professional and office staff, and operates a world-class materials and hydraulic engineering laboratory.

TSC's mission is to be Reclamation’s preferred provider of science and engineering services, and to be the preferred employer of engineers and scientists in the U.S. TSC values are founded on personal and professional integrity.

Although focused on Reclamation’s mission, TSC also provides technical assistance to other Federal agencies through interagency agreements, as well as working with state and private entities through cooperative and technology transfer agreements.  Technical assistance and training are also available through agreements with other countries interested in developing their own water resources.

Director Richard (Dick) LaFond
Contact Information
Location Denver Federal Center
6th and Kipling, Building 67
Denver, Colorado  80225-0007
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Client Support Services Office

Office Manager:  Katie Bartojay (; 303-445-2374)

The Client Support Services Office provides a variety of support services to the TSC and its clients. Client Liaisons coordinate workflow activities and are the primary points of contact for initiating work within multiple technical groups.

Civil Engineering Services Division #1

Division Chief:  David Kresin (; 303-445-3131)

The Civil Engineering Services Division #1 has approximately 76 staff that provide integrated technical expertise in:  1) Plant Structures, 2) Water Conveyance, 3) Civil Structures, and 4) Water Treatment.

Civil Engineering Services Division #2

Division Chief:  Ed Frazar (; 303-445-3297)

The Civil Engineering Services Division #2 has approximately 95 staff that provide integrated technical expertise in:  1) Waterways & Concrete Dams,
2) Construction Management & Specifications, and 3) Estimating Services.

Water, Environmental, & Ecosystems Division

Division Chief:  Kurt Wille (; 303-445-2285)

The Water, Environmental, & Ecosystems Division has approximately
95 employees who provide integrated technical expertise in:  1) Applied Hydrology, 2) Sedimentation & River Hydraulics, 3) Geographic Applications & Analysis,
4) Economic Analysis, 5) Technical Communications, and 6) Fisheries & Wildlife Resources.

Geotechnical Services Division

Division Chief:  Ryan Woodruff (; 303-445-2334)

The Geotechnical Services Division has approximately 117 staff that provide integrated technical expertise in:  1) Geotechnical Design/Engineering,
2) Engineering Geology & Geophysics, 3) Seismology & Geomorphology, and
4) Instrumentation.

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Division

Division Chief:  Patrick Dawson (; 303-445-2846)

The Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Division has approximately 107 staff that provide integrated technical expertise in:  1) Mechanical Piping & Systems,
2) Mechanical Structures, 3) Electrical Controls, 4) Power Systems Analysis & Controls, 5) Hydropower Diagnostics & SCADA, 6) Electrical Equipment, and
7) Turbines and Pumps.

Engineering & Laboratory Services Division

Division Chief:  Janet White (; 303-445-2373)

The Engineering & Laboratory Services Division has approximately 73 staff that provide integrated technical expertise within the following laboratories:  1) Concrete & Structural Laboratory, 2) Materials & Corrosion Laboratory, 3) Geotechnical Laboratory & Field Support, and 4) Hydraulic Investigations & Laboratory Services.


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