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Bureau of Reclamation Makes Water and Related Data Available for Easy Download and Use

The Bureau of Reclamation has made its water data publicly available and easily accessible through a new open data pilot project. The Reclamation Water Information System consolidates and publishes water and related data from throughout Reclamation, which makes it easier to locate and access. The site is available at: https://water.usbr.gov. RWIS is designed to meet modern data standards allowing for anyone to view, access, and download Reclamation's water data. Data in the pilot system is available from 2010 and enables users to track past and present streamflows, reservoir water releases, canal flows and other types of water data. RWIS also features a web service that allows data retrieval to be programmed and automated for use in models and applications. Read More  →

Map of Reclamation Regions

Great Plains Region

Lower Colorado Region

Mid-Pacific Region

Pacific Northwest Region

Upper Colorado Region

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Last Updated: 10/17/17