Water Operation and Maintenance Bulletins

These bulletins provide useful tips and guidance on a wide range of topics for water and irrigation districts so we can all operate at peak efficiency. Don’t miss our latest issue! Subscribe by emailing drowateroandm@usbr.gov.

  • Active Maintenance Fall 2019, No. 251

    Constant Active Maintenance and Communication

    Maintaining complex water systems is challenging, but good planning will ensure your system functions reliably and safely. Communicating, learning, and applying effective ways to maintain your system is a constant task. This bulletin covers maintenance issues such as communication, major rehabilitation and replacement data, capacity constraints, and coatings. Get Issue

  • Effective Planning Summer 2019, No. 250

    Effective Planning

    Good, strategic planning will ensure your water system is well managed and prepared to thrive in the next 50+ years. It is vital to understand the intricacies of your system, the age and condition of equipment, and potential necessary modifications to meet future demands. In this issue, we detail a few different types of plans, including an operations and maintenance management plan, standing operating procedures, sedimentation plans, and integrated pest management plans. We also highlight a hot topic for Reclamation: streamlining title transfers. Get Issue

  • Effective Operations Spring 2019, No. 249

    Operating Effectively to Save Time and Money

    Water operations typically have an annual cycle. Through each cycle, it is vital that all operations focus on safety, prevention, and efficiency. This bulletin contains helpful content for starting the system, ideas on modernizing controls, and effectively operating systems to reduce the occurrence of emergency maintenance. Get Issue

  • Inspect! Winter 2018, No. 248

    Reclamation's Review of Operations and Maintenance Inspections

    Regular inspections and examinations of Reclamation facilities are vital to ensure our facilities continue to be reliable. This issue of the Water Operation and Maintenance Bulletin covers the how and why of conducting Review of Operations and Maintenance exams, effectively writing and implementing recommendations, and addressing recurrent problems. Get Issue

  • Knowledge is Key: What you need to know: Fall 2018, No 247

    Reclamation's Learning Opportunities

    Reclamation experts provide countless presentations, articles, manuals, and other ways to share our knowledge and experiences, including training. This issue of the Water O&M Bulletin outlines some of the many training opportunities available at Reclamation. Get Issue

  • Science and Technology Program: Summer 2018, No 246

    Science and Technology Program

    We all need better, faster, cheaper solutions to the many vexing challenges in water operations and maintenance. Reclamation's Science and Technology Program helps find those solutions. Check out the many ways that Reclamation researchers can help you. In this issue, we cover: preventing leaks through concrete, surveying canals for problems, calculating returns for corrosion control, serving Reclamation data, testing wire ropes, and using unmanned aircraft systems. We are also seeking solutions for rodent burrows, internal erosion, corrosion, and leaks in large buried pipes. Get Issue

  • Tracking Data and Flows: Spring 2018, No 245

    Tracking Data and Flows

    You can't manage what you can't track. Your canal system has many moving parts from water flows to the infrastructure and equipment to deliver those flows. This issue examines the Central Arizona Project's management system and maintenance tracking to provide tips on keeping facilities and equipment ship-shape. We also look at using WinFlume and Measure H2O to track water flows. Get Issue  →

  • Partner for Success: Winter 2017, No 244

    Partnering and Budgeting for the long Term

    Developing a good operation and maintenance budget to safely and reliably develop, manage, and deliver water is key to your success. This issue focuses on budgets and financial assistance for operating entities. We share some partnering avenues and success stories: from Federal Highway Administration assistance to Reclamation's WaterSMART programs and even research opportunities. This issue features two infographics to help you ensure a healthy operating budget and succeed with financial assistance projects. Get Issue

  • Innovate! Fall 2017, No 243

    Deflect debris, Fill voids, Inspect underwater, Use rubber for dams, Watch for new developments

    Just looking at a situation from a different angle can help you discover new ways of solving vexing problems--or uncover potential new problems that you can address before they become huge. In this issue, we look at a clever way to deflect debris from intake pipes, using CLSM to fill voids, underwater inspections, replacing expensive coffer dams with a reusable rubber dam. The back cover poster warns everyone to watch out for potential new developments that might impact canals.

    Get Issue →

  • Sharing Information: Summer 2017, No 242

    Training, SCADA, Concrete, Testing, Water Data, Good Neighbor brochure

    What do you want to know? This issue covers Reclamation’s new canal operation and maintenance training and manuals. We also have an in-depth look at developing the best SCADA technology for your district, and we highlight Reclamation’s concrete testing. You can get water data from Reclamation’s new system and even print out a brochure to help educate your neighbors about the dangers of building too close to the canals. The back cover poster reminds you about Job Hazard Analysis: Look before you work! Get Issue  →

  • Lessons Learned! Spring 2017, No 241

    Avoiding and Handling Canal and Pipe Failures

    Canal and pipe breaches are very expensive lessons, so read this issue to learn at someone else’s expense. We examine a canal failure from improper construction, a storm that dumped sediment into a canal, a pipe break right at the beginning of irrigation season, and an urban canal breach. Learn how to prepare for emergencies, act during emergencies, and repair afterwards. Print out the back cover poster to remember what to do in case of a breach. Get Issue  →

  • Keep Repairing! Winter 2016, No. 240

    Aquatic Weeds, Concrete Cracks, Gates, Grout

    Welcome to our new look! We are revamping the Water O&M Manuals and updating our Bulletin traditions that stretch back to 1952. In this issue, we cover fixes for aquatic weeds and concrete cracks, how to select the best grout for your particular job, and how to regularly test your gates. The back cover poster lists contacts and general steps for using herbicides. Get Issue  →

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