Water Operations and Maintenance Bulletins

These bulletins provide useful tips and guidance on a wide range of topics for water and irrigation districts so we can all operate at peak efficiency. Don’t miss our latest issue! Subscribe by emailing drowateroandm@usbr.gov.

  • Concrete Testing, Placement, and Repairs: Winter 2022, No. 258

    Concrete Testing, Placement, and Repairs

    In this issue, Concrete and Structural Laboratory subject matter experts discuss high-capacity and complicated structural testing, cold weather concreting and tips for success, and crack mapping and concrete repair. “Water Operation Considerations Across Highly Variable Basins” examines how the Western Colorado Area Office manages a wide range of needs to fulfill its mission to deliver water. And “Water Rights Information Management System” describes the creation of the first Reclamation-owned, centralized water rights database. Finally, many thanks to Deputy Commissioner Michael Brain for participating in our Q&A. Get Issue

    • Reservoir Sedimentation: Fall 2022, No. 257

      Reservoir Sedimentation

      While all rivers carry sediments, sedimentation poses unique challenges for reliable water storage and delivery. Better understanding sedimentation, surveying sediment levels, and employing strategies to reduce sediments are essential to Reclamation’s mission. This “Reservoir Sedimentation” issue came together with the help of several sedimentation subject matter experts and contributions from staff throughout the Asset Management Division. We’re also excited to feature an overview of O&M seasonal best practices for the fall and a Q&A with Karen Knight, Director, Dam Safety and Infrastructure. Get Issue

      • Recreation and Transportation: Summer 2022, No. 256

        Recreation and Transportation

        This issue includes “Reclamation’s Recreation Program” along with “Rio Chama Trail Federal Lands Transportation Program Project” to highlight Reclamation’s big picture recreation work and a recent case study. “A Tool to Bridge the Transportation Funding Gap: Reclamation’s Long Range Transportation Plan” reviews how Reclamation’s first long range transportation plan helps connect users to recreation opportunities and safely deliver water. “Lower Yellowstone Project Weir and Fish Bypass” describes construction that allows for the improved passage of migrating pallid sturgeon. And the Q&A features Thomas Michalewicz of the Oklahoma-Texas Area Office. Get Issue