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The Asset Management Division offers a variety of training including water management workshops, facility review seminars, and more. Essential information on past and future training events are notated on this site, and also includes guidance materials and resources on Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Bulletins, safety posters, etc.

Photo of Bureau of Reclamation employees performing an annual site inspection at Heart Butte Spillway Conduit in North Dakota.
Bureau of Reclamation employee inspecting the Inverted Bell Spillway at Cheney Dam, Kansas

Dam Training:

Training Opportunities:

Water Management Workshop

  • 2020 Water Management Workshop - The 2020 Water Management Workshop dates are February 10 - 13, 2020, in Denver, Colorado.

  • 2019 Water Management Workshops - The 2019 Water Management Workshop was held in Colorado at the Denver Federal Center, February 11 – 14, 2019.

    Photo of sacramento River below Shasta Dam
    Photo of Sacramento River below Shasta Dam.

The Water Management Workshop consisted of a 4-day training seminar for supervisors, managers, water masters, and others responsible for or associated with the operation and maintenance of water systems. The workshop is held when field activities are generally at a minimum for the convenience of operating personnel. Leaders who are well qualified in their particular field were in charge of each session. They presented a summary of the material to be covered, with an emphasis on discussion and exchange of information by all participants in the session. The workshop, sponsored by the Bureau of Reclamation, has been held since 1961. Participants spend their time attending sessions in either a classroom setting or at Reclamation’s research laboratories at the Denver Federal Center. The objective of the workshop is the self-improvement of personnel who are directly responsible for the technical details of operation and maintaining water systems.

Click on the link below to access the current and previous Water Management Workshop Agenda.

2020 Workshop Agenda

2019 Workshop Agenda

2018 Workshop Agenda

RO&M Workshops

  • 2020 RO&M Workshop - The RO&M Workshop, formerly known as the Associated Facilities Review Workshop, is a 3-day seminar provided annually for Reclamation operation and maintenance (O&M) personnel, inspectors, and water O&M personnel. The first two days consist of classroom training and discussion, while the third day consists of a field review. The objective of the seminar is to provide Reclamation employees with the tools they need to be successful in the field. The 2020 workshop will be held April 14-16, in Phoenix, AZ.

  • 2017 - 2019 RO&M Workshop - The Associated Facilities Review Workshop (Previously titled) is a 3-day seminar where attendees learn how to inspect and review associated facilities such as low-hazard dams, bridges, roads, pumping plants, canals, buildings, mechanical equipment, levees, and fish passage facilities. This workshop is tailored for Reclamation operation and maintenance (O&M) personnel, inspectors, and water O&M personnel.

    Click on the link below to access the Associated Facilities Review Workshop Agenda

    2019 Associated Facilities Review Workshop Agenda

    2018 Associated Facilities Review Workshop Agenda

    The Facility Review Workshop was last held from April 25 – 27, 2017, in Bend, Oregon. This workshop is proposed for staff that will be leading or actively participating in facility reviews conducted regularly on all Reclamation high- and significant-hazard dams.

    Click on the link below to access the 2017 Facility Review Workshop Agenda.

    2017 Facility Review Workshop Agenda

Reclamation Realty & Land Trng

  • 2018 Reclamation Realty & Land Training - The Reclamation Realty and Lands training was held April 24-26, 2018 at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) National Training Center (NTC) in Phoenix, AZ. Reclamation’s Policy and Administration’s Asset Management Division planned and facilitated the Reclamation-wide training for over 120 Reclamation staff with participation from all of Reclamation’s directorates. The objective of the training was to promote communication and collaboration throughout Reclamation while providing new and seasoned Reclamation staff with information and knowledge necessary to address various issues within a vast range of program responsibilities. A few of the areas covered during the training included realty tasks, use authorizations, lands records, geographic information systems, law enforcement, project management, title transfer, and land withdrawals. The training also included regional breakout sessions to facilitate intraregional coordination.

    Click on the link below to access the 2018 Realty and Lands Training Agenda.

    2018 Reclamation Realty and Land Training

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Please note workshop attendance is typically reserved for Bureau of Reclamation managing and operating partners. Inquiries on upcoming workshops please contact:

Ginger Dill,, 303-445-2703




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