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Hoover Dam Jets Flying Over Dam Davis Spillway
Hoover Fireworks Roosevelt Dam New Bridge near Hoover Dam
Barlett Dam Grand Coulee Power Plant Hoover Power Plant

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Audio file - Where The Water Goes Topic: Marias / Milk River Division Recreation Opportunities - Tucked away in north central Montana, not far from the Canadian border, is a recreation area that allows visitors to get under some serious big sky without having to venture too far from civilization.
(Great Plains Region 8/20/12) [Text Transcript]
4 minutes 37 seconds
Audio file -Where The Water Goes Topic: National Environmental Policy Act - More than 40 years ago, the first major environmental law in the United States was passed by Congress and signed into Law by President Richard Nixon. The National Environmental Policy Act, better known as NEPA, established the nation's environmental policies and requires agencies to consider the effects of their proposed actions before making decisions.
(Great Plains Region 5/31/12)   [Text Transcript]
5 minutes 20 seconds

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