Asset Management Division

Mission Statement:

AMD’s mission is to ensure effective operations and exceptional stewardship of Reclamation’s infrastructure by establishing agile framework in collaboration with external and internal stakeholders.

Vision Statement:

Promote a world class asset management culture across Reclamation resulting in proactive, data-driven decision making to optimize the value of our assets.

Division Values:

    Safety: We are uncompromising in our number one value of safety, ensuring safety is engrained in the way we do business.

    Customer Service: We build strong relationships by exceeding our customers’ expectations with the utmost respect and responsiveness.

    People: We build a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative environment where people inspire each other with important work full of purpose, challenging opportunities, and rewarding careers.

    Collaboration: We foster a collaborative cross-functional asset management culture across Reclamation.

    Leadership: We lead through commitment, empowerment, empathy, and transparency.

    Quality: We endeavor for excellence in all we do.

    Integrity: We adhere to strong moral and ethical principles.

    Communication: We communicate clearly and concisely, listen to others, and are fully present in conversations to create meaningful and transparent dialogue.

    Sustainability: We will ensure Reclamation assets are sustainable through a proactive vision.

    Agile: We approach our business to meet the ever-changing needs of our stakeholders.

Asset Management Division Organization

Reclamation has asset management responsibility for a diverse portfolio of water and power related constructed assets, with many facilities which are now well over 100 years old. This site makes available to Reclamation’s staff and its operating entities a number of tools, in the form of technical manuals, bulletins and other reference material, which can be used to better manage Reclamation’s constructed assets, to increase awareness of the importance in managing these constructed assets in the seventeen western states.

    Land Resources

    The Land Resources Team specializes in Reclamation-wide lands, realty, and recreation. The Land Resources Team is also responsible for implementing the Western Watershed Enhancement Partnership, Secretarial Order (SO) 3356, Hunting, Fishing, Recreational Shooting, and Wildlife Conservation Opportunities and Coordination with States. Tribes, and Territories, and Secretarial Order 3366, Increasing Recreation Opportunities on Lands and Waters Managed by the U.S. Department of the Interior. Program contacts include:

    • Team Lead: Jason Kirby (; 303-445-2895)
    • Recreation Program: Vacant
    • Land Program: Jason Kirby (, 303-445-2895)
    • Recreation and Land Data and Reporting: Ronnie Baca (; 303-445-3257)

    Operations and Maintenance

    The Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Branch leads agency-wide programs to support Reclamation and its operating entities responsible for day-to-day O&M activities to ensure the continued structural integrity and operational reliability of these facilities. Program contacts include:

    • Supervisor: Darion Mayhorn, P.E. (; 303-445-3121)
    • Dam O&M Program: Chris Perry, P.E. (; 303-445-2887)
    • Conveyance O&M Program: Nick Casamatta, P.E. (; 303-445-3104)
    • Structures O&M Programs: Dan Staton, P.E. (; 303-445-3858)
    • Program Data and Reporting O&M Program: Ginger Dill (; 303-445-2703)
    • Condition Assessments O&M Program: Lindsay Grabner (, 303-445-2932)
    • Enterprise Data Strategy & Management O&M Program: Vacant

    Infrastructure Investment and Management

    The Infrastructure Investment and Management Branch maintains Reclamation’s constructed asset inventory and relevant information, including cost trend data and Major Rehabilitation and Replacement (MR&R) data. The Branch is responsible for the Capital Asset and Resource Management Application (CARMA), the Federal Real Property Profile Program (FRPP), the Title Transfer Program, Capital Investment and Repair Needs (CIRN) Reporting, and implementing Reclamation’s Strategic Asset Management Plan and Infrastructure Investment Strategy. Program contacts include:

    • Supervisor: Sita Egan (; 303-445-2767)
    • MR&R Program, CIRN Database: Deborah Nicholson (, 303-445-3749)
    • Alternative Financing and Title Transfer: Madeline Franklin (; 303-445-2064)
    • Capital Planning and Investment Control and CARMA Program Support: Lauryl Mack (; 303-445-2464)
    • CARMA Program: Vacant
    • FRPP, Space Management (including Reduce the Footprint): Reuben Vidaurrazaga (; 303-445-2786)
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Last Updated: 3/31/21