Lower Colorado River Operations

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Current Conditions

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Daily Reservoir Conditions
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Upper Basin Information

USGS Water Data
USGS Water Alert

Climate & Weather Data
Colorado Basin River Forecast Center
NRCS Snow-Precipitation Data, Upper Basin
NRCS Snow-Precipitation Data, Arizona

Projected Operations

Real-Time Operations Outlook (updated hourly)
River Operations Schedule

Hourly Schedules (updated daily)
Davis Dam & Parker Dam
Headgate Rock Dam

10-Day Lake Mead Outlook (updated daily)
Daily Elevation Projections

Operations Outlook (updated weekly)
River Operations Schedule
Lake Mead/Hoover Dam
Lake Mohave/Davis Dam
Lake Havasu/Parker Dam

2-Year Projected Operations
24-Month Study Current (updated monthly)
24-Month Study Archives (2010 to present)
2-Year Probabilistic Projections (updated monthly)

Lake Powell and Lake Mead 5-Year Projected Conditions
Current Projections (updated May 2022)

Historical Data

Final Data Reports
Stream Flow Records

Historical Reservoir Levels (updated monthly)
Lake Mead
Lake Mohave
Lake Havasu

Lake Mead High/Low Elevation Graphs
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Historical Flow Below Hoover Dam (graphs)
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Ongoing Programs & Activities

Colorado River System Projections (CRMMS)

Colorado River Basin Drought Contingency Plan Agreements

Colorado River Basin Research-to-Operations (CRB R2O) Program

Pilot System Conservation Program

Colorado River Basin Water Supply & Demand Study

Colorado River Interim Guidelines for Lower Basin Shortages & Coordinated Operations for Lake Powell & Lake Mead

Colorado River Basin Natural Flow & Salt Data

SECURE Water Act Report to Congress

Warren H. Brock Reservoir Conservation Summary Report

Supply, Accounting, & Contracting

Water Supply
Weekly LC Water Supply Report

Water Accounting
Water Accounting Reports & Activities
Forecasted Water Use
Actual Water Use

Water Contracting
Water Entitlements & Contracts Information

Annual Operating Plans

AOP for the Upcoming Year
-NEW- DRAFT 2023 AOP - Second Consultation
-NEW- Presentation for the 2023 AOP - Second Consultation

AOP for the Current Year
2022 AOP

AOPs for Previous Years
Archives (1970 to present)

General Info & Links

Supporting Documents
Colorado River Documents 2008
Law of the River
Archived Documents

Lake Mead Information
Area & Capacity Tables (2011)
LIDAR Survey (2009)
Sedimentation Report (2001)
USGS Evaporation Study
-NEW- Lake Mead and Lake Mohave Evaporation Sensitivity Study
Water Quality Monitoring

Recreational Information
Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Lake Mead Regional Weather Forecast
Boating Trail Guides: Davis Dam to Parker Dam - Blythe to Imperial Dam
Colorado River Tri-State Boating Safety Guide

Additional Links
River Miles Chart
Army Corps of Engineers Construction Guidelines
Bill Williams River Basin Real-Time Data
Gila River Basin Real-Time Data

For press or media inquiries, please contact Michelle Helms via e-mail at mhelms@usbr.gov or via phone at (702) 293-8189.

For additional questions or information regarding reservoir operations, please contact the Water Operations Control Center via e-mail at bcoowaterops@usbr.gov or via phone at (702) 293-8373.

Last Updated: 4-August-2022