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Ongoing Programs & Activities

Colorado River System Projections (CRMMS)

Colorado River Basin Drought Contingency Plan Agreements

Colorado River Basin Research-to-Operations (CRB R2O) Program

Pilot System Conservation Program

Colorado River Basin Water Supply & Demand Study

Colorado River Interim Guidelines for Lower Basin Shortages & Coordinated Operations for Lake Powell & Lake Mead

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SECURE Water Act Report to Congress

Warren H. Brock Reservoir Conservation Summary Report

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Lake Mead Information
Area & Capacity Tables (2011)
Lake Mead Reservoir Capacity Allocation (2022)
LIDAR Survey (2009)
Sedimentation Report (2001)
USGS Evaporation Study (2021)
Lake Mead and Lake Mohave Evaporation Sensitivity Study (2022)
Water Quality Monitoring

Recreational Information
Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Lake Mead Regional Weather Forecast
Boating Trail Guides: Davis Dam to Parker Dam - Blythe to Imperial Dam
Colorado River Tri-State Boating Safety Guide

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River Miles Chart
Army Corps of Engineers Construction Guidelines
Bill Williams River Basin Real-Time Data
Gila River Basin Real-Time Data

For press or media inquiries, please contact Michelle Helms via e-mail at mhelms@usbr.gov.

For additional questions or information regarding reservoir operations, please contact the Water Operations Control Center via e-mail at bcoowaterops@usbr.gov.

Last Updated: 10-May-2024