Lower Colorado Region Offices

The Bureau of Reclamation's Lower Colorado Region manages and helps develop water resources programs and projects throughout the arid Southwest (see map). The headquarters for the Region is located in Boulder City, Nevada, but several other offices provide services to local communities in individual states.

Regional Office

Headquarters of the Region located in Boulder City, Nevada, responsible for Colorado River operations and management, and oversight of all Regional activities, including water conservation activities in Hawaii.

Boulder Canyon Operations Office

Manages water and hydropower resources along the last 688 miles of the Colorado River within the United States, and schedules and accounts for the delivery of Colorado River water and power supplies that provide multiple benefits in Arizona, Nevada and California.

Lower Colorado Dams Office

Manages, operates and maintains Hoover, Davis and Parker Dams and their associated powerplants and facilities on the lower Colorado River.

Hoover Dam Visitor Center

Hosting nearly 1 million visitors each year, this is the place to learn about and explore the wonders of this magnificent site or take an on-line tour.

Phoenix Area Office

Administers water management projects and programs throughout Arizona, including water supply and salinity studies, water conservation activities, and technical assistance to Native American Tribes.

Southern California Area Office

Administers water management programs throughout Southern California, including water reclamation and reuse (Title XVI), desalination research, water conservation, drought assistance, technical assistance to Native American Tribes, and water resources planning activities.

Yuma Area Office

Delivers Colorado River water to the United States and Mexico, and is home to one of the world's largest reverse osmosis desalting plants.

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LC Region Map

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