Dams, canals, and other water supply projects constructed to help develop and maintain the American Southwest.


Central Arizona Project
Operated by the Central Arizona Project
New Waddell Dam
Camp Dyer Diversion Dam
Salt River Project
Operated by the Salt River Project
Horse Mesa
Mormon Flat
Stewart Mountain
Granite Reef Diversion
Painted Rock Dam
Constructed and operated by the Corps of Engineers 
Alamo Dam
Constructed and operated by the Corps of Engineers 
Gila Project 
Yuma Desalting Plant
Yuma Auxiliary Project
Operated by Unit "B" Irrigation and Drainage District


Colorado River Aqueduct
Constructed & operated by MWD of SoCal
All-American Canal
Operated by Imperial Irrigation District
Coachella Project
Operated by the Coachella Valley Water District
Coachella Canal
San Diego Project
Operated by the San Diego County Water Authority 


Robert B. Griffith Water Project
Operated by Southern Nevada Water Authority

Lower Colorado River

Boulder Canyon Project
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam Visitor Center
Parker-Davis Project
Parker Dam
Davis Dam
Riverfront Work and Levee System 
Headgate Rock Dam
Operated by Bureau of Indian Affairs 
Palo Verde Diversion Project
Operated by Palo Verde Irrigation District
Palo Verde Diversion Dam
Imperial Dam
Operated by Imperial Irrigation District 
Yuma Project
Operated by Imperial Irrigation District
Laguna Dam
Senator Wash Dam

Basin-wide Projects

Colorado River Basin Project 
Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Project
Coachella Canal Unit
Yuma Desalting Complex Unit
Protective & Regulatory Pumping Unit

Some projects and facilities within these states and on the Colorado River Basin are operated by other Reclamation regions...also visit the:

Upper Colorado Region - Operates Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell and other projects north of Lee Ferry on the Colorado River and its tributaries

Mid-Pacific Region - Manages Reclamation projects in Northern California and Northern Nevada

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