Programs and Activities

Water Management

new icon- Review of the Colorado River Interim Guidelines for Lower Basin Shortage and Coordinated Operations for Lake Powell and Lake Mead (7.D. Review)

Proposed Partial Assignment and Transfer of GSC Farm, LLC Colorado River Water Entitlement to the Town of Queen Creek, Arizona

Pilot System Conservation Program (Pilot Program)

Colorado River Basin Research-to-Operations (CRB R2O) Program

Colorado River Basin Water Supply & Demand Study - Final Reports

Colorado River Basin Water Supply & Demand Study - Moving Forward

Rule-Making -- Regulating the Use of Lower
Colorado River Water Without an Entitlement

Colorado River Interim Guidelines for Lower Basin 
Shortages & Coordinated Operations for Lake 
Powell and Lake Mead

Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program
The Colorado River Documents 2008
Demonstration Programs
Law of the River
Lower Colorado River Water Accounting
Lower Colorado River Water Operations Control Center
Lower Colorado River Water Delivery Contracts
Wastewater Reuse - Title XVI Grants
Water Conservation

Hoover Dam

Police Department
Travel Info
Photo Gallery

Boulder City Properties

Rehabilitation of Date Street 100 and 200 Buildings in Boulder City

Boulder City "Green" Building

Reclamation Properties in and near the
Boulder City Historic District


The Lower Colorado Region's Statement of Project Construction Cost and Repayment (SPCCR) presenting the relationship between project cost and repayment are available upon request.

Please contact Matt Stemmer at (702) 293-8223 to obtain a copy of a project SPCCR. ​

Resources Management

Lower Colorado River Multi-Species
Conservation Program

Quagga Mussels on the Lower Colorado River

Natural Resources Management
Cultural Resource Management
Environmental Documents
Environmental Outreach and Education
HazMat/Environmental Mgmt System
NEPA/ESA Compliance
Environmental Compliance Requests

Salton Sea

Fire Restrictions

Power Management

Amended Navajo Power Marketing Plan 
Hydropower Program
Regional Power Activities

Services & General Programs

Archives - Reports and Publications

Acquisitions and Assistance
Bridge Building Contest for Students
Budget and Finance
Construction Management and Engineering
Regional Modeling and Design Center
Freedom of Information Act Inquiries
Geographic Information Systems
Managing for Excellence
Native American Assistance
Photo/Video Requests
Water and Soil Laboratory

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