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The following publications are not available in an electronic format but can be ordered at no cost:

Yuma Desalting Plant: Technology in Action
An overview of the facility's mission and operations to help meet water quality requirements for Colorado River water flows to Mexico.

Central Arizona Project: The Physical System
Describes the history, development and facilities of the Central Arizona Project, a 336-mile long aqueduct that brings Colorado River water to farms and cities in central and southern Arizona.

Bureau of Reclamation Recreation Areas
A map of over 300 recreation areas on Reclamation project lands in the 17 Western states and the recreational opportunities available at each.

Digital Libraries Related to Reclamation Projects, Hoover Dam - Contains most archived copies of "Reclamation Record" and "Reclamation Era", monthly publications produced by the Bureau of Reclamation between 1921 and 1968, and a variety of other Reclamation-produced media.
Colorado Plateau Digital Archives - Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff
Colorado River/Central Arizona Project Collection - Arizona State University, Tempe
Digital Collections - University of Arizona, Tucson
Hoover Dam - Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum
Hoover Dam - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Hoover Dam: Lonely Lands Made Fruitful - University of Virginia American Studies Program
Informedia/Open Video Project (video clips) - Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
Las Vegas and Water in the West - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mountain West Digital Library - University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Water Resources Archive - Colorado State University Libraries
Water Resources Center Archive - University of California, Riverside
Western Waters Digital Library - Greater Western Library Alliance


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