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  • Photo of Hoover Dam with Lake Mead's elevation at 1088.14 feet above sea level.

    Another dry year in the Colorado River Basin increases the need for additional state and federal actions

    2018 has brought record-low snowpack levels to many locations in the Colorado River Basin, making this the driest 19-year period on record. With the depressed snowpack and warming conditions, experts indicate that runoff from the Rocky Mountains into Lake Powell this spring will yield only 42 percent of the long-term average. With drought and low runoff conditions dating back to 2000, this current period is one of the worst drought cycles over the past 1,200 plus years. Read More  →

  • Photo of Terry Fulp receiving award from Brenda Burman

    Lower Colorado Regional Director Terry Fulp receives U.S. Department of the Interior's Meritorious Service Award

    The Bureau of Reclamation’s Lower Colorado Regional Director, Terrance J. Fulp, Ph.D., pictured above with Commissioner Brenda Burman, received the Meritorious Service Award from the Department of the Interior this week. Fulp has devoted his 27-year federal career to the Lower Colorado Region by making lasting contributions to improving operations and developing solutions for complicated water issues. "We are extremely proud of the work and leadership of Terry in the Lower Colorado Region," Commissioner Burman said. "His work over his extensive career is invaluable to Reclamation and Interior. He is truly an asset to our organization." Read More  →

  • Photo of irrigation canal

    Reclamation requesting proposals to fund grant activities in support of its Water Conservation Field Services Program

    Reclamation’s Lower Colorado Region (LCR) announced that it is requesting proposals to fund cost-share activities in support of its Water Conservation Field Services Program (WCFSP) within the LCR. The LCR grants process is open to enrollment and competition from water related organizations in southern Nevada, most of Arizona, southern California, and southwestern Utah. Please see the map in the funding opportunity announcement for exact boundaries of the LCR. Applicants interested in competing for a total of $900,000 in grant funds from the WCFSP must submit their proposals by May 22, 2018.
    Read More →

  • Screenshot of river ops page

    Lower Colorado River Operations

    The Lower Colorado River Operations website provides data such as current conditions, projected operations, historical data, ongoing programs and activities, supply, accounting and contracting and annual operating plans. Read More  →
  • Photo of Elf Owl

    Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program

    The Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program (LCR MSCP) was created to balance the use of the Colorado River water resources with the conservation of native species and their habitats. The program works toward the recovery of species currently listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). It also reduces the likelihood of additional species listings. The program area extends over 400 miles of the lower Colorado River from Lake Mead to the southernmost border with Mexico, and includes lakes Mead, Mohave, and Havasu, as well as the historic 100-year floodplain along the main stem of the lower Colorado River. Read More  →


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Recreation & Public Use

Reclamation Recreation Map Reclamation Land Use

The public may apply to use Reclamation land, facilities, and waterbodies, and may engage in the use only after proper authorization is received from Reclamation. Use authorizations are not required for permitted public recreational use of recreation areas and facilities open to the public. Read More →

Reclamation Recreation Map Reclamation Recreation Website

Reclamation projects have created a variety of recreation opportunities on the rivers downstream from the dams, including world class whitewater rafting and fishing opportunities. Read More →

Reclamation Recreation Map helps you discover and book trips at Reclamation facilities and at all of America's public places. Read More →

RWIS Graphic Reclamation Water Information System

RWIS makes water and related data available for easy download and use. Visit the RWIS web site.

Special Notice

The Lower Colorado Region's Statements of Project Construction Cost and Repayment (SPCCR) presenting the relationship between project cost and repayment are available upon request. Please contact Matt Stemmer at (702) 293-8223 or to obtain a copy of a project SPCCR.

Last Updated: 5/11/18