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  • Operations

    Reclamation updates 2018 Central Valley Project water allocations for North of Delta and Friant contractors

    The Bureau of Reclamation today provided an initial allocation to some Central Valley Project contractors and increased the allocation to Friant Division contractors for the 2018 contract year. For agricultural water service contractors north of the Delta, Reclamation provided an initial allocation of 20 percent. Municipal and industrial service contractors north of the Delta, in-Delta and on the American River are allocated the greater of 70 percent of their historic use or public health and safety needs. Learn More →

  • Bureau of Reclamation

    Reclamation released environmental document for bay checkerspot butterfly reintroduction to San Mateo County

    The Bureau of Reclamation prepared an environmental assessment on providing $202,384 to the Creekside Center for Earth Observation to reintroduce the bay checkerspot butterfly to San Bruno Mountain in San Mateo County. Historically, the threatened butterfly’s populations were recognized in many San Francisco Bay Area counties. Learn More →

  • WaterSMART

    Bureau of Reclamation announces fiscal year 2018 WaterSMART Program funding opportunities for water and energy efficiency, small-scale water efficiency, and water marketing strategy projects

    The Bureau of Reclamation has released three funding opportunities for fiscal year 2018, Water and Energy Efficiency Grants, Small-Scale Water Efficiency Projects and Water Marketing Strategy Grants, all of which are part of the Department of the Interior’s WaterSMART program initiative. Through WaterSMART, Reclamation provides three types of grants. The Water and Energy Efficiency Grants will be awarded to projects that result in quantifiable water savings and those which support broader water reliability benefits. Small-Scale Water Efficiency Projects will be awarded to small-scale water management projects that have been identified through previous planning efforts. Water Marketing Strategy Grants will be awarded to entities exploring actions that can be taken to develop or facilitate water marketing. Learn More →

  • Budget

    President proposed $1.0 billion fiscal year 2019 budget for the Bureau of Reclamation

    President Donald Trump proposed a $1.049 billion Fiscal Year 2019 budget for the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Reclamation. The budget supports the Department's goals of ensuring the provision of secure and reliable water supplies, the efficient generation of American energy, celebration of America's resources and recreational opportunities, and fulfilling commitments to tribal nations. Learn More →

  • Video

    Detecting Pipeline Leaks and Flaws Prize Challenge

    The Bureau of Reclamation and its collaborators are seeking innovative methods and technology to detect leaks and flaws in buried water pipeline infrastructure. Pipeline leaks and flaws deprive consumers of a valuable resource and necessitate costly repairs. Currently, no practical method exists to detect leaks and flaws in large diameter operational pipelines regardless of pipe diameter and material type. Solutions can be novel approaches or can build upon existing methods or technologies. This Challenge launches Stage 1 of a planned two-stage Challenge that includes laboratory-scale and field-scale demonstrations. Learn More →

Recreation & Public Use

New Melones Launches Every Kid in a Park Pass Every Kid in a Park

Our country is full of dazzling landscapes where you can play and learn. They protect our wildlife and resources. They let us look into the past and protect our history. Keeping them public supports a healthy planet. Learn More →

Statement of Project Construction Cost and Repayment Statements Are Available from Reclamation

Last Updated: 3/30/18