Training and Conference Center (LCTC)


The Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region Training and Conferencing Center (LCTC) was established in July 2013 and is conveniently located off of Date Street in Boulder City, Nevada.

The LCTC was created by restoring a former historical building owned by the LC Region and was transformed into a 10,000 square foot training and conferencing center.  It is intended to support all meetings, trainings, and conferences for the LC Region.  The LCTC is also ready to accommodate other DOI, Reclamation, and other Federal organizations training and conferencing needs.

Due to the need to become a much more efficient organization, the LCTC represents the wave of the future.  It is considered a “green” building and is in the process of receiving a Gold LEED certified rating.

The Regional Director provides support to Chief, Human Resources Office (HRO), with the oversight and direction of the LCTC.  The HRO has delegated the daily operation of the LCTC to the Regional Training Manager to ensure business operations, safety, security, and maintenance needs are identified and customers have a safe and secure learning environment.

The LCTC is the primary source for training to meet the employee development needs of over 850 LC employees in the practice of multiple use management and leadership development.  The LCTC projects to annually deliver over 100 classes in a wide range of disciplines related to the unique mission and work of the LC Region.

In addition to training, the LCTC projects to support over 100 meetings, workshops, and conferences Reclamation and other federal, state and local agencies

Last Updated: 4/24/18