Dam Safety Officer; Design, Estimating and Construction Oversight and Value Program Office

Dam Safety Officer ensures Reclamation’s Dam Safety Program maintains consistency with the Federal Guidelines for Dam Safety and Reclamation dams do not present an unreasonable risk to the public.  The officer serves as the DOI representative to the National Dam Safety Review Board and advises and represents the Commissioner and Assistant Secretary-Water and Science on dam safety issues.

Design, Estimating and Construction is an oversight process that provides broad program guidance and conducts oversight reviews ensuring that products related to design, cost estimating, and construction are technically sound and appropriate for Reclamation Leadership decision making.  The process also ensures the project meets Reclamation’s project guidelines and standards and is part of the quality assurance process.

Value Program offers creative problem solving that follows a value method study plan to improve projects with cost effective, innovative solutions without sacrificing key objectives and functions.


Last Updated: 6/3/19