Value Program

Value Program

Reclamation's Value Program offers creative problem solving that follows a Value Method "Job Plan" (see the "Value Study Job Plan" page).  Come find out how a Value Study Team can improve your project with cost effective, innovative solutions without sacrificing key functions.

The Value Program saves money and time when you integrate it into your projects.  Completed studies have repeatedly shown significant ways to improve performance, reliability, quality, safety, and life-cycle costs within Reclamation.  Value studies have helped Reclamation redirect over $100 million dollars back into projects and activities, and to fund some activities that might otherwise have gone unfunded.  The savings usually stay in the region or office for whom the study was conducted.

When to work with the Value Program Office and what type of service would be best for your project depends on your project—how complex it is, the number of stakeholders, and how much your project will cost.

Effective Facilitation (non-required) includes Group Objectives and Logistics (GOAL) meetings to help determine the study objectives and Project Alternative Solutions Studies(PASS) to help determine and refine alternatives.

Value Method Studies (may be required) have two forms.  The Value Planning study uses the formal value method to optimize alternatives and the Value Engineering study uses the formal value method to optimize implementing the selected alternative.  Value Management studies of administrative procedures, organizational structures, management systems, or similar activities use the same job plan and similar or the same techniques as Value Planning and Value Engineering studies.

This following explains the types of studies the Value Program offers and where they fit into an overall planning effort:


Last Updated: 6/26/19