Value Program Office

Reclamation Requirements

The action office (Region, Area, and Project offices) is responsible for meeting the mandated Value Planning or Value Engineering requirements. You must identify projects, programs, systems, and productsthat require or would benefit from the Value Program studies and arrange for those studies. Contact your local Value Program Coordinator or the Value Program Manager.

In addition to the laws, regulations, and policy issued by higher authority, Reclamation uses guidance, forms, and training to allow us to carry out our program activities more consistently and efficiently.

Guidance - The Reclamation Value Program Handbook defines roles and responsibilities within Reclamation for conduct of mandated Value Program activities, in compliance with OMB Circular A-131 and DOI's DM 369-1. Two guidance documents we also use are:

Forms - Reclamation has developed several forms (templates) to help interested and responsible personnel plan, conduct, and report on Value Program activities. The Value Program Templates are:

Training - Formal 40 hour Value Planning/Engineering training is readily available through several Certified Value Specialists (CVS). These practitioners are certified by SAVE International: The Value Society.

Reclamation also teaches several short (4, 8, 16, and 24 hour) classes on value techniques. Here is a short description of these classes:

Management Orientation - 4 to 8 hours of training/discussion on policies, management responsibilities and roles, and administering the Value Program to minimize costs and optimize benefits.

Value Fundamentals - 16 hours of general training for staff who will be team members, and managers who want a better understanding of Value techniques, that do not aspire to team leading.

Value Fundamentals Plus - 24 hours of general training for people who want to be team leaders. An additional two day course in facilitation and team leading techniques and apprenticing as an Assistant Team Leader would be needed before becoming a team leader.

Please contact any Reclamation Value Program staff to learn more about these classes.


Last Updated: 7/1/15