Value Program

Facilitation Services—GOAL and PASS Studies


The Group Objectives and Logistics (GOAL) meeting is a structured process to give guidance and direction to help teams more effectively match their designs to the direction of stakeholders, management, and users. Typically, this is accomplished during an interactive 5–8 hour session with project and/or area managers, designers, users, operators, stakeholders, etc. When used to provide direction to a Project Alternative Solution Study (PASS), it is typically held at least 2 weeks prior to the study.


During this customized multiday study, a Project Alternative Solutions Study (PASS) Technical Team generates, refines, and evaluates alternatives within defined decision factors. These factors can be refined by the GOAL Team prior to the convening of the PASS Technical Team . The PASS Process is tailored to fit your project and circumstances. It does not have mandated OMB and DOI requirements that must be followed by the Value process. For example, previous PASS Teams have:

  • Developed viable alternatives in a number of months, or couple of days – depending on the requirements of the project.

  • Written formal reports if required, or simply provided meeting notes for the appendix of a more formal document.

  • Resolved conflicts between agencies/parties in complex situations where there are different viewpoints on how to evaluate success.

The PASS Process does not require or prohibit cost estimates being prepared to measure savings or cost avoidance. Other tools such as a comparison table (matrix) are often utilized within the PASS Process to evaluate cost and benefits of various alternatives.

For questions or scheduling please contact Del Smith (303-445-2516) or Kristi Evans (303-445-2924) to discuss the appropriate facilitation tool to meet your project specific requirements.


Last Updated: 6/11/19