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302 East 1860 South
Provo, Utah 84606-7317

Reclamation's Provo Area office is located 44 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah on the southern end of the City of Provo. The Provo Area Office's boundary of responsibility includes the State of Utah, southwestern Wyoming, and small sections of Idaho and Nevada. Within these states, the Provo Area Office is responsible for 17 separate water projects that have authorized the construction of 27 major and 34 minor dams, approximately 419 miles of canals, 613 miles of laterals, 57 miles of tunnels, 132 miles of pipelines, six powerplants, and 14 pumping stations. As part of these projects the Provo Area Office also oversees 1,063,666 acres of acquired fee title, withdrawn, and easement lands.

Provo Area boundry map with Projects and Facilities

These projects provide irrigation water to over 400,000 acres of crop land each year and provide culinary water to nearly 1,500,000 people. The projects also provide significant flood control and power generation benefits, 50 miles of "class 1" stream fisheries (75 percent of the total in the state of Utah), and over two million visitor days of recreation each year.

Current Focus

Southern Utah Valley Power Systems Title Transfer

The Bureau of Reclamation is recommending a title transfer agreement and quit claim deed of 35.5 miles of the Strawberry Valley Project 46kV Power Transmission System to Southern Utah Valley Power Systems. The Southern Utah Valley Power Systems is a non-profit political subdivision, organized under the laws of the state of Utah and comprises members from Payson City Power, Salem City Power, Spanish Fork City Power, Springville City Power, and South Utah Valley Electric Service District.

The title transfer agreement and quit claim deed will convey Reclamation's land interests in the form of a 60-foot wide easement along the transmission system corridor, but excepting and reserving title to U.S. fee lands, U.S. withdrawn lands, rights-of-way reserved to the U.S. pursuant to the 1890 Canal Act, and easements belonging to the Project for water conveyance purposes.

Public Involvement

Reclamation, working with Southern Utah Valley Power Systems, is providing the public with the opportunity to review the negotiated draft of the title transfer agreement for 30 days beginning May 1, 2024. View the draft title transfer agreement here:


Through development of the Strawberry Valley Project, the United States holds title to the 46kV Power Transmission System and related easements serving south Utah Valley – namely, the communities of Spanish Fork City, Springville City, Payson City, Salem City, and the unincorporated communities of Elk Ridge and Woodland Hills. The Strawberry Valley Project repayment contract was fulfilled in December 1974, and there are no further repayment obligations for the project. The 46kV Power Transmission System is proposed to be transferred to Southern Utah Valley Power Systems to reduce administrative costs, increase operational efficiencies, and enable Southern Utah Valley Power Systems to fund improvements for the system. SUVPS and its predecessors have provided electrical utility services related to the transmission system for nearly 5-decades. Reclamation formally recognized Southern Utah Valley Power Systems as the operation and maintenance contractor for the transmission system in 2015.

Stories & Media

  • News Release – November 9, 2023

    Provo Area Office Manager Rick BaxterReclamation announces Rick Baxter as manager for Provo Area Office

    PROVO, Utah – The Bureau of Reclamation’s Upper Colorado Basin Region has announced Rick Baxter as the new area manager for the Provo Area Office. In his new position, Baxter will oversee water projects throughout Utah, southwestern Wyoming and a very small portion of southeast Idaho.

    The Provo Area Office is responsible for 16 water projects that include 50 high hazard dams, 419 miles of canals, 613 miles of laterals, 57 miles of tunnels, 132 miles of pipelines, six powerplants, 14 pumping stations and 1,064,000 acres of acquired fee title, withdrawn, and easement lands.Read More 

  • News Release – June 6, 2023

    Hyrum Dam and Reservoir, Hyrum, UtahHyrum Reservoir filling for irrigation season Spillway is closed and no longer being monitored for safety

    SALT LAKE CITY – Reclamation today announced the closing of the spillway gates at Hyrum Reservoir, allowing the reservoir to fill for the irrigation season. With the spillway gates closed, the spillway no longer requires monitoring. Read More 

  • News Release – May 2, 2023

    Water exiting Hyrum Reservoir through the radial arm gates and through the spillwayReclamation continually monitoring Hyrum Dam spillway; ready to take action if needed

    SALT LAKE CITY – Because of record snowpack and projected record high runoff into Hyrum Reservoir, the Bureau of Reclamation is conducting around-the-clock monitoring of the spillway at Hyrum Dam, as operators are releasing a high volume of water through the spillway to help manage the reservoir's water level as warm temperatures have significantly increased snowmelt and runoff into the reservoir. Read More 

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