Client Support Services (8010)

Group Manager:  Vacant 

The Client Support Services Office provides a variety of support services to the TSC and its clients. Client Liaisons coordinate workflow activities between the TSC and its clients and are involved in the following activities:

  • Identifying the technical groups needed to perform the work
  • Developing service agreements
  • Monitoring schedules and budgets for ongoing work
  • Distributing monthly management reports to clients and TSC team leaders
  • Coordinating administrative functions such as establishing charge numbers
Client Client Liaison Program Assistant
Great Plains Andrew Tiffenbach (303-445-2393) Karen Johnson (303-445-3289)
Lower Colorado Connie Svoboda (303-445-2152) Joy Ravenel (303-445-2577)
Mid-Pacific Dan Maag (303-445-3084) Janice Carson (303-445-3466)
Pacific Northwest Paula Engel (303-445-2732) Joy Ravenel (303-445-2577)
Upper Colorado Jan Oliver (303-445-2281) Karen Johnson (303-445-3289)
International Affairs Dianne Parson (303-445-2302) Elizabeth Snodgrass (303-445-3721)
Dam Safety Office, SSLE Lisa Krest (303-445-3260) Elizabeth Snodgrass (303-445-3721)
Power Program Services Gary Cawthorne (303-445-2817) Joy Ravenel (303-445-2577)
Policy and Admin Office Jennifer Bountry (303-445-3614) Karen Johnson (303-445-3289)
Other Government Agencies (including NPS and BIA Dam Safety) Dianne Parson (303-445-2302) Elizabeth Snodgrass (303-445-3721)
Reclamation Other (WO, DEC/DSO, MSO) Jan Oliver (303-445-2281) Karen Johnson (303-445-3289)
TSC P&A Jacque Wright (303-445-2604) Jacque Wright (303-445-2604)
Research Office Evan Lindenbach (303-445-2336) Janice Carson (303-445-3466)
K88 Working Capital Fund Jacque Wright (303-445-2604) Jacque Wright (303-445-2604)
Last Updated: 1/30/18