Client Support Services (8010)

The following individuals provide a variety of support services to the TSC and its clients. Primary duties include:

  • Assisting with development and processing of service agreements and change orders
  • Assisting with resolving questions or concerns related to service agreements
  • Coordinating administrative functions related to establishing WOIDs, submitting fee collections and cost transfers, and reconciling bank cards
  • Monitoring schedules and budgets for ongoing work

Program Assistants are assigned by the division or group of the TSC Project Manager:

Division/Group Program Assistant
All 8100 Civil Engineering Services Division David Lentz (303-445-2754)
8510 Construction Management & Specifications David Lentz (303-445-2754)
8520 Estimating Services David Lentz (303-445-2754)
8200 Water, Environmental, & Ecosystems Division Janice Carson (303-445-3466)
8300 Geotechnical Services Division Karen Johnson (303-445-3289)
8400 Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Division Joy Ravenel (303-445-2577)
8530 Concrete, Geotech, & Structural Laboratory Joy Ravenel (303-445-2577)
8540 Materials & Corrosion Laboratory Joy Ravenel (303-445-2577)
8560 Hydraulic Investigations & Laboratory Services Joy Ravenel (303-445-2577)

Client Liaisons coordinate workflow activities between the TSC and its clients. Primary duties include:

  • Serving as primary point of contact for TSC clients for inquiries that fall outside of individual service agreements
  • Identifying technical groups needed to perform client work
  • Developing and disseminating monthly client status updates
Client Client Liaison
Great Plains Andrew Tiffenbach (303-445-2393)
Lower Colorado Connie Svoboda (303-445-2152)
Mid-Pacific Dan Maag (303-445-3084)
Pacific Northwest Michelle Norris (303-445-3510)
Upper Colorado Jan Oliver (303-445-2281)
Native American and International Affairs Dianne Parson (303-445-2302)
Dam Safety Office, SSLE Lisa Sweeney (303-445-3260)
Power Program Services Jordan Lemer (303-445-2883)
Policy and Admin Office Jennifer Bountry (303-445-3614)
Other Government Agencies (including NPS and BIA Dam Safety) Dianne Parson (303-445-2302)
Reclamation Other (WO, DEC/DSO, MSO) Jan Oliver (303-445-2281)
Research Office Evan Lindenbach (303-445-2336)
TSC Funding Agreements Jacque Wright (303-445-2604)
TSC P&A Tom Luebke (303-445-2600)
K88 Working Capital Fund Tom Luebke (303-445-2600)
Last Updated: 4/18/19