Reservoir Surveys

Report Downloads

  • Reconnaissance Technique for Reservoir Surveys, April 2006 (5.6 MB PDF)
  • Computing Degradation and Local Scour: Technical Guideline for Bureau of Reclamation, January 1984 (7.8 MB PDF)
  • Reservoir Sedimentation: Technical Guideline for Bureau of Reclamation, October 1982 (5.7 MB PDF)

Each completed survey below has a link to a survey report that contains the results and methodology used to measure reservoir topography and sediment deposition. Some surveys in the list will also have a link to a zipped ESRI File Geodatabase (minimum version 10.x) that contains feature classes that represent collected bathymetric survey points and derived contours. Please be aware that most surveys make use of non-standard local vertical datums. Details about each survey’s vertical datum can be found in the companion metadata and the survey report.

Last Updated: 1/16/18