Research and General Research Reports

Research Reports

Report Number        Title, Date Download

No. 2 Aquatic Weed Control Studies, 1966 Full text (3  MB PDF)
No. 3 Soils Tests Computer Programs, 1966 Full text (4 MB PDF)
No. 4 Hydraulic Downpull Forces on Large Gates, 1966 Full text (5 MB PDF)
No. 7 Effects of Monolayers on Insects, Fish and Wildlife, 1967 Full text (4 MB PDF)
No. 9 Vibration Studies of Monticello Dam, 1967 Full text (1 MB PDF)
No. 11 Pile Supported Structures In Lake Deposits, 1968 Full text (4 MB PDF)
No. 13 Removal of Saline Water from Aquifers, Revised 1977 Full text (3 MB PDF)
No. 14 Comparison of Analytical and Structural Behavior Results for Flaming Gorge Dam, 1968 Full text (2 MB PDF)
No. 16 Structural Model Tests of Arch Dams - Glen Canyon and Morrow Point Dams, 1969 Full text (3 MB PDF)
No. 17 Soil as an Engineering Material, 1969 Full text (5 MB PDF)
No. 18 A Study of the Effects of Waves on Evaporation from Free Water Surface, 1969 Full text (3 MB PDF)
No. 20 Biogeochemistry of Delta-Mendota Canal, Central Valley Project, 1969 Full text (1 MB PDF)
No. 22 Evaluation of Soil-Applied Herbicides for Vegetation Controls, 1970 Full text (2 MB PDF)
No. 24 Hydraulic Design of Stilling Basin for Pipe or Channel Outlets, Revised 1976 Full text (3 MB PDF)
No. 25 Evaluation of Effect of Impoundment on Water Quality in Cheney Reservoir, 1971 Full text (3 MB PDF)
No. 27 lnvestlgation of Copper Sulfate for Aquatic Weed Control, 1976 Full text (2 MB PDF)

General Research Reports

Report Number        Title, Date Download

GR-5-77 Lab. Facilities for Research & Development of Water Systems Control Automation, 1977 Full text (3.6  MB PDF)
GR-6-75 Hydraulic Model Studies of Stewart Mountain Dam Spillway, 1975 Full text (6.5  MB PDF)
GR-8-75 Prediction of Dissolved Gas at Hydraulic Structures, 1975 Full text (3.6  MB PDF)
GR-9-75 Concrete Performance in Yellowtail Dam, Montana - 10-Year Core Report, 1975 Full text (1.5  MB PDF)
GR-12-75 Laboratory Tests of Foundation Rock Core for Auburn Dam, 1975 Full text (9.9  MB PDF)
GR-12-77 El-Flo Controller Installation and Maintenance Manual, 1977 Full text (2.5  MB PDF)
GR-13-77 Concrete Perform in Grande Coulee Forebay Dam, Washington - 1-year Core Report, 19782/td> Full text (4.5  MB PDF)
GR-14-77 Research on Wetting Collapsible Foundation Soils, 1977 Full text (1.1  MB PDF)
GR-15-76 Angle-Envelope Method of Analyzing Shear Test, 1976 Full text (805 kB PDF)
GR-18-76 Hydraulic Model Studies for the Pacheco Tunnel Energy Dissipator, 1976 Full text (4.6  MB PDF)
GR-19-76 Hydraulic Model Studies of the Intake and Suction Tubes for Havasu Pumping Plant, Central Arizona Project, Arizona, 1976 Full text (3  MB PDF)
GR-25-76 Hydraulic Model Studies of the Amaluza Dam Spillway, 1976 Full text (5  MB PDF)
GR-78-3 Water Constraint and Prediction Algorithms for Yellowtail Powerplant and Afterbay Dam, 1978 Full text (5  MB PDF)
GR-78-4 Study of Automatic Upstream Control System of Canals, 1978 Full text (2.5  MB PDF)
GR-78-7 Hydraulic and Electrical Analogy Tests of Gravel Envelopes for Subsurface Drains, 1978 Full text (2.2  MB PDF)
GR-78-8 Hydraulic Model Studies for Palmetto Bend Dam Spillway, 1978 Full text (2.2  MB PDF)
GR-78-9 Digital Load and Voltage Control Algorithms for Yellowtail Powerplant, 1980 Full text (1.3  MB PDF)
GR-79-2 T or C Baffled Apron Spillway Prepared for Soil Conservation Service, 1979 Full text (2.7  MB PDF)
GR-79-3 Model Studies of the Sugar Pine Dam Energy Dissipator, 1979 Full text (9.3  MB PDF)
GR-80-1 High Rate Gravity Sand Filtration of Water to Remove Fish Eggs and Larvae, 1979 Full text (1.3  MB PDF)
GR-80-4 Grand Coulee Pumping-Generating Plant Model Studies - Conduit Entrances P/G7 & P/G8, 1980 Full text (8.3  MB PDF)
GR-80-5 Polyester Resin Anchor Creep Study, 1980 Full text (500  kB PDF)
GR-80-6 Automatic Generation Control Algorithm - General Concepts and Application, 1980 Full text (4.7  MB PDF)
GR-80-7 Concrete Performance at Pueblo Dam, Colorado Initial Core Report, 1982 Full text (4  MB PDF)
GR-81-2 Hydraulic Model Studies of McPhee Dam Spillway, 1981 Full text (6.7  MB PDF)
GR-81-3 Hydraulic Model Studies of Bartlett Dam, 1981 Full text (4.5  MB PDF)
GR-81-5 Concrete Performance in Morrow Point Dam, 10-Year Core Report, 1981 Full text (1.4  MB PDF)
GR-81-6 Class-A Microcomputer Control System for Grand Coulee AGC Signals , 1982 Full text (1.5  MB PDF)
GR-81-8 Concrete Performance Crystal Dam, Colorado 1-Year Core Report, 1981 Full text (2.5  MB PDF)
GR-81-9 Hydraulic Model Study of Daule-Peripa Spillway and Outlet Works, 1981 Full text (16  MB PDF)
GR-81-10 Hydraulic Model Studies of Theodore Roosevelt Dam South Spillway, 1981 Full text (6.8  MB PDF)
GR-81-16 High-Voltage DC tests on 525-KV Cables at Grand Coulee, 1983 Full text (589  kB PDF)
GR-82-2 Dynamics of Loads on Power System Using Field Measurements, 1982 Full text (1.2  MB PDF)
GR-82-4 Cement-Modified Canal Lining, 1982 Full text (2.4  MB PDF)
GR-82-5 Hydraulic Model Studies-Yellowtail Afterbay Dam Sluiceway, 1982 Full text (5  MB PDF)
GR-82-6 Evaluation of Concrete Cores, Arrowrock Dam, Idaho, 1982 Full text (4.6  MB PDF)
GR-82-7 Hydraulic Model Study of Ute Dam Labyrinth Spillway, 1982 Full text (3.4  MB PDF)
GR-82-9 Penstock Entrance Research Auburn Dam Entrance, 1982 Full text (5.3  MB PDF)
GR-82-11 Owyhee Dam-1982 Concrete Core Investigation, 1982 Full text (1  MB PDF)
GR-82-12 Hydraulic Model Studies of Modification to Klang Gates Dam Malaysia, 1983 Full text (3.1  MB PDF)
GR-82-13 Hydraulic Model Study of Hyrum Dam Auxiliary Labyrinth Spillway, 1983 Full text (2.7  MB PDF)
GR-82-14 Ramp Flume Model Study - Progress Summary, 1983 Full text (2.3  MB PDF)
GR-82-15 Lake Sherburne Dam Model Study, 1983 Full text (1.9  MB PDF)
GR-83-1 Variable Speed A-C Motor Controller for Canal Hoists, 1983 Full text (2.7  MB PDF)
GR-83-2 Grand Coulee G-19 Insulation Investigation, 1983 Full text (0.5  MB PDF)
GR-83-4 Laboratory Tests of a Hydraulic Pressure Surge Reliever, 1983 Full text (1  MB PDF)
GR-83-5 Evaluation of Concrete Cores, Black Canyon Dam, Idaho, 1991 Full text (2.6  MB PDF)
GR-83-6 Griswold Flow Control Valve - Hydraulic Tests, 1983 Full text (3.7  MB PDF)
GR-83-9 USSR Polymer Concrete-Lab Tests of Binders, 1984 Full text (800  kB PDF)
GR-83-14 Preliminary Evaluation of a Tension Test for Concrete Repairs, 1983 Full text (802  kB PDF)
GR-84-1 Preliminary Evaluation of Test Method for Determine Underwater Abrasion- Erosion, 1985 Full text (5  MB PDF)
GR-84-2 Concrete Repair Materials Program Report, 1985 Full text (2.8  MB PDF)
GR-84-6 Treatment of Expansive Clay Lining, 1984 Full text (1.7  MB PDF)
GR-84-7 Hydraulic Model Studies - Ridgway Dam Outlet Works, 1984 Full text (2.4  MB PDF)
GR-84-9 Residual Shear Strength Determination of Overconsolidated Nespelm Clay, 1984
GR-84-10 New Method of Measuring Power , 1984 Full text (816  kB PDF)
GR-84-11 Fall Cone Method Used to Determine the Liquid Limit of Soil, 1985 Full text (643  kB PDF)
GR-84-14 Use of Harvard Miniature Apparatus for Obtaining Moisture-Unit Weight, 1985 Full text (1.5  MB PDF)
GR-84-15 Adjustment of Auto Compaction Device to Achieve Uniform Rammer Cover, 1985 Full text (849  kB PDF)
GR-84-16 Hydraulic Flume Lab Erosion — Test Equipment, 1984 Full text (3.4  MB PDF)
GR-84-18 Corona Related Insulation Testing and Evaluation of Palisades Generator , 1984 Full text (453  kB PDF)
GR-85-1 Medicine Bow Wts-4 Wind Turbine , 1985 Full text (1.2  MB PDF)
GR-85-2 Probabilistic Method in Geotechnical Engineering - Introduction for Uninitiated, 1985 Full text (775  kB PDF)
GR-85-3 Silica Fume Concrete Studies a Project Report, 1985 Full text (0.4  MB PDF)
GR-85-4 Laboratory Investigations of a Slurry Pipeline for the Yuma Desalting Plant, 1987 Full text (0.8  MB PDF)
GR-85-5 Start Up Characteristics of Pump-Generator Unit at Flatiron Powerplant, 1985 Full text (5.2  MB PDF)
GR-85-6 Desk-Top Computers for Consolidation Testing and Analysis of Soils, 1985 Full text (1.1  MB PDF)
GR-85-7 Analog Computer Simulation of Aswan High Dam Voltage Regulators, 1985 Full text (5.5  MB PDF)
GR-85-8 Review of Negative Pore Pressure: ITS Measurement/Testing of CRL Apparatus, 1985 Full text (1.3  MB PDF)
GR-85-9 Review of Present Practices Used in Predicting Effects , 1985 Full text (852  kB PDF)
GR-85-10 Concrete Preference in Grand Coulee Forebay Dam, Washington - 10-Year, 1985 Full text (6.8  MB PDF)
GR-85-11 Evaluation of USBR Cyclic Simple Shear and Triaxial Apparatus, 1985 Full text (600  kB PDF)
GR-85-12 Properties of Concrete in Glen Canyon Dam - 20-Year Core Report, 1991 Full text (2.5  MB PDF)
GR-86-1 Properties of Concrete in America Falls Replacement Dam-1- and 5-Year Core, 1986 Full text (2.4  MB PDF)
GR-86-2 Analysis of Utilization of Grout and Grout Curtains Hoover Dam, 1986 Full text (4.3  MB PDF)
GR-86-3 Analysis of Utilization of Grout and Grout Curtains Kortes Dam, 1986 Full text (3.6  MB PDF)
GR-86-4 Analysis of Utilization of Grout and Grout Curtains Hungry Horse Dam, 1986 Full text (7  MB PDF)
GR-86-5 Analysis of Utilization of Grout and Grout Curtains Flaming Gorge Dam, 1986 Full text (6.7  MB PDF)
GR-86-6 Analysis of Utilization of Grout and Grout Curtains Morrow Point Dam, 1986 Full text (5.4  MB PDF)
GR-86-7 Analysis of Utilization of Grout and Grout Curtains Heron Dam, 1986 Full text (9  MB PDF)
GR-86-8 Evaluation of Flow Rate of 20' Diameter Permeability Test System, 1986 Full text (622  kB PDF)
GR-86-10 Hydraulic Model Study of the Spillway for Ridgway Dam, Colorado, 1986 Full text (3.9  MB PDF)
GR-86-13 Chemical Grouts for Potential Use in BOR Projects, 1986 Full text (1.8  MB PDF)
GR-86-14 Hydraulic Model Study of the Right Auxiliary Spillway at Stewart Mountain Dam, 1986 Full text (1.4  MB PDF)
GR-86-15 Foundation Treatment Using Pneumatically Applied Concrete, 1991 Full text (1.3  MB PDF)
GR-87-1 Demonstration of Accurate Directional Drilling at Navajo Dam, 1987 Full text (10  MB PDF)
GR-87-2 Drainage From Sloping Land Using Oblique Drains, 1987 Full text (2.8  MB PDF)
GR-87-3 Hydraulic Model Study of Enlarged Spillway for Pactola Dam, 1987 Full text (3.2  MB PDF)
GR-87-5 Geotechnical Branch Computer Program: CON1D, CON1DP, and CONPLOT, 1987 Full text (7.5  MB PDF)
GR-87-6 Hydraulic Model Study of Buffalo Bill Dam and Spillway Rehabilitation, 1987 Full text (9.4  MB PDF)
GR-87-7 Hydraulic Model Study of Brantley Dam Spillway, 1987 Full text (3.4  MB PDF)
GR-87-9 Toppling on Rock Slopes: An Overview, 1987 Full text (2  MB PDF)
GR-87-10 Lime in Canal and Dam Stabilization, 1987 Full text (567  kB PDF)
GR-88-2 Minimum Test Specimen Mass for Gradation Analysis, 1988 Full text (539  kB PDF)
GR-88-3 Bureau Case History of Loess Cut Slopes in Nevada, 1988 Full text (2  MB PDF)
GR-88-4 Effects of Soil Suction on Triaxial Shear Tests of Clay, 1988 Full text (1  MB PDF)
GR-88-5 Evaluation of Vibratory Table Displacement Acceleration Behavior, 1988 Full text (3  MB PDF)
GR-88-6 Modification and Use of a Rainhart Sieve Inspection Device, 1988 Full text (2.5  MB PDF)
GR-88-7 SPT for Liquefaction Resistance, 1989 Full text (1.7  MB PDF)
GR-88-8 Unified Soil Classification System , 1988 Full text (3.3  MB PDF)
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