Reclamation Manual

Directives and Standards

Directives and Standards provide the level of detail necessary to ensure consistent application of Policy Reclamation-wide.  However, Directives and Standards are also structured to provide flexibility to local offices, allowing the unique aspects of each Reclamation project and program to be taken into consideration.  Directives and Standards are signed by the Senior Executive of the program function as delegated by the Commissioner.

CMP Comprehensive ACM Acquisition and Financial Assistance
ENV Environmental Management ADM Administrative Management
FAC Project Planning and Facility Operations, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation BGT Budget Management
LND Land Management and Development CRM Civil Rights Management
LON Loans, Grants, Rehabilitation and Betterment, and Distribution ETH Ethics
NIA Native American and International Affairs FIN Financial Management
PEC Program Economics, Revenues, and Contracts HRM Human Resources Management
RES Research, Testing, and Technical IRM Information Resources Management
SLE Security and Law Enforcement PRM Property Management
WTR Water Management and Development RCD Records Management
    SAF Safety Management


Program Series




CMP 01-01 Floodplain Management 11/09/2018 (minor rev)
CMP 01-02 Superseded by CMP 02-01  
CMP 02-01 Deleted 02/19/1999 - see RCD 03-03  
CMP 03-01 Bureau of Reclamation Web Management 10/07/2016 (minor rev)
CMP 04-01

Public Involvement in Bureau of Reclamation Activities

Appendix A - Related Laws, Regulations, Executive Orders, and Policies

10/07/2016 (minor rev)
CMP 05-01 Deleted 11/07/2016
CMP 05-02 Superseded by CMP 09-02  
CMP 05-03 Superseded by CMP 09-05  
CMP 05-04 Superseded by CMP 09-05  
CMP 05-05 Superseded by CMP 09-05  
CMP 06-01 Reclamation Value Program 03/01/2021 (minor rev)
CMP 07-01 Project Management 10/29/2020 (minor revision)
CMP 09-01 Water and Related Resources Appraisal and Special Studies

Appendix A – Appraisal Report Template

CMP 09-02

Water and Related Resources Feasibility Studies

Appendix A - Approval Process for Feasibility Reports

12/12/2019 (minor rev)
CMP 09-03

Deleted 03/19/2019

CMP 09-04 Planning for Major Rehabilitation and Replacement of Existing Assets 10/23/2020 (minor revision)
CMP 09-05 General Planning Activities 01/15/2021
CMP 10-01

Advance Planning for Technical Services Work

Appendix A - Advance Planning for Engineering and Other Technical Services (E&OTS) Template

CMP 10-02

Fee-for-Service Business Practices for Technical Services Work

Appendix A - Statement of Work Template

Appendix B - List of Service Agreement Data Elements

CMP 10-03

Workload Distribution Practices for Technical Services Work

Appendix A - Workload Distribution Flowchart

Appendix B - Appeal Path

CMP 10-04 Collaboration with Customers Regarding Technical Services Required for Work on Existing Bureau of Reclamation Facilities 11/17/2020 (minor revision)
CMP 10-05 Substantial Changes on Transferred Works, Bureau of Reclamation Facilities 03/06/2020
CMP 11-01 Title Transfer for Reclamation Project Facilities

Appendix A - Title Transfer Information Sheet

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ENV 01-01 Integrated Pest Management and Invasive Species Program

Appendix A - Pesticide Use Proposal

ENV 01-02 Public Notification of Aerial Pesticide Applications on Lands Managed Directly by Reclamation 05/11/2020
ENV 02-02 Evaluation of Treatment Storage, and Disposal Facilities for Reclamation Hazardous Waste 09/06/1996
ENV 02-03 Pollution Prevention - Hazardous and Solid Waste Minimization 09/06/1996
ENV 02-04 Superseded by LND 12-01  
ENV 02-05 Liability and Risk Reduction 09/06/1996
ENV 02-06 Required Training and Medical Surveillance for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response 09/06/1996
ENV 02-07

Management of Shooting Ranges on Reclamation Lands

Appendix A - Lead on Outdoor Firing Ranges

ENV 02-08

Superseded by ENV 15-03

ENV 03-01 Deleted 01/10/2003 - see ENV P04  
ENV 05-01

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Implementation

05/06/2016 (minor rev)
ENV 05-02

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Independent Conformance Audit and Declaration of Conformance Process

Appendix A - Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Conformance Audit Criteria Checklist
Excel Template

Appendix B - Environmental Management System (EMS) Audit Plan Template

Appendix C - Environmental Management System (EMS) Audit Required Document and Records Review

Appendix D - Environmental Management System (EMS) Communication Plan

Appendix E - Sample Environmental Management System (EMS) Audit Opening and Closing Meeting Agendas

Appendix F - Environmental Management System (EMS) Audit Report Template

05/06/2016 (minor rev)
ENV 06-01 Non-Agricultural Discharges into Bureau of Reclamation Facilities – Requirements and Procedures for Obtaining Authorization from Reclamation

Appendix A - D&S ENV 06-01 Applicability Flowchart

12/08/2020 (minor rev)
ENV 15-03 Environmental Compliance Audit Program















Appendix O - Class V Well Underground Injection Control (UIC)

Appendix P - Environmental and Disposal Liability (EDL)

06/26/2017 (minor rev)
ENV 15-04 Underground Injection Control Program 6/8/2020
ENV 15-05 Underground Storage Tank System Management 6/23/2020
FAC 01-01

Emergency Management Program for Water Impoundment Structures

Appendix A - Emergency Action Plan Content Requirements

Appendix B – Incident Management Capability Requirements

Appendix C – Emergency Management Training Requirements

Appendix D - Inundation Mapping Requirements

FAC 01-02 Deleted 05/01/2018
FAC 01-03 Hazardous Materials 04/11/1996
FAC 01-04 Review of Operation and Maintenance Program Examination of Associated Facilities (Facilities Other Than High- and Significant-Hazard Potential Dams)


FAC 01-05

Completion of a Construction Activity: Transferring Reclamation Capital Assets Under Construction (AUC) to Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Status

Appendix A - Construction Activity Completion Documentation

09/04/2020 (minor revision)
FAC 01-06 Annual Reporting for Dam Safety, Security, and Related Operations 04/08/2019 (minor rev)
FAC 01-07 Review/Examination Program for High and Significant Hazard Dams 08/24/2020 (minor revision)
FAC 01-08 Dam Safety Performance Monitoring for High and Significant Hazard Dams 03/01/2019 (minor rev)
FAC 01-09

Reporting Deferred Maintenance and Repairs (DM) of the Bureau of Reclamation’s Reserved Works Assets

Appendix A - Deferred Maintenance and Repairs (DM) Reporting Spreadsheet

FAC 01-12 Canal Hazard Program 02/24/2021 (minor rev)
FAC 01-13 Determination to Suspend an Authorized Construction Activity 5/31/2020
FAC 02-01 Superseded by FAC TRMR-66  
FAC 03-01 Maintenance of Design and Construction Technical Capabilities 06/15/2015
FAC 03-02 Construction Activities 06/15/2015
FAC 03-03

Design Activities

Appendix A - Suggested Final Design Project Checklist

Appendix B - Project Closeout Checklist (to be completed by Project Manager)

Appendix C - Process for Requesting Deviation from Reclamation Design Criteria

FAC 04-01 Power Review of Operation and Maintenance (PRO&M) Program 01/16/2020 (minor rev)
FAC 04-02 Power Recommendation Tracking 06/12/2017 (minor rev)
FAC 04-03 Superseded by FAC TRMR-21 and then FAC 13-01  
FAC 04-04 Deleted 03/29/2017
FAC 04-05 Power Statistics 08/27/2004
FAC 04-06 Project Use Power

Appendix A - Project Use Power - Criteria to Consider When Considering A Deviation

FAC 04-07

Power Repayment

Appendix A - Agency Roles and Responsibilities

FAC 04-08

Lease of Power Privilege (LOPP) Processes, Responsibilities, Timelines, and Charges

Appendix A - Memorandum of Understanding

Appendix B - Lease of Power Privilege Study Considerations


Appendix D - Standard Lease of Power Privilege Rate Methodology

FAC 04-09

Project Use Power Contracts Development and Modification

Appendix A - Contracts for Project Use Power

FAC 04-11 Operational Configuration Management 11/22/2019
FAC 04-12 Unit Availability 09/22/2015 (minor rev)
FAC 04-13

Reporting Procedures for Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6)

Appendix A - Equipment Inventory Sheet

Appendix B - SF6 Emissions Reporting Protocol and Form

FAC 04-14 Power Facilities Technical Documents 10/23/2019 (minor rev)
FAC 04-15 Power Review of Operations and Maintenance (PRO&M) of Transferred Works 09/29/2015
FAC 04-16 Superseded by LND 08-01  
FAC 05-01 Superseded by SLE 08-02  
FAC 06-01 Bureau of Reclamation Dam Safety Program 11/08/2016 (minor rev)
FAC 06-02 Superseded by CMP 11-01
FAC 06-03 Safety of Dams Modification Reports for Submission to the Congress 10/18/2019 (minor rev)
FAC 06-04 Submittal of Safety of Dams Modification Projects with Field Cost of Less than $20,000,000 01/02/2018
FAC 07-01 Transportation Program 04/13/2020
FAC 08-01 Landslide Surveillance Program 05/07/2021 (minor rev)
FAC 09-01

Cost Estimating

Appendix A - General Overview Flowchart

09/12/2019 (minor rev)
FAC 09-02 Construction Cost Estimates and Project Cost Estimates 09/12/2019 (minor rev)
FAC 09-03 Representation and Referencing of Cost Estimates in Bureau of Reclamation Documents Used for Planning, Design and Construction 10/15/2007
FAC 10-01 Identifying Design, Cost Estimating, and Construction Projects for Which Independent Oversight Review is Required, and Performing Those Reviews 07/30/2014 (minor rev)
FAC 13-01 North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Electric Reliability Standard Compliance 03/29/2021 (minor rev)
LND 01-01 Implementing Cost Sharing Authorities for Recreation and Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Facilities

Appendix A - Contract Clause

06/22/2021 (minor rev)
LND 01-02

Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (REA) Program Management

Appendix A - The America the Beautiful – The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass Program Standard Operating Procedures

Appendix B - Statement of Permanent Disability

Appendix C - Volunteer Pass Memorandum

11/03/2020 (minor revision)
LND 01-03

Recreation Program Management

Appendix A - Index

Appendix B - Definitions

Appendix C - Contract Clause

01/29/2021 (minor rev)
LND 02-01

Cultural Resources Management (CRM)

Appendix A - List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

Appendix B - Definitions and Terminology

09/27/2018 (minor rev)
LND 02-02

Museum Property Management

Appendix A - List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

LND 02-03 Implementation of Historic Preservation Responsibilities for Operation, Maintenance and Replacement of Project Works 5/29/2020
LND 02-04 Administration of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA) on Bureau of Reclamation Land 12/17/2014 (minor rev)
LND 02-05 Museum Records 06/16/2021 (minor rev)
LND 03-01

Land Withdrawal, Withdrawal Management, and Withdrawal Revocation

Appendix A - Interagency Agreement Between the Bureau of Reclamation and the Bureau of Land Management

Appendix B - Master Interagency Agreement Between the Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of the Interior, and the Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

01/27/2021 (minor rev)
LND 04-01 Concessions Management by the Bureau of Reclamation

Appendix A - Contract Clause

Appendix B – Evaluation of Proposals – Review Panel Instructions

10/13/2020 (major revision)
LND 04-02 Concessions Management by Non-Federal Partners

Appendix A - Contract Clause

10/13/2020 (major revision)
LND 05-01

Real Property Appraisal

01/28/2021 (minor rev)
LND 06-01

Land Acquisition

Appendix A - Relevant Authorities

01/27/2021 (minor rev)
LND 07-01 Deleted 02/17/2012  
LND 08-01

Use Authorizations

Appendix A – Use Authorizations Definitions

Appendix B – Use Authorizations Terms and Conditions

Appendix C – Use Authorizations Related References

LND 08-02 Land Disposal 01/03/2002
LND 08-03 Identification of Unneeded Land 01/27/2021 (minor rev)
LND 08-04 Private Exclusive Recreational or Residential Use 8/28/2020
LND 09-01

Land Records

LND 09-02 Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) 08/02/2010 (minor rev)
LND 10-01 Deleted 02/17/2012  
LND 11-01 Disposal of Bridges and Crossings on Bureau of Reclamation Land and Easements 01/13/2014 (minor rev)
LND 12-01 Identification and Reporting of Potential Hazardous Substances on Reclamation Acquired or Withdrawn Lands (Reclamation lands) 02/23/2015 (minor rev)
LND 13-01 Visitor Centers 6/25/2020 (min rev)
LND 14-01

Wildland Fire Management (WFM)

07/28/2020 (minor revision)
NIA 01-01 Reclamation's International Affairs Program 08/18/2020 (minor revision)
NIA 10-01 Requirements for Execution and Administration of Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (Pub. L. 93-638, as amended) Contracts and Annual Funding Agreements (AFAs) 01/26/2021
PEC 01-01 Deleted 01/24/2017
PEC 01-02 Project Cost Allocations 08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 02-01 Superseded by PEC 01-02
PEC 02-02 Reclamation Reform Act of 1982 (RRA) Reference Manual 05/08/2014 (minor rev)
PEC 03-01 Crediting Requirements for Incidental Revenues 12/10/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 03-02

Use of the Collection Information Form for Incidental Revenues

Appendix A - Instructions for Completing the Collection Information Form (CIF)

Appendix B - Collection Information Form

Appendix C - Commitment Item Table

12/10/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 04-01

Superseded by PEC 05-07

PEC 05-01

Water Rates and Pricing

Appendix A - Application of M&I Rate Requirements

08/05/2021 (minor rev)
PEC 05-02

Contracts for the Transfer of Operation, Maintenance, and Replacement Responsibilities for Federal Facilities

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 05-03 Extended Repayment of Extraordinary Maintenance Costs 12/17/2018 (minor rev)
PEC 05-04 Requirement of a Water Measurement Article in Water-Related Contracts 6/4/2020 (min rev)
PEC 05-05

Safety of Dams Repayment and Cost Allocation

Appendix A - Example of Calculation of SOD Interest During Construction (IDC) and Weighted Average Interest Rate for Repayment Purposes

10/11/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 05-06 Sustainable Operation and Maintenance Requirements for Certain Water-Related Contracts 09/04/2020 (minor revision)
PEC 05-07 Deferment Contracts 09/08/2021 (minor rev)
PEC 05-08 Contract Compliance Reviews

Appendix A - Contract Compliance Review (CCR) Standard Checklist
Contract Compliance Review Checklist

Appendix B - Summary Checklist and Findings Section
Contract Compliance Review Summary

Appendix C - Contract Compliance Review (CCR) Standard Checklist Attachment: Guidance on Application of Reclamation 2013 Water Use Definitions
Contract Compliance Review Attachment

10/11/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 05-09 Reuse of Bureau of Reclamation Project Water 09/09/2020 (minor revision)
PEC 05-10 Contracting for Non-Project Use of Excess Capacity in Reclamation Project Facilities 01/13/2021
PEC 05-11 Charges for Non-Project Use of Excess Capacity in Reclamation Project Facilities 01/13/2021
PEC 06-01 Preparing Bases of Negotiation for New and Amendatory Water Service, Repayment, and Other Water-Related Contracts 06/09/2020 (minor rev)
PEC 07-01 Advance Collection of Reimbursable Costs for Water-Related Contracting Activities 11/07/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 09-01

Conversions of Project Water from Irrigation Use to Municipal and Industrial Use

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-01

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 1: Contracts with Third Parties

Word Template - Standard Article 1

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-02

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 2: Failure to Complete Work

Word Template - Standard Article 2

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-03

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 3: Charges for Delinquent Payments

Word Template - Standard Article 3

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-04

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 4: General Obligation - Benefits Conditioned Upon Payment

Word Template - Standard Article 4

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-05

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 5: Operation and Maintenance of Transferred Works (Federal Construction)

Word Template - Standard Article 5

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-06

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 6: Operation and Maintenance of Project Works (Federally Assisted Construction)

Word Template - Standard Article 6

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-07

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 7: Examination, Inspection, and Audit of Project Works, Records, and Reports for Determining Adequacy of Operation and Maintenance

Word Template - Standard Article 7

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-08

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 8: Emergency Reserve Fund (Annual Deposit)

Word Template - Standard Article 8

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-09

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 9: Emergency Reserve Fund (One-Time Deposit)

Word Template - Standard Article 9

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-10

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 10: Confirmation of Contract

Word Template - Standard Article 10

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-11

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 11: Notices

Word Template - Standard Article 11

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-12

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 12: Contingent on Appropriation or Allotment of Funds

Word Template - Standard Article 12

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-13

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 13: Officials Not to Benefit

Word Template - Standard Article 13

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-14

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 14: Changes in Contractor’s Organization

Word Template - Standard Article 14

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-15

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 15: Assignment Limited - Successors and Assigns Obligated

Word Template - Standard Article 15

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-16

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 16: Books, Records, and Reports

Word Template - Standard Article 16

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-17

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 17: Compliance with Federal Reclamation Laws/Small Reclamation Project Laws

Word Template - Standard Article 17

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-18

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 18: Administration of Federal Project Lands

Word Template - Standard Article 18

6/30/2020 (min rev)
PEC 10-19

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 19: Protection of Water and Air Quality

Word Template - Standard Article 19

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-20

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 20: Contamination or Pollution of Federal Property

Word Template - Standard Article 20

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-21

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 21: Clean Air and Water

Word Template - Standard Article 21

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-22

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 22: Water Conservation

Word Template - Standard Article 22

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-23

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 23: Equal Employment Opportunity (Federal Construction)

Word Template - Standard Article 23

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-24

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 24: Equal Employment Opportunity (Federally Assisted Construction)

Word Template - Standard Article 24

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-25

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 25: Compliance with Civil Rights Laws and Regulations

Word Template - Standard Article 25

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-26

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 26: Certification of Nonsegregated Facilities

Word Template - Standard Article 26

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-27

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 27: Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition

Word Template - Standard Article 27

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-28

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 28: Privacy Act Compliance

Word Template - Standard Article 28

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-29

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 29: Pest Management

Word Template - Standard Article 29

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-30

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article30: Medium for Transmitting Payments

Word Template - Standard Article 30

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-31

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 31: Contract Drafting Considerations

Word Template - Standard Article 31

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 10-32

Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles, Standard Article 32: Constraints on the Availability of Water

Word Template - Standard Article 32

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
PEC 11-01 Irrigation Ability-to-Pay Analyses 08/25/2021 (minor rev)
PEC 12-01 Irrigation Suitability Land Classification for New Projects or Operating Projects 02/03/2016 (minor rev)
RES 01-01 Technology Transfer Agreements 03/24/2021 (minor rev)
RES 02-01 Science and Technology Program Research, Development, and Demonstration Projects 03/27/2020 (minor rev)
RES 03-01 Desalination and Water Purification Research Cooperative Agreements Process 06/10/2019
NAMP National Aviation Management Plan (NAMP) 08/17/2020
SLE 01-01

Personnel Security and Suitability

Appendix A - Minimum Position Risk/Sensitivity Designations for Key Reclamation Positions or Assignments with Equivalent Duties Performed by Contractor Staff

Appendix B - Forms

02/05/2019 (minor rev)

SLE 02-01

Identifying and Safeguarding Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

Appendix A - Examples of Reclamation-Specific Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

Appendix B - Cover Sheet

Appendix C - Sample Marking
Template (Internal Access Only)

Appendix D - Federal Non-Disclosure Agreement - Fillable Form

12/29/2017 (minor rev)
SLE 03-01

Deleted 07/11/2013

SLE 03-02 Facility Security 09/03/2020
SLE 04-01

Bureau of Reclamation Uniform Program for Public Service (PS) Uniforms

Appendix A - Security Response Force (SRF) Uniform

Appendix B - Unarmed Security Guard Uniform

Appendix C - Grand Coulee Firefighter and Fire Inspector Uniform

Appendix D - Park Ranger Uniform

12/02/2019 (minor rev)
SLE 04-02 Security Guards and Security Patrols 12/05/2019
SLE 04-03

Protection Services

Appendix A – Fitness to Serve

Appendix B – Security Response Force Annual Training Requirements

08/23/2021 (minor rev)
SLE 04-04 Use of Force 12/03/2019 (minor rev)
SLE 05-01 Reimbursability of Security Costs

Appendix A - Sevice Lives for Security Equipment

10/14/2015 (minor rev)
SLE 06-02

Deleted 07/03/2019

SLE 06-03

Deleted 02/12/2019

SLE 06-08

Deleted 07/03/2019

SLE 06-09 Superseded by SLE 04-04  
SLE 07-01

Superseded by SLE 08-03

SLE 08-02 Continuity of Operations (COOP)

Appendix A - Defintions

SLE 08-03 Serious Incident Reporting and Duty Officer Program

Appendix A - Incident Reporting Criteria

Appendix B - Serious Incident Reporting Process Flowchart

03/20/2020 (minor rev)
WTR 01-01 Administering Water Conservation Plans Pursuant to Statutory and Contractual Requirements 01/17/2003
WTR 01-02

 Water Conservation Field Services Program

WTR 02-01 Superseded by PEC 07-01  
WTR 03-01 Superseded by WTR P05  
WTR 04-01 Superseded (in part) by PEC 05-10 and PEC 05-11
WTR 06-01 Superseded by PEC 12-01
WTR 08-01 Superseded by PEC 05-08
WTR 10-01

Drought Response Program

Appendix A - Request for a Time Extension Form

Appendix B - Request for a Change in the Project Scope Form

Appendix C - Request for Emergency Drought Assistance Checklist

WTR 11-01

Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse Program and Desalination Construction Program Feasibility Study Review Process

Appendix A - Title XVI Feasibility Study Report Review Process

10/18/2019 (minor rev)
WTR 11-02 Title XVI Financial Capability Determination Process

Appendix A - Financial Capability Decision Tree

08/04/2019 (minor rev)
WTR 12-01

WaterSMART Grants

Appendix A - Semi-Annual Project Performance Report Template

Appendix B - Semi-Annual Project Performance Report Template

Appendix C - Suggested Final Report Format

Appendix D - Request For A Time Extension Template

Appendix E - Request For A Change In The Project Scope Template

WTR 13-01

Basin Studies

Appendix A - Basin Study Proposal Selection Criteria

Appendix B - Basin Study Checklist

02/14/2019 (minor rev)
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Administrative Series

ACM 01-01

Requirements for Award and Administration of Financial Assistance Agreements (Grants and Cooperative Agreements)

12/28/2015 (minor rev)
ACM 01-02 Merit Based Selection for Financial Assistance 07/24/2018
ADM 01-01 Committee Management - Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) 10/15/1999
ADM 01-02 Federal Register Documents 10/26/2019 (minor rev)
ADM 01-03 Information Collection Management Program 04/23/2021
ADM 02-01 Publication Printing, Publication Distribution and Reprographics Management

ADM 02-02 Superseded by ADM 02-01
ADM 02-03 Superseded by ADM 02-01
ADM 02-04 Superseded by ADM 02-01
ADM 02-05 Application of Visual Identity in Corporate Materials 10/07/2016 (minor rev)
ADM 03-01 News Releases and Media Relations 01/17/2017 (minor rev)
ADM 03-02 Paid Advertising 10/07/2016 (minor rev)
ADM 03-03 Positions in Professional Public Affairs Positions and Other Related Positions 09/04/2018 (minor rev)
ADM 04-01

Approval, Reporting and Related Activities for Conferences

Appendix A - Conference Reporting Matrix

Appendix B - Template of Reclamation-Hosted Conference Memorandum Requesting Department Approval
Word Template

Appendix C - Department of the Interior Multiple City Cost Analysis Worksheet
Word Template

Appendix D - Department of the Interior Checklist for Evaluation of Proposed Conference
Word Template

Appendix E - Bureau of Reclamation Conference Attendee Estimated Cost Worksheet
Excel Template

Appendix F - Bureau of Reclamation Report of Actual Conference Costs
Excel Template

Appendix G - Template of Externally-Hosted Conference Memorandum Requesting Department Approval
Word Template

Appendix H - Annual Plan of Co-sponsored Conferences for Fiscal Year XXXX
Excel Template

Appendix I - Template of Co-sponsorship Memorandum Requesting Deputy Secretary Approval
Word Template

Appendix J - Annual Plan of Reclamation-Hosted Conferences for Fiscal Year XXXX
Excel Template

Appendix K - Month by Month Annual Plan of External Conferences for use by ECC to Compile Final “Annual Plan of Externally-Hosted Conferences for Fiscal Year XXXX” (Appendix Q)
Excel Template

Appendix L - Template for Reviewer Notes
Word Template

Appendix M - Externally-Hosted Conference Package Checklist
Word Template

Appendix N - Reclamation-Hosted Conference Package Checklist
Word Template

Appendix O - Reporting Actual Conference Costs Checklist
Word Template

Appendix P - Conference Package Development and Routing List

Appendix Q - Annual Plan of Externally-Hosted Conferences for Fiscal Year XXXX
Excel Template

Appendix R - Template of Streamlined Process Memorandum Requesting Department Approval
Word Template

Appendix S - Streamlined Conference Package Checklist
Word Template

Appendix T - Conference Approval and Reporting Flow Diagram

ADM 05-01 Audiovisual, Multimedia, Still Photography, and Related Equipment 10/07/2016 (minor rev)
ADM 05-02 Exhibit/Displays and Poster Session Displays 10/07/2016 (minor rev)
ADM 05-03 Incorporation of Visual Identity (VI) into Outdoor Public Use Area Signage 10/07/2016 (minor rev)
ADM 05-04 Incorporation of Visual Identity into Building Signage 10/07/2016 (minor rev)
ADM 05-05 Incorporation of Visual Identity (VI) into Identity Markings for Vehicles 10/07/2016 (minor rev)
ADM 05-06 Superseded by PRM 03-01 and SLE 04-01  
ADM 06-01

Non-Monetary Awards and Promotional Items

Appendix A - Sample Templates for Tracking Non-Monetary Awards

08/07/2020 (minor revision)
ADM 06-02

Deleted 02/05/2021

ADM 06-03 Deleted 03/29/2016
ADM 07-01

Programmatic Internal Control Program Management

Appendix A - Memorandum: Realignment of the Internal Control Program, dated March 19, 2014

Appendix B - List of Acronyms

Appendix C - Internal Control Cycle

Appendix D - Programmatic Internal Control Program Process Flowchart

Appendix E - Findings Flowchart/Matrix

Appendix F - Programmatic Internal Control Program Oversight Structure

Appendix G - AICS Documentation

BGT 01-01 Budget Process 09/22/1995
BGT 01-02 General Instructions for Use of Estimates in the Budget Process 09/22/1995
BGT 01-03 Instructions on Budgeting for General Investigations 09/22/1995
BGT 01-04 Instructions on Budgeting for Construction - Estimates, Schedules, and Supporting Documents 09/22/1995
BGT 01-05 Instructions on Budgeting for Operation and Maintenance - Estimates, Schedules, and Supporting Documents 09/22/1995
BGT 01-06 Deleted 07/22/2019  
BGT 01-07 Budget and Performance Integration and Performance Improvement (BPI/PI) 06/12/2020 (minor rev)
BGT 02-01 Administrative Control of Funds System for the Prevention of Antideficiency Act (ADA) Violations

Appendix A – Definitions

Appendix B – Apportionment Status of Accounts

Appendix C – Reprogramming Requirements

Appendix D – Antideficiency Act (ADA) Information

Appendix E – Related References

BGT 03-01 Superseded by BGT 02-01
BGT 04-01 Deleted 02/08/2017
BGT 04-02 Bureau of Reclamation-wide Program Funding Criteria 09/25/2018 (minor rev)
BGT 04-03 Deleted 08/03/2017
BGT 04-04 Deleted 02/08/2017
BGT 04-05 Deleted 11/07/2019  
BGT 04-06 Deleted 02/08/2017
BGT 04-07 Deleted 02/08/2017
BGT 05-01

Updating Construction Appropriation Authorization Estimates

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

Figure 8

BGT 09-01

Department Assessments

Appendix A1- Immediate Office of the Secretary and National Business Center Centralized Billing

Appendix A2 - Immediate Office of the Secretary Direct Billing

Appendix B - Budget Object Classification Codes for the Department of Interior (DOI) and Nation Business Center (NBC) Assessments

Appendix C - Departmental Assessment Flow Chart

Appendix D - Glossary

Appendix E - Prevalidation Form

CRM 01-01
Public Civil Rights Complaints

Appendix A - Public Civil Rights Authorities

Appendix B - Notice of Non-discrimination Poster

Appendix C - Contact Sheet

Appendix D - Consent and Privacy Act Release Form

Appendix E - Complaint Form

CRM 02-02

Title VII Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Pre-complaint Processing Evaluations

11/19/2015 (minor rev)


CRM 03-01

Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Federally Conducted Programs, Activities, and Services (Accessibility Program)

Appendix A - Legislation, Regulation and Policy

Appendix B - Resources

Appendix C - Accessibility Symbols

Appendix D - Nondiscrimination Poster



ETH 05-01 Deleted 03/06/2020  
FIN 01-01 Superseded by FIN 01-02
FIN 01-02

Development and Maintenance Process for Finance and Accounting Reclamation Manual (RM) Releases and Discretionary Guidance

Appendix A - Numbering Scheme of Directives and Standards

Appendix B - Requesting Financial Policy Guidance Memorandum

FIN 02-10

Appropriations - Treasury Symbols and Corresponding Funds

Appendix A - Treasury Symbol, Fund, Fund Type, and Federal Financial System (FFS) Crosswalk
Appendix A - Excel file

Appendix B - Federal Financial System (FFS) Funds and Associated Treasury Symbols not converted to Financial and Business Management System (FBMS)

Appendix C - Department of Energy Memorandum, September 30, 2014

04/01/2019 (minor rev)
FIN 02-10B Deleted 08/30/2010  
FIN 02-20A Deleted 06/09/2011  
FIN 03-01 Superseded by FIN 07-10
FIN 03-20B Deleted 9/8/2015
FIN 04-20

Master Data and General Ledger (GL) Chart of Accounts

Appendix A.– U.S. Standard General Ledger (USSGL) Basic Six Digit Chart of Accounts

Appendix B – Detailed General Ledger (GL) Chart of Accounts

Appendix C –General Ledger (GL) Account Definitions

Appendix D – Financial Business Management System (FBMS) Project Types

Appendix E – General Ledger (GL) Closing Accounts

Appendix F – Commitment Items (CI) - Budget Object Codes (BOC)

Appendix G – Commitment Items (CI) - Revenue Source Codes (RSC)

FIN 05-01 Deleted 05/26/2017
FIN 05-20-30 Deleted 11/20/2017
FIN 06-02

Statement of Project Construction Cost and Repayment (SPCCR)

Appendix A – Commissioner’s Memorandum – Managing for Excellence – Implementation of Team 25 Recommendations

Appendix B – SPCCR Table of Contents

Appendix C – Cost Format and Content Requirements

Appendix D – Repayment Format and Content Requirements

Appendix E – Graphing Format and Content Requirements

Appendix F – Glossary

Appendix G – Reclamation Instructions, Series 480, Part 496 – Statement of Project Construction and Repayment for Reference Purposes

Appendix H – FAST GL Crosswalk to FFS U.S. SGL Accounts

Appendix I – 1988-1997 FFS SGL Account Changes Crosswalk

Appendix J – SPCCR SGL Account Crosswalks between FAST GL Accounts and FFS U.S. SGL Accounts

Appendix K – Crosswalk between FFS SGL Accounts and FBMS SGL and GL Accounts

07/23/2018 (minor rev)
FIN 06-20A Deleted 06/09/2011  
FIN 06-30

Un-matured Receivables for Construction Repayment Contracts

Appendix A - Entries for Construction Repayment Contracts

11/28/2018 (minor rev)
FIN 06-30A Superseded by FIN 06-30
FIN 06-30B Superseded by FIN 06-31
FIN 06-30C Superseded by FIN 06-32
FIN 06-31 Interest Rates for Interest During Construction (IDC) and Interest on Investment (IOI)

Appendix A - Secretarial Order 2929, Standard Repayment Interest Rate Formula for New Federal Power Projects and System Transmission Facilities

Appendix B - Department of Energy Memorandum dated September 1, 1983

Appendix C - Interest Rates for Fiscal Year 2021 Memorandum

03/12/2021 (minor rev)
FIN 06-32

Interest on Investment (IOI)

Appendix A - Procedures for Computing IOI for Investments Repaid from Revenue

04/13/2020 (minor rev)
FIN 07-10

Deposit of Cash Receipts and Administrative Review of Collection Activities

Appendix A - Daily Abstract of Remittances

Appendix B - Collection Information Repository (CIR)

Appendix C - Semi-Annual Internal Review of Collection Activities

FIN 07-20

General Property, Plant, and Equipment (G-PP&E)

Appendix A - Capitalization Flowchart

Appendix B - Bureau of Reclamation Capitalization Threshold Memorandum

01/27/2020 (minor rev)
FIN 07-20B-9 Deleted 08/30/2010  
FIN 07-20-10 Superseded by FIN 07-21
FIN 07-20-20 Superseded by FIN 07-23
FIN 07-21

Interest During Construction (IDC)

Appendix A - Interest During Construction (IDC) Computation Spreadsheet Instructions

Excel Template

Appendix B - Planning Instruction Memorandums

Appendix C - Memorandum of Understanding Between U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

Appendix D - Capitalization of Imputed Costs for Interest During Construction

03/26/2020 (minor rev)
FIN 07-22


Appendix A - Glossary

05/11/2020 (minor rev)
FIN 07-23 Depreciation and Amortization 08/08/2019
FIN 07-24

Assets Under Construction (AUC)

Appendix A - Capitalization Flowchart

Appendix B - Construction/Plant Accounts and Account Components

Appendix C - Assets Under Construction Form

Fillable Form

FIN 07-26

Construction in Abeyance (CIA)

Appendix A - Transfer Transactions

Appendix B - CIA and G-PP&E Analysis Form

FIN 07-27 Accounting for the Partial Impairment of General Property, Plant, and Equipment (GPP&E) 06/19/2018
FIN 07-30

Deleted 03/08/2016 - see FIN 07-24

FIN 07-32

Computer Software Costs

Appendix A - Software in Development Analysis Form

Appendix B - Transfer to Internal Use Software

FIN 08-02 Superseded by FIN 08-20  
FIN 08-20

Minimum Bill Amount and Delinquent Accounts Receivable

Appendix A – Templates of Notice of Intent to Offset Letters

Appendix B – Payment Plan Agreement, Reclamation Form 7-2686

Appendix C – Request to Refer Debt to Fiscal Service for Collection/Offset, Reclamation Form 7-2685

Appendix D – Certification - Debt Collection, Reclamation Form 7-2683

Appendix E - Request for Write Off or Close Out of Bill for Collection, Reclamation Form 7-2684

FIN 08-30 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts Receivable and Loans Receivable 01/09/2018
FIN 10-01 Miscellaneous Obligations (MO) 10/01/2019
FIN 13-01

Deleted on 05/13/2020

FIN 15-10

Working Capital Fund (WCF) Roles and Responsibilities, and Major Management Elements

Appendix A - Working Capital Fund Authorizing Legislation

Appendix B - Glossary of Terms and Reference Documents

Appendix C - Working Capital Fund (WCF) Functional Areas

Appendix D - Working Capital Fund (WCF), Fund Balance with Treasury (FBWT) Transfers

Appendix E - Working Capital Fund (WCF) Increases to Budget

Appendix F – Working Capital Fund (WCF) 6 Year Plan Template

Excel Template

Appendix G – Working Capital Fund (WCF) Business Decision Document (BDD) Template

Excel Template

HRM 01-01 Bureau of Reclamation Learning and Employee Development Program 03/29/2019 (minor rev)
HRM 02-01

Qualification Requirements (Medical)

Appendix A - Positions with OPM Established Medical Standards

Appendix B - Example of Job Analysis to Support Physical Requirements

Appendix C - Arduous Positions (Pre-Employment Physical Exams Required)

Appendix D - Example Form

Appendix E - Routine Uses Allowed For Employee Medical File System Records

HRM 02-02

Workers’ Compensation (WC) Program

Appendix A - Certifications of Discrepancy Resolution and Accurate Chargeback Report

HRM 03-01

Deleted 03/04/2021

HRM 04-01

New Employee Orientation Program

Appendix A - Employee Survival Kit

Appendix B - Orientation Checklist (Human Resources and Supervisor)

Appendix C - Orientation Checklist (Sponsor)

Appendix D - Orientation Checklist (30-Day Evaluation)

Appendix E - Orientation Checklist (6-Month Evaluation)

Appendix F - New Employee Orientation Training Agenda (sample)

HRM 04-02

Obtaining Private Sector Temporary Help Services

Appendix A - Determination of Workload Requirements for Temporary Services

Appendix B - Contracting Officer's Representative (without warrant) Memorandum

12/28/2020 (minor rev)
HRM 04-03 Clearance Process for Positions Graded GS-14 and Higher 05/13/2016 (minor rev)
HRM 04-04 Pre-Recruitment Consultation 12/28/2020 (minor rev)
HRM 04-05 Hiring Process-Delegated Examining 06/11/2014 (minor rev)
HRM 04-06

Flexibilities Related to Creditable Service for Leave Accrual and Recruitment, Relocation, and Retention Incentives

Appendix A - Creditable Service for Annual Leave Accrual and Incentives Request Checklist

Appendix B - Service Agreements And Statement Of Understanding

03/13/2018 (minor rev)
HRM 04-07

Student Loan Repayment Benefit (SLRB) Program

Appendix A - Student Loan Repayment Benefit Request Checklist

Appendix B - Student Loan Repayment Benefit Service Agreement Template

07/06/2021 (minor rev)
HRM 04-08 Hiring Process-Merit Promotion 09/27/2013
HRM 04-11 Priority Placement Plan (PPP) 09/08/2021
HRM 04-12

Employee Wellness/Fitness Reimbursement Program

Appendix A - Report of Taxable Fringe Benefits, Form No. 7-2661

03/12/2021 (minor rev)
HRM 05-01 Professional Registration for Engineers, Land Surveyors, Landscape Architects, and Architects 03/26/2020 (minor rev)
HRM 05-02 Payment for State Licenses, Certification Fees, and Professional Credentials and Examinations 04/02/2020 (minor rev)
HRM 06-01

Reasonable Accommodation for Persons with Disabilities

Appendix A - Request of a Reasonable Accommodation Template

Appendix B - Reasonable Accommodation Information Reporting Template

HRM 07-01

Performance Management

Appendix A - Timeline and Process for Performance Management

03/11/2019 (minor rev)
HRM 07-02

Labor-Management Negotiations

Appendix A - ER/LR: Labor D&S Negotiations Process

Appendix B - Interim Delegation for Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)

HRM 08-01 Superseded by ETH 05-01
HRM 09-01

Deleted 04/04/2014

HRM 11-01 Telework

Appendix A - Telework Codes and Indicators to be used in the Electronic Time and Attendance System (E-TAS)

HRM 11-02

Work Schedules (WSs) and Hours of Work

Appendix A - Comparison of Work Schedule Options

Appendix B - Tour of Duty Request Form

Fillable Form 7-2640

Appendix C - Index of Laws, Regulations, and Other References Related to Pay Administration and Premium Pay

01/05/2021 (minor rev)
HRM 12-01

Honor Awards

Appendix A - Template DI-451

Appendix B - Processing Honor Awards

Appendix C - Formatting Honor Awards

Appendix D - Signature Blocks on the DI-451 for Department and Reclamation Honor Awards

06/12/2017 (minor rev)
HRM 15-02 Position Classification and Position Management

Appendix A - Calculating Highest Qualifying Level of Work Directed – Base Level

Excel Template

IRM 01-01 Deleted 8/19/2015
IRM 02-01 Deleted 09/06/2006  
IRM 02-02 Deleted 04/01/2019  
IRM 03-01 Reclamation Information Management and Technology (IMT) Investment Management Framework 10/22/2018 (minor rev)
IRM 03-02 Administrative Cost Tracking: Information Management and Technology (IMT) Cost Tracking in the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS)

Appendix A - Definitions Definitions

Appendix B - IMT Master Data Table

Appendix C - IMT Cost Pool Definitions

IRM 04-01 Radio Communications Program 07/16/2019
IRM 05-01 Information Management and Technology (IMT) Position Hiring Controls 02/21/2020 (minor rev)
IRM 05-08 Accessibility to Information and Communication Technology: Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act 12/01/2020
IRM 06-01 Mobile Device Management and Cellular Billing 04/01/2019
IRM 08-01 Deleted 04/12/2002  
IRM 08-02 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-03 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-04 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-05 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-06 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-07 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-08 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-09 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-10 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-12 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-13

Reclamation Information Technology (IT) Security Program (ITSP): IT Asset Disposal – Information Sanitization

Appendix A – Data Storage Destruction Tracking

IRM 08-14 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-15 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-16 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-17 Deleted 07/11/2012  
IRM 08-18 Superseded by IRM TRMR-125
PRM 01-01 Deleted 01/09/2014
PRM 03-01 Bureau of Reclamation Uniform Program for Service and Administrative (S&A) Uniforms 09/28/2020 (minor rev)
RCD 01-01 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 11/27/2018 (minor rev)
RCD 01-02 Privacy and Safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Appendix A - DOI Privacy Breach Reporting Form

Appendix B - Reclamation Privacy Act/Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Assessment Checklist

01/29/2019 (minor rev)
RCD 02-01 Superseded by IMH  
RCD 03-01

Reclamation Manual Release Procedures.

Appendix A - Checklist and Process Maps

Appendix B - Template Memoranda Requesting RLT Review of Draft RM Release and TRMR
Word Template - Permanent Release
Word Template - TRMR

Appendix C - Template RLT Comment Disposition Matrix
Excel Template

Appendix D - Template Memorandum Requesting RLT Fatal Flaw Review of RLT Comment Disposition Matrix
Word Template

Appendix E - Template RLT Fatal Flaw Comment Disposition Matrix
Excel Template

Appendix F - Template Purpose Statement for External Comment
Word Template

Appendix G - Template External Comment Disposition Matrix
Excel Template

Appendix H - Template Memorandum Requesting RLT Fatal Flaw Review of External Comment Disposition Matrix
Word Template

Appendix I - Template External Fatal Flaw Comment Disposition Matrix
Excel Template

Appendix J - Style Sheets for Policy, Directives and Standards, Temporary Reclamation Manual Releases, and Appendices
Style Sheet - Policy
Style Sheet - D&S
Style Sheet - TRMR
Style Sheet - Appendix

Appendix K - Reclamation Manual Formatting Requirements

Appendix L - Completed Reclamation Manual Approval Form, Form No. 7-2522B
Form No. 7-2522B

Appendix M - Completed Reclamation Manual Transmittal Sheet, Form No. 7-2522A
Form No. 7-2522A

Appendix N - Citing Authorities in Reclamation Manual Releases

Appendix O - Completed Reclamation Manual Review and Certification, Form No. 7 2523
Form No. 7-2523

Appendix P - Template Memorandum Approving Minor Revisions
Word Template

Appendix Q - Template Memorandum Requesting RLT Review of RM Release Deletion
Word Template

09/23/2020 (minor rev)
RCD 03-02 Departmental Manual 11/06/2020 (minor revision)
RCD 03-03 Request for Deviation from a Reclamation Manual Requirement and Approval or Disapproval of Request

Appendix A - Sample Memorandum Requesting Deviation from Reclamation Manual Policy

Appendix B - Sample Memorandum Requesting Deviation from Reclamation Manual Directive and Standard

12/11/2020 (minor rev)
RCD 04-01 Deleted 08/08/2017
RCD 05-01 Information Management 08/14/2020 (minor revision)
RCD 05-02 Superseded by IMH  
RCD 06-01 Mail Management

Appendix A - Mail Management Oversight

Form 7-2531

09/26/2017 (minor rev)
RCD 07-01 Superseded by IMH  
SAF 01-01 Occupational Safety and Health Directive - General 05/13/2020 (minor rev)
SAF 01-02 Superseded by RSHS 40
SAF 01-03 Superseded by SAF 02-01  
SAF 01-04

Superseded by RSHS 39

SAF 01-05 Occupational Safety and Health – Diving Safety 02/22/2008
SAF 01-06

Superseded by RSHS 41

SAF 02-01 Safety and Occupational Health – Exposure Assessment 09/13/2011
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