Reclamation Manual

Temporary Reclamation Manual Releases

Temporary Reclamation Manual Releases are issued to accelerate the release of a Policy and Directives and Standards or make temporary changes in requirements.  Temporary Reclamation Manual Releases will either be incorporated permanently into the Reclamation Manual within 1 year or expire.  Requirements for final approval of Temporary Reclamation Manual Releases are identical to those for permanent releases.  Temporary Reclamation Manual Releases have the full force of permanent Policy or Directives and Standards.

Expiration Date
LND TRMR-59 Review of Certain Land Use Authorizations 09/30/2019

Administrative Cost Tracking: Information Management and Technology (IMT) Cost Tracking in the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS)

Appendix A - Definitions

Appendix B - Definitions of IT Portfolio Investments

ETH TRMR-119 Enhancing and Promoting an Ethical Culture within the Bureau of Reclamation 02/15/2020
FAC TRMR-66 Operating Practices and Procedures for High- and Significant-Hazard Dams (and other facilities, as applicable)

Appendix A - Dam Operator Proficiency Review

PEC TRMR-63 Use of Bureau of Reclamation Water or Facilities for Activities Prohibited by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 05/16/2020
CMP TRMR-120 Transfer of Title for Bureau of Reclamation Project Facilities

Appendix A - Title Transfer Checklist

FAC TRMR-98 Bridge Inventory and Inspection Program 05/22/2020
ENV TRMR-121 Streamlining National Environmental Policy Act Reviews

Appendix A - Secretarial Order 3355

Appendix B - Executive Order 13807

Appendix C - Executive Order 13766

Appendix D - Deputy Secretary Memorandum, Subject: NEPA Document Clearance Process

Appendix E - Deputy Secretary Memorandum, Subject: Compiling Contemporaneous Decision Files

Appendix F - Deputy Secretary Memorandum, Subject: Additional Direction for Implementing SO 3355

Appendix G - Deputy Secretary Memorandum, Subject: Reporting Costs Associated with Developing Environmental Impacts Statements

Appendix H - Deputy Secretary Memorandum, Subject: Additional Direction for Implementing Secretary's Order 3355 Regarding Environmental Assessments

Appendix I - Template for Consultation Documentation on Time and/or Page Limit Exceedance for EAs
Appendix I - Fillable Form

Appendix J - Reclamation EIS Approval and Filing Procedures

Appendix K - March 2019 Waiver Template
Appendix K - Fillable Form

Appendix L - Congressional Notification Sample Letter

CMP TRMR-88 Determination to Suspend an Authorized Construction Activity 06/30/2020
ENV TRMR-58 Sustainable Construction, Renovation, Operations, and Leasing of Bureau of Reclamation Building Assets 07/20/2020

Developing Additional Project Benefits in Conjunction with a Safety of Dams Modification Project

ENV TRMR-68 Environmental and Disposal Liability (EDL) 08/12/2020
PEC TRMR-122 Irrigation Ability-to-Pay Analyses with Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act Actions 08/26/2020
ENV TRMR-69 Underground Injection Control Program 08/31/2020

Recharacterization of Reimbursability of Project and Program Costs

Appendix A - Reimbursability Recharacterization Template

Appendix B - Examples of Non-Project Specific Activities

IRM TRMR-97 Information Management and Technology (IMT) Program 09/27/2020
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