Reclamation Manual


Policies reflect the Commissioner's leadership philosophy and principles and defines the general framework in which Reclamation pursues its mission.  Policy is structured to encourage innovation to accomplish implementation at the local level. Policies are signed by the Commissioner.

List of Subject Areas
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Program Series
Administrative Series
CMP Comprehensive ACM Acquisition and Financial Assistance
DAT Data Management ADM Administrative Management
EMG Emergency Management BGT Budget Management
ENV Environmental Management CRM Civil Rights Management
FAC Project Planning and Facility Operations, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation ETH Ethics
LND Land Management and Development FIN Financial Management
NIA Native American and International Affairs HRM Human Resources Management
PEC Program Economics, Revenues, and Contracts IRM Information Resources Management
RES Research, Testing, and Technical PRM Property Management
SLE Security and Law Enforcement RCD Records Management
WTR Water Management and Development SAF Safety and Occupational Health Program

Program Series




CMP P01 Floodplain Management 07/14/2023 (minor revision)
CMP P02 Bureau of Reclamation Internet Use 09/05/2023 (minor revision)
CMP P03 Public Involvement in Bureau of Reclamation Activities 09/05/2023 (minor revision)
CMP P04 Deleted 11/07/2016
CMP P05 Reclamation Value Program 03/01/2021 (minor revision)
CMP P07 Project Management 03/15/2022 (minor revision)
CMP P08 Communication and Collaboration with Customers and Stakeholders Related to the Bureau of Reclamation's Mission 09/05/2023 (minor revision)
CMP P09 Water and Related Resources Planning

Appendix A – Overview of Water Resources Planning, Design, Construction, and O&M Process Phases Associated with CMP P09


Bureau of Reclamation’s Business Model for Managing Technical Services

Appendix A - Schematic of Business Model Process

CMP P13 Scientific Integrity 07/18/2016 (minor revision)
CMP P14 Peer Review of Scientific Information and Assessments 03/29/2021 (minor revision)
CMP P16 Climate Change Adaptation 03/20/2015
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EMG P01 Emergency Management 07/07/2023 (minor revision)
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ENV P01 Superseded by ENV P15  
ENV P02 Integrated Pest Management and Invasive Species Program 7/14/2023 (minor revision)
ENV P03 Deleted 01/29/2016  
ENV P04 Bureau of Reclamation Consultation, Under the Endangered Species Act of 1973, as Amended 10/23/2020 (minor revision)
ENV P05 The Bureau of Reclamation's Commitment to Environmental Stewardship 05/06/2016 (minor revision)
ENV P07 Environmental Mitigation 01/03/2020 (minor revision)
ENV P08 Sustainable Buildings 11/16/2010
ENV P15 Hazardous Materials 06/22/2015 (minor revision)
FAC P01 Superseded by SLE P08  
FAC P02 Decisions Related to Dam Safety Issues 5/20/2019 (minor revision)
FAC P03 Performing Design and Construction Activities 07/13/2015
FAC P04 Hydroelectric Power 10/23/2019 (minor revision)
FAC P09 Cost Estimating 09/12/2019 (minor revision)
FAC P10 Independent Oversight of Design, Cost Estimating, and Construction 02/21/2023 (minor revision)
FAC P13 Superseded by FAC P04  
FAC P14 Superseded by FAC P04  
LND P01 Cultural Resources Management 10/02/2018 (minor revision)
LND P02 Concessions Management

Appendix A - Bureau of Reclamation’s Recreation-Related Authorities

04/13/2020 (minor revision)
LND P03 Wetlands Mitigation and Enhancement 11/09/2020 (minor revision)
LND P04 Recreation Program Management 01/29/2021 (minor revision)
LND P05 Museum Property Management 02/10/2021 (minor revision)
LND P06 Land Program Management 11/03/2020 (minor revision)
LND P13 Visitor Centers 6/25/2020 (min revision)
LND P14 Wildland Fire Management (WFM) 10/17/2023 (minor revision)
NIA P01 Reclamation Policy on International Affairs 03/24/2021 (minor revision)
NIA P10 Indian Policy of the Bureau of Reclamation

Appendix A - Authority

09/24/2020 (minor revision)
PEC P01 Final Cost Allocations 11/22/2019 (minor revision)
PEC P02 Deleted 02/18/2022

Incidental Revenues

Appendix A - Special Accounts and Revolving Funds

12/10/2019 (minor revision)
PEC P04 Deleted 09/05/2013  

Water-Related Contracts and Charges – General Principles and Requirements

Appendix A – Applicability of Irrigation and M&I Definitions in PEC P05 Issued July 24, 2013

04/01/2024 (minor revision)
PEC P06 Bases of Negotiation for New and Amendatory Water Service, Repayment, and Related Contracts 04/30/2020 (minor revision)

Allocation of Operation, Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Appendix A - OM&R Cost Reallocation Process Map

5/29/2020 (minor revision)
PEC P09 Transfers and Conversions of Project Water 08/04/2019 (minor revision)
PEC P10 Reclamation Standard Water-Related Contract Articles 10/12/2021 (minor revision)
PEC P12 Determination of Irrigation Suitability of Proposed Project Lands, and Identification of Lands That May Receive Project Irrigation Water on Operating Projects 04/06/2022 (minor revision)
PEC P13 Superseded by PEC 05-09
PEC P15 Voluntary Process for Appealing Decisions Made in the Administration of Water-Related Contracts and in the Crediting of Incidental Revenues 11/07/2019 (minor revision)
PEC P16 Use of Reclamation Water or Facilities for Activities Prohibited by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 01/10/2022
SLE P01 Security Program 11/18/2020 (minor revision)
SLE P06 Deleted 07/03/2019  
SLE P08 Moved to EMG P01  
WTR P01 Deleted 09/05/2013  
WTR P02 Superseded by PEC P09  
WTR P03 Deleted 10/23/2018
WTR P04 Superseded (in part) by PEC 05-10 and PEC 05-11
WTR P05 Working with Water and/or Power Contractors during Formulation of Operation and Maintenance Programs, and Providing Quality Service to Contractors during Current Year Program Activities 7/6/2020 (min revision)
WTR P06 Superseded by PEC P12  
WTR P07 Superseded by PEC 10-10  
WTR P08 Deleted 11/20/2014  
WTR P09 Superseded by PEC P13  
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Administrative Series

ACM P01 Acquisition Roles and Responsibilities and Acquisition Management Reviews (AMR) 11/08/2022
ADM P01 Deleted 10/01/2010  
ADM P05 Visual Identity 09/05/2023 (minor revision)
BGT P01 The Bureau of Reclamation's Commitment to Budget and Performance Integration and Performance Improvement (BPI/PI) 12/05/2019 (minor revision)

Public Civil Rights

Appendix A - Public Civil Rights Authorities


Bureau of Reclamation Ethics Program

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 2A

Appendix 3

Appendix 3A
Exhibit 1
Word Template
Exhibit 2
Word Template
Exhibit 3
Word Template

Appendix 4
Exhibit 1

Appendix 5

Appendix 6

Appendix 7

Appendix 8
Exhibit 1

HRM P01 Deleted 09/19/2014  
HRM P02 Superseded by HRM 11-02  
HRM P03 Deleted 06/26/2017
HRM P04 Deleted 03/05/2014  
HRM P06 Deleted 03/21/2023  
HRM P07 Deleted 02/05/2015  
IRM P01 Information Management and Technology (IMT) Cybersecurity Program 11/27/2023 (minor revision)
IRM P03 Reclamation Information Management and Technology (IMT) Portfolio Management 08/22/2018 (minor revision)
IRM P05 Information Management and Technology Program 10/06/2023 (minor revision)

Bureau of Reclamation's Directives System - Reclamation Manual

06/07/2022 (minor revision)

SAF P01 Safety and Occupational Health Program

Appendix A - Stop Work Procedures

Appendix B - Stop Work Action Procedural Checklist

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