ARCHIVE: 2020's 3nd Annual Water Innovations and Networking Workshop

Presentation Resources

Presenter Organization
Dr. Miguel Acevedo, Professor University of North Texas
Dr. Malynda Cappelle, Associate Director University of Texas El Paso, Center for Inland Desalination Systems
Hill Kemp, CEO KII, Inc.
Dr. Simone Gelmini, Postdoctoral Associate Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Grace Connors, Master's Student Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Amos Winter, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Peter Fiske, Founder & Executive Director National Alliance for Water Innovation
Dr. Ronit Erlitzki, Director of Business Development AdEdge Water Technologies
Chris Drover, CTO ZwitterCo
Yuliana Porras, Advanced Water Treatment Research Coordinator, Research and Development Bureau of Reclamation
Steve Laub, Owner/Manager Liquid Hydrodynamics
Karen Jedele, Business Development Manager Pacific States Water
Dustin Brownlow, CEO Antelope Water Management
Dr. Manoj Shukla, Director ACES Clobal Program and Professor New Mexico State University
Mike Hightower, Member NM Desalination Association
Trevor Amestoy, Undergraduate Researcher University of New Mexico Dept. of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Rowe Michels, CEO Alpheus
Brad Granley, President Clear Creek Environmental Systems
Dr. Russell Vreeland, President and CEO Eastern Shore Microbes
Dr. Sharon Nappier, National Program Leader for Water Reuse US EPA
Billy Tally, Director of Special Projects Stage 2 Innovations
Patrick Curran, CEO & Founder Atlantis Technologies
Melissa Klembara, Technology Manager for the RAPID Institute and the Energy-Water Desal Hub DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office
Tom Pankratz, Editor of the Water Desalination Report Global Water Intelligence
Kevin Price, Consultant Middle East Desalination Research Center (Retired Bureau of Reclamation)
Dr. Eugene Rozenbaoum, Senior Application Engineering Manager LG Chem
Terry Reid, Director of Research and Development Aqua Aerobics Systems, Inc
Dr. Zach Stoll, Research Scientist BGNDRF

ARCHIVE: 2019's 2nd Annual Water Innovations and Networking Workshop

Presentation Resources

Resource Title Presenter Organization
Antifouling Ion-Exchange Membranes with Enhanced Permselectivity Dr. Pei Xu New Mexico State University
END Electro-Desalination: Managing Scale Formation at High Water Recovery Dr. Chad Unrau Magna Imperio Systems
Solar Powered Desalination for Agriculture Dr. Malynda Cappelle UTEP - CIDS
Reclamation Funding Opportunities Yuliana Porras-Mendoza Bureau of Reclamation
Electromagnetic Field Devices for Prevention of Membrane Fouling and Scaling Dr. Pei Xu New Mexico State University
Photobiological Treatment of Brackish Water and Wastewater Dr. Keisuke Ikehata Texas State University
Enhancing Your Post Treatment Options Jarrod Massam Omya International
Mitigation of PFAS at BGNDRF Dr. Zach Stoll Bureau of Reclamation
Liquid and Soil Remediation Bob Brokow Liquid Hydrodynamics
Why Test at BGNDRF? Randy Shaw Bureau of Reclamation
Electrodialysis Brine Concentrator Dr. Neil Moe Suez Water Technologies & Solutions
Update on DOE Water Security Grand Challenge Including Prizes Melissa Klembara Department of Energy
Sustainable Use of Brackish Water and Concentrate for Agriculture in Arid Areas Dr. Manoj Shukla New Mexico State University
Integration of Renewable Energy, Desalination, Agriculture, and Aquaculture Dr. Miguel Acevedo University of North Texas
Reclamation Prize Events Yuliana Porras-Mendoza Bureau of Reclamation
Overview of the Draft National Water Reuse Action Plan Jeff Lape Environmental Protection Agency
High Recovery Flow-Reversal RO Desalination Process Using Conventional RO Equipment Facilitating Concentrate Management Dr. Ronit Erlitzki AdEdge Water Technologies
Removal of Perfluoroalkyl Sulfonates (PFAS) by TFN RO Membranes Nate Weeks LG Chem
Intelligent, Micro-Disrupting, Parallel and Cascading Train -IMPACT-RO Dr. Dileep Agnihotri Watersurplus
A Global Desalination Perspective: Water Desalination Report Tom Pankratz Global Water Intelligence
Bureau of Reclamation - Mission, Organization, Research and Development, Funding David Raff Bureau of Reclamation
3-Minute Pitch: Patented Game Changing Innovation in Reverse Osmosis Technology Craig Beckman Aqua Membranes
3-Minute Pitch: Wiped-Film, Rotating-Disk Evaporator for Low Cost Distillation of Saline Streams Maher Tleimet Water Reuse Technology
3-Minute Pitch: WERC Environmental Design Contest Ginger Scarborough New Mexico State University
3-Minute Pitch: Two Brine Disposal Technologies Brad Granley Clear Creek Environmental Solutions
3-Minute Pitch: IDE's Brine Desalter - RO System with an Integrated Salt Precipitation Cycle Steve Wait IDE Technologies

ARCHIVE: 2018's 1st Annual Water Innovations and Networking Workshop

Presentation Resources

Resource Title Presenter Organization
BGNDRF WIN Opening Remarks Randy Shaw Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility
Selective and Anti-fouling Ion-Exchange Membranes for Water Reuse and Desalination (presentation not available) Dr. Pei Xu New Mexico State University
Video: Reverse Osmosis Post-Treatment Jarrod Massam Omya
High-Performance Desalination Dr. Chad Unrau and Brian McDonald Magna Imperio Systems
Wind and Solar Desalination for Small Scale Agriculture and Potable Water Dr. Miguel Acevedo University of North Texas
Accelerating and Funding Innovation in New Mexico Zetdi Sloan New Mexico State University Arrowhead Technology Incubator
Non-Chemical Pretreatment for Membrane Scaling Control During Brackish Water Desalination (presentation not available) Dr. Pei Xu New Mexico State University
Funding Opportunities through the Bureau of Reclamation Dr. Katie Guerra Bureau of Reclamation
Overview of New Mexico Desalination Association Mike Hightower New Mexico Desalination Association
LG Chem Brackish Water RO Membranes Dr. Eugene Rosenbaoum LG Chem
Nanophotonics Assisted Solar Water Purification (presentation not available) Pratiksha D. Dongare NEW (Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment) at Rice University
The 29th Annual NMSU Environmental Design Contest and Video: WERC Environmental Design Contest Dr. Mona Elishinawy New Mexico State University
Potable Water Recovery Using an Integrated Algal-Osmosis Membrane System Dr. Nirmal Khandan New Mexico State University
DOE Desalination Bandwidth Study and Desal Hub Update Joe Cresko and Melissa Klembara U.S. Department of Energy
From Lab to Pilot Full System with GELF Membership Brett Danson Global Environmental Legacy Foundation
Development of Low-Cost Energy Recovery for Brackish Water RO (presentation not available) Andrew Schevets Amorphic Tech Ltd
Photovoltaic Integration with Electrodialysis Jeffery Costello Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BGNDRF WIN Closing Remarks Randy Shaw Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility


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Facility Operations Assistant

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