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5th Annual Water Innovations and Networking Workshop Agenda

Monday, September 19
2:00 Tour of Kay Bailey Hutchison Desalination Plant – 10751 Montana Ave,                Paso, TX 79935

Tuesday, September 20
9:00 Open Workshop – Dr. Malynda Cappelle, Bureau of Reclamation

9:05 Welcome Message – Michael Brain, Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of                  Reclamation

    RO-NF-CEX system with Renewable Energy
    Dr. Miguel Acevedo, University of North Texas

    Testing of photovoltaic electrodialysis-reversal system with new control strategy for improved performance and reliability.
    Jon Bessette, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Solar Powered ZDD Dr. Shane Walker, P.E., The University of Texas – El Paso
10:10 PANEL: “PFAS Treatment and Removal”
    Jeff Biggs, Tucson Water Department, City of Tucson
    Eric Dole, P.E., PSAP, Water and Energy Practice Leader, Garver
    Dr. Megan Plumlee, P.E., Director of Research, Orange County Water District
10:55 Interactive Break

11:30 3-Minute Pitches

    Enhanced Water Recovery by a Combination of Photobiological Process and Secondary Reverse Osmosis – Lifecycle Cost Analysis and Mini-Pilot Study

    Dr. Keisuke Ikehata, P.E., PEng, Texas State University High Efficiency High Recovery Brackish Water Desalination with Impact-ROTM: Field Validation Data for Multiple Projects
    Dr. Masoud Aghajani, WaterSurplus
2:15 Lunch

1:30 PANEL: “Federal Research Programs and Funding Opportunities”
    Ken Nowak, Bureau of Reclamation
    Shane Powers, Department of Energy, SETO
2:00 Water Reuse Action Plan (WRAP)

        Update Ashley Harper, Environmental Protection Agency

2:30 Interactive Break

    Evaluation of soil quality irrigated by desalinated groundwater using soil sensor network. Ernesto Ibarra Hidalgo, New Mexico State University
    Comparison of GAC and FLURO-SORB for PFAS removal from BGNDRF groundwater Miranda Salinas, The University of Texas – El Paso
3:35 Preview for Operators’ Panel
    Art Ruiz, Superintendent, Kay Bailey Hutchison Desalination Plant
3:40 Day One Closing Comments – Dr. Malynda Cappelle, Bureau of                                       Reclamation
    Time to see Hill Kemp’s project.

5:30 Evening Social – 575 Brewing Company

6:00 PANEL: “A Night Out with the Operators"           

    Scott Powell, Village of Cloudcroft
       Art Ruiz, Kay Bailey Hutchison Desalination Plant, El Paso Water

Wednesday, September 21
9:00 Day Two Opening Comments – Dr. Malynda Cappelle, Bureau of                            Reclamation

    FCDI Process
    Jack Gardiner, TDS Select

    Desert Forestry Carbon Capture
    Hill Kemp, Undesert Corporation

    Mineral Recovery for Enhanced Desalination
    Dr. Bruce Thomson, University of New Mexico

9:55 KEYNOTE: “Quantifying the Real Economic Value of Desalination.”
    Brent Alspach, P.E., BCEE, Arcadis
    10:55 Interactive Break
    FCDI Process EcoVAP: Energy Free, Fully ESG Evaporation Rowe Michels, EcoVap Impingement Evaporation of Concentrate Wastewater Brine using Solar Heating
    Eric Reitze, P.E., PMP, SolarMultiple
    Convection Enhanced Evaporation Systems Dr. Natasha Wright, University of Minnesota
12:20 Lunch

1:30 3-Minute Pitches

1:40 PANEL: “Regional Desalination”
    Mike Hightower, New Mexico Desal
    Art Ruiz, Kay Bailey Hutchison Desalination Plant, El Paso Water
    Dr. Pei Xu, New Mexico Produced Water Research Consortium

    Thermal Desalination for Produced Water Treatment
    Gary P. Katz, Esq., Katz Water

    Produced Water Treatment
    Nyle Khan, HPOC

    Produced Water Membrane Treatment
    Lyndsey Wiles, ZwitterCo

3:20 BGNDRF Update
            Dr. Malynda Cappelle, Bureau of Reclamation

    3:35 Day Two Closing Comments – Dr. Malynda Cappelle, Bureau of                                      Reclamation

    4:15 Tour of Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities – Village of Cloudcroft


    Crystal Bing
    Facility Operations Assistant

    Bureau of Reclamation Alamogordo
    Field Division - BGNDRF

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