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7th Annual Water Innovations and Networking Workshop Presenters

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We are pleased to announce the Keynote Speaker for the 7th Annual WIN Workshop, Paul Choules.

Paul Choules is CEO of Water Cycle LLC, an international desalination and water treatment consulting and advisory company. Identified as one of desalination’s expert “Desalters” by Global Water Intelligence 2011, Mr. Choules’ career in desalination and water treatment spans over 40 years or accomplishments. He has worked in the areas of project development, permitting, start-up, commissioning, project management (including one of the first pilot testing projects at BGNDRF) and operating of reverse osmosis and thermal desalination plants around the world with industrial, military and municipal clients.

Prior to starting at Water Cycle in 2016, Mr. Choules managed regional offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Egypt, Brazil, and the US for Specific Equipment Co., MECO (lived and worked in Abu Dhabi for 10 years), Weir/ Veolia and Water Standard. He is the current President and a founder of the Caribbean Desalination Association, “CaribDA” and is a current board member and founder of the Texas Desalination Association where he previously served as President.

The WIN Workshop speakers include BGNDRF clients, representatives from Bureau of Reclamation and other federal agencies, state agencies, academia, and other organizations.

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