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6th Annual Water Innovations and Networking Workshop—


The WIN Workshop speakers include BGNDRF clients; representatives from Bureau of Reclamation; and other Federal agencies, state agencies, academia, and more.

The keynote speaker for this year’s event is Megan Plumlee, Ph.D., P.E. Dr. Plumlee is the Director of Research for the Orange County Water District. She oversees a team of scientists and researchers who coordinate and conduct applied physical, chemical and biological research that supports and enhances the District’s core operational needs; research and review promising new technologies to improve water quality and increase the efficiency of OCWD’s recycled water treatment and groundwater recharge operations; and participate in scientific advisory panels, research advisory boards and project advisory committees to help guide external research efforts related to District activities.

2023 WIN Workshop Presenters and Panel Members

Fabio Dos Santos Neto - University of North Texas
Cameron Emadi - University of North Texas
Dileep Agnihotri, Ph.D. - WaterSurplus
Jonathan Bessette - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Malynda Cappelle, Ph.D. - Reclamation
Himali Madushani Kanchanamala Delanka-Pedige - New Mexico State University
Luke Englert - University of California, Davis
Jennifer Faler, P.E. - Reclamation
Avianna E. Gallegos, EIT - Hazen and Sawyer
Mike Hightower - New Mexico Produced Water Research Consortium
Andrew Ibarra, EIT – SolMem, LLC
Neil Moe, Ph.D. - Veolia Water
Ken Nowak, Ph.D. - Reclamation
Eric Reitze, PE, PMP - Solar Multiple
Whitley Rummel - University of California, Berkeley
Miranda Salinas - The University of Texas El Paso
Bruce Thomson, Ph.D., P.E. - University of New Mexico
W. Shane Walker, Ph.D., P.E. - Texas Tech University
Natasha Wright, Ph.D. - University of Minnesota
Ruikun (Ryan) Xin, Ph.D., EIT - SolMem LLC
Robert Young, Ph.D. - New Mexico State University
Yanyan Zhang, Ph.D. - New Mexico State University

Crystal Bing
Facility Operations Assistant

Bureau of Reclamation Alamogordo
Field Division - BGNDRF

Last Updated: 10/30/23