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About Technology Transfer

    Technology Transfer helps ensure that Reclamation's research reaches the users in the most effective way possible, via information dissemination or intellectual property protection. Generally, technology transfer occurs through technical publications, workshops, demonstrations and integrations into Reclamation's operations, patents and licenses, and partnership with non-Federal entities.

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    Notable Technology Development Award Given to Inventors of Flexible Magnetic Flux Probe

    Comparison image of flexible magnetic flux probe with penny.(Nov. 7, 2016) Reclamation recently received a Notable Technology Development Award recognizing new technologies designed to serve the common good. The award was given by the Federal Laboratory Consortium Mid-Continent (FLC MC) for the Flexible Magnetic Flux Probe. The inventors of the Flux Probe are Jim Dehaan, Malin Jacobs and Bert Milano.

    Dehaan, Jacobs, and Milano are part of Reclamation’s Hydropower Technical Services Group which developed and patented (#6466009) a flexible magnetic flux probe that detects deteriorating insulation in large-scale spinning electrical generators preventing failure as well as expensive repairs and replacements. The inexpensive, small, flat, light, and flexible probe accurately measures the magnetic flux, and can be mounted in the air gap without rotor removal or shutdown. The probe design is very thin, allowing easy installation into the air gap. If the probe comes loose during generator operation, the flexible substrate will not damage the generator. Reclamation has a non-exclusive license agreement with Iris Power LP, and has already sold over 200 of these probes. Read More →

  • Newsletter

    Knowledge Stream: Technology Transfer Issue

    Comparison image of flexible magnetic flux probe with penny.(Summer 2012) This edition of the Knowledge Stream focuses on technology transfer (T2 ), moving research discoveries into public and commercial use. In the President’s October 28, 2011 memo, Accelerating Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Federal Research in Support of High-Growth Businesses, all Federal agencies are asked to increase their emphasis on innovation and on sharing their inventions and technology with the public and industry. This aims to strengthen our nation and its economy by taking greater advantage of the fruits of Federal research. In this edition, we highlight how new inventions and technologies developed by Reclamation scientists — with taxpayer funds — are made available for broad use by the public and U.S. industry.

    The technology transfer process can be as simple as publishing papers about our new technologies or as complex as patenting the technology and negotiating agreements and licenses with industry to commercialize and market the invention. Read More →

Last Updated: 6/22/20