• Program Manager, Research and Development

    Levi Brekke

    Levi Brekke became Reclamation's Program Manager of Research and Development (R&D) in 2015. He provides strategic direction for R&D programs, advises on research policy, and represents Reclamation R&D activities during the interchange of scientific knowledge and expertise between research personnel and operational programs of Reclamation, other agencies, and the water management community at large.

  • Science and Technology Program Administrator

    John Whitler

    John Whitler became a member of Reclamation as Science and Technology (S&T) Program Administrator in 2015. John manages S&T program goals, policies, and business practices by coordinating research selection and execution, innovating administration, supporting budget formulation, developing partnerships, and supporting technology transfer to move research into practice.

  • Desalination and Water Purification Program Administrator & Advanced Water Treatment Research Coordinator

    Yuliana Porras-Mendoza

    Yuliana Porras-Mendoza joined R&D in 2013 as Research Coordinator for Advanced Water Treatment. She also administrates the Desalination and Water Purification Research (DWPR) Program. She is responsible for coordinating the advanced water treatment strategy for the R&D Office and aids in the implementation for both the S&T water treatment and DWPR programs. In addition, she works on expanding Reclamation’s water treatment portfolio by launching Prize Competitions (also known as Challenges) in the area of advanced water treatment in the areas of concentrate management, arsenic sensors, resource recovery, and other challenges related to advancing clean water technologies.

  • Hydropower and Renewable Energy Research Coordinator

    Erin Foraker

    Erin Foraker became a part of the Research and Development Office in 2012. Erin directs the Research and Development Office's renewable energy research, which focuses on improving maintenance practices of hydropower systems, improving reliability and efficiency for hydropower generation, and researching opportunities for other renewable energy generation within Reclamation.

  • Water Availability Research Coordinator

    Kenneth Nowak

    Kenneth Nowak became a member of R&D as Water Availability Research Coordinator in 2016. Ken’s responsibilities broadly relate to the nexus of climate science and water management. This includes coordination of internal and external research relevant to climate, hydrology, and water management/planning; training to build internal Reclamation climate capacity; and external collaboration on related topics.

  • Technology Transfer Specialist


    This position works to form partnerships between Reclamation and non-federal entities to leverage shared capabilities and costs, and more effectively develop and move technologies to Reclamation stakeholders, the broader water management community, and the American public as authorized under the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986.

  • Prize Competition Program Administrator

    Jennifer Beardsley

    Jennifer Beardsley became a member of the R&D Office in 2018 as Reclamation's Prize Competition Program Administrator. Jennifer is responsible for administering a portfolio of prize competitions in water availability, infrastructure sustainability, and environmental compliance. This includes developing Federal and non-Federal partnerships to enhance prize competition activities and coordinating efforts to further develop competition solutions into beneficial uses in Reclamation and the water resources management community.

  • Open Water Data Coordinator

    Allison Odell

    Allison Odell joined R&D in 2020 as Open Water Data Coordinator. She is responsible for coordinating efforts that support Reclamation's fulfillment of the requirements of the OPEN Government Data Act of 2019 to make data available in open, machine-readable, interoperable formats. This includes managing IT systems for data publication and developing internal and external partnerships related to publishing and using open datasets.

  • Budget Analyst

    Rosann Velnich

    Rosann Velnich joined Reclamation as a Budget Analyst in 2014. She currently formulates and executes the R&D Budget and works closely with the Program Manager and Administrators in the Denver Office as well as the budget analysts in the Washington Office to support research projects in the Science and Technology and Desalination and Water Purification Programs.

  • Program Analyst

    Katie Hill

    Katie Hill joined Research and Development as a Program Analyst in 2020. She is responsible for project management, business analysis and reporting, portfolio analysis, external coordination, and communication duties to help administer multiple R&D programs. Programs include Desalination and Water Purification Research (DWPR), Science and Technology (S&T) Research, S&T Prize Competitions, and Technology Transfer.

  • Administrative Assistant

    Patricia Loetel

    Patricia Loetel started with R&D in 2017 and previously worked in the Dam Safety Office. Her work consists of supporting R&D programs in managing, reporting, and tracking an array of agency systems, as well as supporting the development of the office's Knowledge Stream publication and research projects.

Last Updated: 1/5/21