Prize Competitions

Prize Competitions spur innovation by engaging a non-traditional solver community. Competitions can complement traditional research and target Reclamation’s most persistent science and technology challenges. Competitions use prizes to incentivize solvers to submit solutions and are open to a solver community that includes members of the public, businesses, and other organizations.

Reclamation awards $150,000 to winners of AMPS Challenge improving reliability in hydropower plants.

The Bureau of Reclamation selected two top solutions for the Automated Maintenance of Protection Systems prize competitions. Read More →

May 2022 Prize Competitions Recap

In The Spotlight: Streamflow Forecast Rodeo: In March 2022, Reclamation announced the 10 winners for the yearlong Streamflow Forecast Rodeo prize competition. Read More →

Reclamation selects phase I winners of river modeling prize competition

TThe Bureau of Reclamation announced the phase I Divide and Conquer Challenge winners. This challenge seeks to significantly improve the execution speed of numerical models that simulate river hydraulics, sediment erosion, transport, and deposition in rivers and streams. Read More →

Guardians of Reservoir

The Bureau of Reclamation announced the phase two winners of the Guardians of the Reservoir competition. The three winning teams advance to the third and final phase of the competition.

The competition challenges competitors to design solutions for removing sedimentation deposits in reservoirs. Sedimentation builds up reducing a reservoir’s storage capacity potentially preventing a dam from functioning properly. Read More →

Reclamation awards $435,000 in prize competition seeking improved streamflow forecasting methods

Reclamation has selected 10 winners from the yearlong Streamflow Forecast Rodeo prize competition. Contestants developed methods for making 10-day streamflow forecasts for multiple locations across the Western United States and entries were judged based on how closely those predictions matched the actual streamflow. Winners will share the $435,000 in prize money. Read More →

January 2022 Prize Competitions Recap

In the Spotlight: Snowcast Showdown: This competition launched on December 7, 2021 and seeks improved methods to estimate the snow water equivalent over the Western United States using near real-time data sources. Read More →


Jennifer Beardsley
Prize Competitions Program Administrator

Last Updated: 8/11/22