Selected Applications


Applicant Title
City of Hailey, Idaho A Grass Replacement Program
Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District Flow Meter Conversion and Upgrade
Riverdale Canal Company Riverdale Canal Bypass Pipeline for Water Savings and Efficiency
Palmdale Water District Landscape Water Use Efficiency Project
Westland Irrigation District Canal Flow Level Sensor & Water Management Automation Project
West Basin Municipal Water District Greywater and Rain Water Advancement Project
Unit B Irrigation & Drainage District (Unit B) Pipeline Replacement
Yuma Irrigation District Water Conservation Magmeter Implementation Program 2017
San Bernardino Special Districts Department, Water and Sanitation Division Meter Replacement Project
New Sweden Irrigation District Proposal to add SCADA and Automation to the East Branch of the Martin Canal
Pixley Irrigation District Avenue 116 SCADA System
South Tahoe Public Utility District Pressure Reducing Valve SCADA Upgrades
Kansas Bostwick Irrigation District Open Canals to Buried Pipe Systems
Traill Rural Water District Remote Read Water Meter Project
Weber Basin Water Conservancy District WBWCD Potable Water System Metering Project
Minidoka Irrigation District Open Ditch Conversion to Pipeline
Walsh Rural Water District Remote Read Water Meter Project
City of Yakima Public Works Department Low Water Use Garden Conversion Project
Thomas Public Works Authority Meters Replaced with Smart Meters
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Water Measurement for the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes; Fort Hall irrigation District
Minidoka irrgation District SCADA on 13 Return River Spill Sites
Galena Groundwater District Water Measurement and Conveyance projects prioritized by water users and the Wood River Water Collaborative
Grand Forks Traill Water District, Grand Forks, ND Remote Read Water Meter Project
Roosevelt Irrigation District Roosevelt irrigation District Canal Spill Reduction
Talent Irrigation District West Main Canal Piping - Deep Cut
Weber Basin Water conservancy District Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate Program
City of Rio Rancho Water Efficiency Rebates
Farmers Co-operative Irrigation Company Piping 720' of open earthen ditch
Bostwick Park Water Conservancy District Water Measurement Device Installation
Tulare Irrigation District SCADA System Modernization Project
Lake Chelan Reclamation District Flow Meter Replacement
Draper Irrigation District Culinary Smart Metering Project
Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 2 HCID 2 Automation of the Lateral B&C Canal Headgate
Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District Turnkey Water Conservation Programs: Flip Your Strip, Landscape Consultations, & Switch2Drip
Eastern Municipal Water District Residential Spray-to-Drip Retrofit Kit Program
Buford Trenton Irrigation District Plastic Irrigation Pipe Installation
City of Purcell, Oklahoma Water System Improvements Purcell Lake Irrigation
City of Coachella City of Coachella Advance Metering Infrastructure
Ogden River Water Users Association SCADA Project
City of Big Bear Lake Water System Facilities Automation Projects
City of Norwalk WBIC Installation Project
Boise Project Board of Control Automation of the Platt and Miller Check Structures on the Deer Flat Low Line Canal
Settlement Canyon Irrigation Company Settlement Canyon Irrigation Municipal Metering Tooele, Utah
Quincy-Columbia irrigation District Automation of W3 Lateral Turnout of the West Canal
City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department Water Conservation Technology Implementation in Park System
Ainsworth Irrigation District Automation of Bone Lateral Check
City of Yuba City Yuba City Irrigation Systems Upgrade Project
Carbon Canal Company Carbon Canal Flow Control Automation
Guadalupe Soil & Water Conservation District Acequia Restoration & Conservation Cost Share Project
El Camino Irrigation District Pump 1 - Conveyance Efficiency Upgrade
City of Elephant Butte Water Safety and Preservation 2017
Bloomfield Irrigation Distict Flume and Concrete Support Enhancement for Water Conservation Project
Brownsville Public Utilities Board Installation of Water Efficient Fixtures in Brownsville Independent School District
Walker River Irrigation District Saroni Canal Water Conservation Project
Belle Fourche Irrigation District Installation of PVC Pipe on Beresford Lateral Project
North Gila Valley Irrigation & Drainage District McPherson Lateral Lining Projet Phase 2
Lower Republican Natural Resources District Real-Time Water Use Data Delivery System for LRNRD
City of Sanger, California SCADA System Upgrades for Accuracy, Efficiency and Reiliability
Helendale Community Services District AMI Smart Meter Installation Program
Arizona Water Company White Tank SCADA Water Efficiency Project
Whitestone Reclamation District Whitestone Flats Piping Project
Walker River Irrigation District & Plymouth Ditch Company Lower Plymouth Pipeline Implementation Project Phase I.A.
Village of Los Lunas Effluent Reuse for Construction Water
West Extension Irrigation District Rippe Road East and West Pipeline Project
Locust Grove Public Works Authority Upgraded Water Line for Improved Efficiency
Pueblo of Jemez Water Meter Installation on Homes and Commercial Buildings
Last Updated: 7/2/18