Project Design Grants

New for 2023, Project Design Grants offers cost sharing with Reclamation for the site-specific final design of medium and large-scale on-the ground water supply construction (including domestic water supply projects for Tribes, insular areas, and disadvantaged communities), water management construction, and restoration projects. Prior to applying for a Project Design Grant, it is expected that applicants will have already performed some general planning work and preliminary studies that led to the identification of a specific location for project design. Project Design Grants should result in a final design package at approximately 60% design level.


Current Status

The FY23 Planning and Design Grants funding opportunity announced August 7, 2023. First round of applications were due October 17, 2023, and they are currently under review. The second round of applications are due by April 2, 2024.


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News Releases

August 7, 2023
Biden-Harris Administration Makes Nearly $200 Million Available for Drought and Climate Resiliency Projects as Part of Investing in America Agenda

Last Updated: 11/16/23