Water Strategy Grants

Previously known as Water Marketing Strategy Grants.

Through Water Strategy Grants, Reclamation provides financial assistance for water supply projects, water marketing activities, water management projects, and/or activities and river restoration activities, including planning projects to restore a natural feature or to use a nature-based feature to reduce water supply and demand imbalances or the risk of drought or flooding; and projects that otherwise mitigate against the impacts of climate change to fish and wildlife habitats. This includes planning projects that will provide benefits to multiple sectors, such as agricultural, municipal, Tribal, or recreation water uses.


For additional on WaterSMART Water Strategy Grants, please contact Ms. Irene Hoiby at 303-445-3575 or send an email to ihoiby@usbr.gov.

You may complete this form to receive WaterSMART program notification from the Bureau of Reclamation.


Current Status

The FY23 Planning and Design Grants funding opportunity announced August 7, 2023. First round of applications were due October 17, 2023, and they are currently under review. The second round of applications are due by May 21, 2024.


Have a question regarding the funding opportunity or project eligibility questions? Request a meeting through our bookings site.

News Releases

August 7, 2023
Biden-Harris Administration Makes Nearly $200 Million Available for Drought and Climate Resiliency Projects as Part of Investing in America Agenda

July 1, 2021
Reclamation provides $1.14 million to help communities develop water marketing strategies

Nov. 12, 2019
Bureau of Reclamation awards $2 million to ten projects to develop water marketing strategies

May 9, 2019
Bureau of Reclamation makes up to $3 million available for 2019 Water Marketing Strategy Grants funding opportunity


Last Updated: 2/7/24