Environmental Water Resources Projects

WaterSMART Environmental Water Resources Projects is a category of funding to support projects focused on environmental benefits and that have been developed as part of a collaborative process to help carry out an established strategy to increase the reliability of water resources.

Applicants are invited to leverage their money and resources by cost sharing with Reclamation on Environmental Water Resources Projects, including water conservation and efficiency projects that result in quantifiable and sustained water savings and benefit ecological values or watershed health; water management or infrastructure improvements to benefit ecological values or watershed health; and watershed restoration projects benefitting ecological values or watershed health that have a nexus to water resources or water resources management.

New for FY 2023: Section 40907 of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes additional authority for Reclamation to provide funding for multi-benefit projects that improve watershed health. Additional details will be contained in the FY23 funding opportunity.



For additional information on WaterSMART Environmental Water Resources Projects, please contact Ms. Avra Morgan at 303-445-2906 or aomorgan@usbr.gov; or contact Ms. Robin Graber at 303-445-2764 or rgraber@usbr.gov.

You may complete this form to receive WaterSMART program notification from the Bureau of Reclamation.


Last Updated: 4/1/24