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Reclamation's funding is divided into fiscal years that start on October 1st and end on September 30th of the next calendar year. The current fiscal year is 2024. Use the utility below to find research funded by the Science and Technology Program during a specified range of years or use the links here to explore research in other categories.

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Science and Technology Research Funded in 2020

The following 147 research projects were fully or partially funded by the Science and Technology Program in 2020. Click on a highlighted Researcher link to learn more about that project's Principal Investigator, or click on a linked project title to view that project's details.

Researcher Title ID Start Year End Year
Arias-Paic, Miguel Ion Exchange Pretreatment for Desalting Membrane Processes to Maximize Clean Water Production 20092 2020 2022
Asbill-Case, Jessica Pilot testing of renewable-energy powered desalination systems in the Navajo Nation for small and rural communities 19093 2019 2021
Bartojay P.E., Katie Collaborative Studies of Hydraulic Concrete Surfaces to Reduce Concrete Damage for Water Resource Structures 1885 2018 2020
Bearce, Richard Field Implementation of Burrowing Animal Deterrents for Earthen Canal Embankments 19317 2019 2021
Bearup, Lindsay Improving distributed hydrologic models using multiscale thermal infrared, near infrared, and visible imagery from sUAS and satellite-based sensors 19249 2019 2020
Bocovich, Carolyne Internal Erosion: Laboratory Testing to Identify End States in Internally Unstable Soils 20081 2020 2021
Bountry, Jennifer Open Data Pilot for Integrating BOR River and Reservoir topographic and sediment data into RISE 20077 2020 2022
Braz, Rebecca Utilizing Acoustic Sensors to Detect Streambed Mobilization 20070 2020 2020
Broman, Daniel Can better representation of low-elevation snowpack improve operational forecasts? 19178 2019 2020
Brown, April Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) 8141 2018 2020
Cepak, Zachary Evaluating Kevlar Rope for Use in Gate Hoist and Crane Applications for Improved Service Life 20036 2020 2022
Clair, Kyle Excitation and Governer Control System 19004 2019 2020
Council, Patrick Power System Instrumentation 20009 2020 2022
Dawson, Theresa Adaptation of the Existing Fryingpan-Arkansas Project RiverWare Planning Model to Support Operational Modeling, Forecasting, and Probabilistic Decision-Making 20044 2020 2020
DeHaan, Jim Determining Hydro Generation Start/Stop and Cycling Costs 1880 2018 2020
DeHaan, Jim Fuel Cell Evaluation – Report on the long-term performance of fuel cells installed to provide extended backup power at several ECAO communication sites. 20013 2020 2020
DeHaan, Jim Machine Condition Monitoring - Enhance and expand Reclamation developed Machine Condition Monitoring (MCM) system. System utilizes in-house developed software and commercial data acquisition hardware. 20012 2020 2022
DeHaan, Jim Power System Safety 1800 2018 2020
DeHaan, Jim Predictive Maintenance Program – Research and development of a system to transfer and store secured data in support of a Reclamation-wide Predictive Maintenance Management program for power production assets 20108 2020 2022
DeHaan, Jim Rotor-Mounted Scanner – Participate in the development and deployment of a new and improved version of the Rotor-Mounted Scanner hydro condition monitoring system, designated StatorScan.™ 20014 2020 2022
Delagah, Saied Concentrate Minimization through Development of an innovative In-line Static Mixer 20058 2020 2022
Delagah, Saied Evaluating Contaminates of Emerging Concern’s Fate in Potable Reuse Membrane Treatment 20083 2020 2021
Delagah, Saied Measuring sparingly-soluble,aqueous salt crystallization kinetics using CSTRs-in-series:methodology development andCaCO3 studies 7120 2017 2020
Delagah, Saied Scaling resistant RO/NF membrane 1855 2018 2020
Dill, Ginger Water Rights Information Management System (WRIM) 20088 2020 2020
Dodgen, Laurel Improving Mid-Pacific Region Programs' water quality data management to enhance user access, analysis and decision-support 7124 2017 2020
Dodgen, Laurel Leverage Existing Environmental Data for Improved Usability by Standardization and Migration to RISE-Compatible Database 19210 2019 2021
Dombroski, Daniel Evaluating Chirp Technology for Measuring Reservoir Sedimentation Thickness and Stratigraphy 20067 2020 2020
Dombroski, Daniel Improving predictions of scour in the vicinity of vegetation in habitat rehabilitation areas 19290 2019 2020
Dombroski, Daniel Monitoring Detritus Deposition and Scour Downstream of Minidoka Dam with Implications to Snake River Physa Snail Habitat and Irrigation Canals. 20064 2020 2022
Dombroski, Daniel Monitoring Suspended Sediment: An Investigation Coincident with the Cherry Creek Reservoir Annual Flush 20069 2020 2022
Durham, Shanna Performance Testing Multiple Units of Similar Hydraulic Design 300 2105 2022
Eastment, Eric Effects of Water Absorption on Epoxy-Mica Based Stator Winding Insulation Systems 19251 2019 2021
Eastment, Eric Reduction of Damaging Stator Core and Winding Vibrations in Large-Diameter Salient-Pole Synchronous Machines 19223 2019 2021
Egan, Randall Evaluation of Alternative Fire Suppression Methods for Generators For Improved Safety, Effectiveness and Reliability 20100 2020 2022
Fallon, Kendra Development of a platform for wildfire incident support and evaluation of post-fire impacts 20019 2020 2021
Fennema, Scott Maintaining canal capacity and delivery feature reliability through the use of ultraviolet aquatic vegetation control. 20041 2020 2022
Fenolio, Joel Improving volume forecasting tools for snow dominated basins 19256 2019 2021
Few, Benjamin Dielectric Frequency Response of Generator Stator Windings 1862 2018 2020
Flint, Leah Cost modeling of membrane desalination processes using Reclamation’s WaTER model 1877 2018 2020
Foraker, Erin K New Reclamation-wide Maintenance Management Toolset 20203 2020 2020
Foster, Melissa Side channel evolution, geomorphic diversity, and sediment transport on the Bighorn River following larger dam releases between 2008 and 2018 19306 2019 2020
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Exploring the possibilities of improving flood frequency analysis in the West by incorporating paleohydrologic reconstructions 20056 2020 2022
Gappa, Matthew Geospatial Tool for Instrumentation Inventory and Collection and Evaluation of Readings. 20020 2020 2021
Germann, John Cavitation Detection Techniques for Optimizing Hydraulic Turbine Operation and Maintenance 8121 2018 2020
Germann, John Generator Rotor Rim to Spider Arm Attachment Data Collection 7140 2017 2020
Germann, John Using Strain-Sensing Technology to Increase Safety and Reliability of Inaccessible Critical Connections in Hydropower Equipment 20076 2020 2021
Gulsvig, Carter Development and Field Research on Next Generation Coatings for Mussel Mitigation on Infrastructure 19196 2019 2021
Gulsvig, Carter Polysiloxane and Vinyl coatings Comparison and Field Trial 19227 2019 2021
Gulsvig, Carter UAS Demonstration and Development for Inaccessible Features Inspections 20096 2020 2022
Harrel, Shannon Permeability Compatibility Between Concrete Repair Material and Concrete Substrate 1863 2018 2020
Heiner, Bryan Hydraulically Driven Grinders to Mitigate Mussel Shell Debris 1847 2018 2020
Heiner, Bryan Self-Cleaning Strainers and Filtration to Mitigate Mussel Impacts 1846 2018 2020
Henderson, Christine Advancement of Cathodic Protection Monitoring and Control for Water Storage Tanks 20023 2020 2022
Henderson, Christine Laboratory Evaluation of Field Repairable Materials and Techniques for Cavitation Damage: Phase II 20024 2020 2022
Holste, Nathan Quantifying the Development and Dynamics of Reservoir Delta and Related Backwater Vegetation in the Context of Physical Drivers 20052 2020 2022
Holste, Nathan Side channel evolution and design: achieving sustainable habitat for aquatic species recovery 19266 2019 2021
Horn, Mike Aging Reservoirs, Climate, Operations, and Potential Cumulative Impacts to Water Quality, Clarity and Fisheries and Recreation 19080 2019 2020
Jay, Meyer Determining the capabilities and limitations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) equipped with Light Detection Ranging (LiDAR) sensors when applied to hydrologic studies, infrastructure, mapping, and general land data collection 20091 2020 2022
Jermyn, Matthew Life-Cycle Costs of PCCP Maintenance 20059 2020 2021
Johnson, Jennifer Developing a holistic framework for evaluating system-wide groundwater surface water interaction and interconnected projects using system dynamics modeling methods 20025 2020 2022
Joy, Westin Chemical Compatibility Between Concrete Repair Materials and ASR Affected Concrete 8126 2018 2020
Kang, Jong B Seepage Detection and Characterization in a Truckee Canal Site using L-band Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR) Technology 19258 2019 2020
Keele, Jacque Investigation of environmental RNA (eRNA) as a detection method for dreissenid mussels and other invasive species 20026 2020 2022
Keele, Jacque Predictive Dreissenid Mussel Modeling for the Western United States 8110 2018 2020
Keele, Jacque Use of Novel Parasites to Control Naive North American Dreissenid Populations 19097 2019 2021
Keim, Jeffery Algae Resistant Linings for Canals and Other Water Resource Structures 19242 2019 2021
Kelly, Kevin L. Alternate Control Strategy for Dreissinids Using Carbon Dioxide 1852 2018 2020
Kelly, Kevin L. Alternate Control Strategy for Dreissinids Using Electrical Methods 19174 2019 2021
Kelly, Kevin L. Development of a Chimeric Biopesticide for the Treatment of Zebra and Quagga Mussels 19186 2019 2021
Kennedy, Anthony Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project - San Juan Lateral Source Water Blending and Corrosion Studies 20008 2020 2022
Kennedy, Anthony Occurrence of Organic Micropollutants in the San Juan River in Northwest New Mexico and their Removal during Drinking Water Treatment 19192 2019 2021
King, Vanessa Reclamation Interactive Visualization and Exploration Resource (RIVER): A model scenario visualization tool for RWIS/RISE 19221 2019 2021
Klein, Matthew Improving UAS-derived photogrammetric data and analysis accuracy and confidence for high-resolution data sets using artificial intelligence and machine learning 20105 2020 2020
Lai, Yong Fish Passage at River Diversion Juncture: A Science-Based Approach 19105 2019 2021
Lai, Yong Mercury Loading to Streams and Reservoirs: A Process-Based Approach 1809 2018 2020
Lanini, Jordan Risk-based decision making in reservoir operations 1881 2018 2020
Lapenna, Jacob Rotor Installed Corona Mapping of Stator Windings within Large Diameter Hydro Generators 19078 2019 2021
Leady, Zackary Development of a GPU Accelerated Salinity Module for the SRH-2D Platform 1883 2018 2020
Leady, Zackary Seasonal/Temporary Wetland/Floodplain Delineation using Remote Sensing and Deep Learning 1867 2018 2020
Lemer, Jordan Demonstration and Use of Advanced 3D Measuring Techniques using Portable Laser and Arm Technology 19146 2019 2021
Lindenbach, Evan Improving seepage measurements in the Truckee Canal and developing a framework for data collection, modeling and assessment of unlined canal seepage 19144 2019 2021
Llewellyn, Dagmar Characterizing the Predictability and Sensitivity of Streamflow to Monsoon Season Precipitation 20032 2020 2022
Llewellyn, Dagmar Deployment of a floating evaporation pan on Lake Powell, UT-AZ, and Cochiti Lake, NM, to improve evaporation rate measurement accuracy and precision 8119 2018 2020
Llewellyn, Dagmar Improving the robustness of southwestern US water supply forecasting 8117 2018 2021
Llewellyn, Dagmar Using Remote Sensing and Ground Measurements to Improve Evaporation Estimation and Reservoir Management 19132 2019 2021
Lucero, Catherine Characterizing novel supplementary cementitious materials to reduce infrastructure costs and improve durability 19142 2019 2021
Martin, Paul Developing a Collaborative Environment for Sharing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Between Reclamation and Irrigation Districts. 19042 2019 2020
Mcguire, Marketa Assessing the impact of physically realized hydro-climate extremes on water supply 20082 2020 2020
Mcguire, Marketa Developing process-based and spatially consistent approaches for correcting streamflow biases in watershed hydrology simulations 1895 2018 2020
Mench, Diane Ecological Research Lab 19214 2019 2021
Merten, Bobbi Jo Econometric Analysis and Forecast Model for Reclamation Corrosion Protection Costs 19155 2019 2021
Merten, Bobbi Jo Field Validation of Impedance Spectroscopy Coating Assessments 1884 2018 2020
Merten, Bobbi Jo Gate Design Optimization and Composite Gate Lab Scale Testing 20200 2020 2020
Monk, Patrick Monitoring the Movements of Juvenile Pacific Lamprey in the Yakima River using Acoustic Telemetry 19112 2019 2021
Mortensen, Josh Adhesion Strength of Protective Coatings – Test Method Development under Real-Life Hydraulic Conditions 19122 2019 2020
Mortensen, Josh Improved Prediction of Seismically Induced Hydrodynamic Loads on Dams and Spillway Gates 19206 2019 2020
Mortensen, Josh Utilizing the Winter-Kennedy method for Hydropower Flow Measurement 20048 2020 2021
Mower, Clifton Shane Ultrasonic Transducer Field Test for Quagga Mussel Settlement Control 20061 2020 2022
Murphy, Aaron Threat Assessment and Evaluation of Burrowing Crayfish in Reclamation Canals 20042 2020 2021
Nelson, Kirk Dynamic Representations of Hydrologic-Irrigator Interactions in Planning Models 20093 2020 2022
Nguyen-DeCorse, Hong Development of short-range forecasts of weather-driven channel losses and gains to support Reclamation water management 1845 2018 2020
Nowak, Kenneth Deployment of daily west-wide remotely sensed reservoir evaporation application 20205 2020 2020
Nowak, Kenneth Machine Learning for Improving Sub-Seasonal Forecasting 20204 2020 2020
Nowak, Kenneth Subseasonal Heatwave Prediction 19003 2019 2021
Passamaneck, Yale Analysis of environmental DNA from sediments for detection of invasive dreissenid mussels 20039 2020 2022
Passamaneck, Yale Comparison of next-generation DNA sequencing to traditional morphological identification for environmental monitoring 1831 2018 2020
Passamaneck, Yale Evaluation of preservation methods for veliger detection field samples 19008 2019 2021
Passamaneck, Yale Integration of invasive mussel detection data in RISE 20055 2020 2021
Passamaneck, Yale Invasive Mussel Literature Resource 19138 2019 2021
Passamaneck, Yale Refining Quagga Habitat Suitability Models 19134 2019 2021
Passamaneck, Yale Sequencing of the quagga mussel genome as a tool for biocontrol 1866 2018 2020
Paul, Jenna A Methodology for Rockwad Velocity and Predator Habitat 20045 2020 2022
Posner, Ari J Software Tool Development to Generate Stochastic Hydraulic Simulations using HEC-RAS 19180 2019 2021
Prisciandaro, Anthony Risk mapping for mussel infestation in the Pacific Northwest 19007 2019 2021
Prochaska, Stephanie Evaluation of corrosion inhibitive coatings 19168 2019 2020
Prochaska, Stephanie Optimizing feasibility of using Additive Manufacturing to print 3D metal parts 20035 2020 2020
Pucherelli, Sherri Development of field sampling protocol standards for environmental DNA (eDNA) monitoring of dreissenid mussels 19009 2019 2021
Pucherelli, Sherri Eradication of invasive quagga and zebra mussels using engineered disseminated neoplasia 19006 2019 2021
Pucherelli, Sherri Evaluation of veliger survival on boats 19011 2019 2021
Rager, Audrey Invasive Mussel Veliger Morphology 1875 2018 2020
Rinehart, Robert Comparison of traditional and new testing methods for riprap material quality 19119 2019 2021
Rinehart, Robert Electronic Geologic Logging 19117 2019 2021
Rittgers, Justin Internal Erosion Prize Challenge Competition Next Steps: Evaluating Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for Large Critical Infrastructure Imaging and Monitoring 20098 2020 2020
Salazar, Claudia Leon Web-Based Decision Support System for the Upper Colorado River Basins 20047 2020 2021
Schultz, Andrew Quantifying Fish Biomass X Distance from Environmental DNA Samples in a Hydrodynamically Complex Environment 19225 2019 2021
Shinebein, Melissa River restoration interactive geospatial database to inform future river rehabilitation design 20060 2020 2022
Skaja, Allen Feasibility of Autonomous Robotics for Relining Penstocks and Similar Structures 19188 2019 2021
Smith, Rebecca Exploring the use of temperature to understand recent drought and project future conditions in the Colorado River Basin 19264 2019 2020
Svoboda, Connie Debris Clogging Assessment of Dams 20102 2020 2020
Tansey, Michael Bio-physical Integrated Land Atmosphere Water Simulator (BI-LAWS) 19246 2019 2021
Thiemann, Meghan Scoping of future research opportunities to reduce impacts of fugitive dust on Reclamation’s lands at the Salton Sea and understand impacts of a receding Salton Sea on the Colorado River basin 20043 2020 2020
Tordonato, David Additive Manufacturing Investigation and Demonstration for Hydropower Applications 19085 2019 2021
Tordonato, David Investigation of corrosion resistant primers, barrier topcoats and duplex systems 1850 2018 2020
Torrey, Jessica Demonstration of USACE Corrosion Protection System Inspection and Monitoring Advancements 19283 2019 2021
Torrey, Jessica PCCP Inspection Truthing and Educational Demonstration 19275 2019 2021
Trujillo, Jolene Economic evaluation of activities associated with invasive mussel management 8142 2018 2020
Ubing, Caroline The potential for restoring thermal refuges in rivers for cold-water salmonids 20031 2020 2022
Varyu, David Measuring and Monitoring Sediment Transport in an Ephemeral Stream; Physical and Surrogate Data Collection 1871 2018 2020
Waechter, Christopher Cyanophage treatment development for mitigating freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms caused by cyanobacteria 20094 2020 2022
Wahl, Tony Tools to Support Design of Coanda-Effect Screens for Debris Exclusion and Fish Protection 19233 2019 2020
Wahl, Tony Uplift Pressure and Flow through Open Offset Joints in Spillway Chutes 19170 2019 2021
Wang, Jun Modeling effects of wildfire and fire retardant on nutrients downstream in a watershed scale 20057 2020 2021
Weber, Grace Leak Repair Demonstrations for Pressurized Mechanical Systems 20074 2020 2022
Winslow, David Facility Management of Reclamation's Dams - O&M Integration of the Unified Intelligent Model 19182 2019 2021
Wright, Michael Simulating California's water supply system under future climate stresses 20075 2020 2022
Wright, Michael Using "waste cold" from Liquid Air Energy Storage to achieve temperature objectives 20071 2020 2021
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