Adaptation of the Existing Fryingpan-Arkansas Project RiverWare Planning Model to Support Operational Modeling, Forecasting, and Probabilistic Decision-Making

Project ID: 20044
Principal Investigator: Theresa Dawson
Research Topic: Water Operation Models and Decision Support Systems
Funded Fiscal Years: 2020
Keywords: None

Research Question

The existing Fryingpan-Arkansas Project RiverWare planning model was developed to support long-term water management and planning uses such as water supply and policy evaluation. In the model's current state, it doesn't support real-time operational uses. The primary objective of this project is to adapt the existing model to support uses for short-term operational decision-making, forecasting, probabilistic risk management, and administration so that the model can be used by Reclamation's Pueblo Field Office for these purposes with thorough documentation so this process can be used by model developers in the future.

Need and Benefit

During this project, the existing Fryingpan-Arkansas Project RiverWare long-term planning model will be adapted to support uses for short-term operational decision-making, forecasting, and administration. As these needs had been anticipated during the development of the existing model as a long-term planning tool, it was deliberately designed to allow for efficient adaptation to accommodate operational uses. This flexible design will allow for significant gains in model functionality at significantly lower costs and levels of effort than would otherwise be possible, which will maximize Reclamation's returns of investments.

Successful implementation of the FryArk Project RiverWare model as an operational tool will help improve water supply reliability and forecasts, system efficiency, and successful decision-making and policy administration in Colorado's Arkansas River basin. This will be accomplished by effectively using modern scientific, engineering, and technological procedures and tools and incorporating the best available real-time data and information. Furthermore, this project will facilitate coordination and effective communication between basin stakeholders and water managers including many federal, state, municipal, and private entities. Finally, this project will serve as a example for implementation of similar tools in other basins throughout the western United States.

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Last Updated: 6/22/20