Collaborative Studies of Hydraulic Concrete Surfaces to Reduce Concrete Damage for Water Resource Structures

Project ID: 1885
Principal Investigator: Katie Bartojay P.E.
Research Topic: Repair and Maintenance
Funded Fiscal Years: 2018 and 2019
Keywords: None

Research Question

Can studies of different concrete materials and surfaces submitted to real scale flow lead to methods to reduce the damage from cavitation and erosion on concrete surfaces in spillways and stilling basins?

Need and Benefit

Reclamation is currently undergoing a literature search and scoping study to further substantiate the damage Reclamation and FURNAS are seeing at our structures and what current methodologies have been researched and implement in the field. Information on the combined research of concrete materials and hydraulic modeling does exist, but is lacking.

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Last Updated: 4/4/17