Jessica Asbill-Case

This person is no longer with Reclamation.

Contact Information: Bureau of Reclamation Research and Development Office, (303) 445-2125,

Research Funded by the Science and Technology Program

Jessica Asbill-Case began doing research for the Science and Technology Program in 2019. Projects were funded under the Science and Technology Program research topic Improved Power Generation.

The following research project was funded in whole or in part by the Science and Technology Program. Jessica Asbill-Case is listed as the principal investigator, or primary researcher. Click the project's title to view more information.

Pilot testing of renewable-energy powered desalination systems in the Navajo Nation for small and rural communities

Project ID: 19093
Fiscal Year of Funding: 2019 (with plans to continue through 2021)
Research Results: contact Jessica Asbill-Case

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Last Updated: 4/4/17