Deployment of daily west-wide remotely sensed reservoir evaporation application

Project ID: 20205
Principal Investigator: Kenneth Nowak
Research Topic: System Water Losses
Funded Fiscal Years: 2020
Keywords: None

Research Question

Reclamation Regions, Technical Service Center, and Research and Development Office have partnered with the Desert Research Institute to develop and implement a methodology for remotely sensing daily reservoir evaporation. This product will have the ability to provide real-time, daily reservoir evaporation estimates for most, if not all Reclamation facilities. High priority reservoirs for this effort include Lake Mead, Lake Powell, Lahontan Reservoir, Stampede Reservoir, Clear Lake, Elephant Butte, and American Falls Reservoir.

Need and Benefit

Additionally, it has the potential to be extended to partner agency locations (e.g. Texas Water Development Board). This funding would enable build out of the system to as many Reclamation facilities as possible and the development and deployment of a mature web-application from which to serve the data.

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Last Updated: 6/22/20