Developing a holistic framework for evaluating system-wide groundwater surface water interaction and interconnected projects using system dynamics modeling methods

Project ID: 20025
Principal Investigator: Jennifer Johnson
Research Topic: Water Operation Models and Decision Support Systems
Funded Fiscal Years: 2020, 2021 and 2022
Keywords: None

Research Question

This project will develop a system dynamics model and dashboard that will allow Reclamation staff to track the assumptions used in multiple groundwater - surface water interconnected projects going on in different locations in large Reclamation basins. Using a test case in the Columbia Basin Project, this project will review how assumptions and changes in one part of the basin carry through to other planning and implementation of projects. The project will also explore development a user friendly dashboard backed by a system dynamics model that can be used by project managers and planners to track assumptions to ensure that all information is available when decisions are made.

Need and Benefit

This project will help project managers and planners understand interconnected groundwater-surface water projects occuring in multiple parts of a basin to ensure that assumptions are carried through and that different projects are not relying on the same water for multiple projects.

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Last Updated: 6/22/20