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Reclamation's funding is divided into fiscal years that start on October 1st and end on September 30th of the next calendar year. The current fiscal year is 2024. Use the utility below to find research funded by the Science and Technology Program during a specified range of years or use the links here to explore research in other categories.

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Science and Technology Research Funded in 2015

The following 123 research projects were fully or partially funded by the Science and Technology Program in 2015. Click on a highlighted Researcher link to learn more about that project's Principal Investigator, or click on a linked project title to view that project's details.

Researcher Title ID Start Year End Year
Arias-Paic, Miguel Forward Osmosis Evaluation and Applications for Reclamation 7911 2015 2015
Arias-Paic, Miguel Robust Water Treatment Systems for Rural and Small Communities 1759 2014 2015
Bartojay P.E., Katie Comparative Analysis on Reducing Concrete Shrinkage and Cracking 2725 2015 2015
Bender, Merlynn D Improving water quality with water storage mixing systems 6988 2015 2017
Bloom, Kevin Using Freshwater Sponge Chemical/Mechanical Defense as a Bio-Control for Mussel Settlement 3908 2015 2015
Bountry, Jennifer Synthesis of Ecological and Physical Effects of Dam Removal Projects 1666 2015 2015
Bradley, D. Nathan Can a numerical model simulate observed patters of gravel dispersion based on river bed morphology and flow hydraulics? 5049 2015 2017
Bradshaw, Jeremiah Alternate Insulating Fluids for Power Transformers 100 2015 2017
Clark, Douglas Developing and Maintaining a Community of Interest Dedicated to the Potential Uses of Near Remote Sensing and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Technologies within the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) to Reduce Costs and Add Technical Capacity 3823 2015 2017
Clark, Douglas Fostering Data Stewardship Best Practices in Reclamation 3840 2015 2017
Clark, Douglas Improving Reclamation's Capacity to Disseminate Information and Receive Feedback 2055 2015 2015
Cuhaciyan, Christopher Safety benchmarking study 7252 2015 2017
DeHaan, Jim Large Synchronous Generators Computer Models 3772 2015 2015
DeHaan, Jim Non-dispatchable Renewable Integration 7946 2015 2015
DeHaan, Jim Plant Condition Monitoring 2879 2014 2016
DeHaan, Jim Power System Safety 613 2015 2017
DeHaan, Jim Protection System Testing Improvements 2446 2014 2016
Delagah, Saied Concentrate Management Toolbox and Selected Case Studies 5239 2015 2017
Dillon, Chuck Integrating Reclamation’s Mission in the National Wildland Fire System 5010 2015 2015
Durham, Shanna Performance Testing Multiple Units of Similar Hydraulic Design 300 2105 2022
Eastment, Eric Power System Diagnostics 5040 2014 2015
Ferguson, Ian Michael Continued Field Measurement of Riparian ET, Lower Colorado River Basin 6224 2014 2015
FitzHugh, Thomas Investigation of Software Tools for Visualization of Results from Water Resources Planning Models 3265 2015 2015
Gaeuman, David Seismic Monitoring of Bedload Transport in Large Gravel-bed Rivers 5561 2015 2015
Gallagher, Theresa Develop advanced engineering controls for further noise reduction in Chandler and Roza or in Seminoe Powerplants 8849 2015 2015
Gallagher, Theresa Implementing Noise Engineering Controls in larger powerplant 8181 2015 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Analysis of infrequent large groundwater recharge events: Their importance for long-term groundwater availability, use, and management 5424 2014 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Flood Frequency Variability on Seasonal to Multidecadal Time Scales in the Western US and Implications for Infrastructure Planning 1916 2013 2015
Gangopadhyay, Subhrendu Soil-Water-Balance Recharge Estimates for the Upper Colorado River Basin under Climate Change 2005 2015 2016
Germann, John Cavitation Detection Technology for Optimizing Hydraulic Turbine Operation and Maintenance 2944 2015 2017
Germann, John Shear Pin Failure Prediction Through the Use of Acoustic Emission Sensing and Analysis 8542 2015 2015
Greimann, Blair Developing tool to assess model uncertainty in sediment simulation 8680 2015 2015
Greimann, Blair Effects of Climate Change and Reservoir Operations on Riparian Vegetation 1596 2014 2016
Greimann, Blair Reservoir Sediment Prediction over the Western U.S. 1752 2017 2017
Guerra, Katherine Development and Commercialization of Chlorine Resistant Membranes 6789 2015 2017
Guerra, Katherine Development and evaluation of a hybrid photovoltaic reverse osmosis system for treating brackish groundwater 1340 2014 2015
Hanna, Leslie Helix Downstream Fish Passage Design 3437 2015 2015
Harpman, David Alexander Application of New Discounting Approaches for Long-Lived Water Resource Investments 9994 2015 2015
Harpman, David Alexander Value Attributes in Pump Generation Plants 9737 2014 2015
Haws, Mitchell Solar Photovoltaic Desalination Using Distillation 6806 2015 2015
Heiner, Bryan Field Evaluation of Low-cost Ultrasonic Flow Meters 8632 2014 2016
Heiner, Bryan Field Performance Evaluation of Water Level Sensors 7833 2015 2017
Heiner, Bryan Researching a Concept for a Self Regulating Articulated Fishway 2 6294 2015 2015
Heinzer, Thomas Center for Data Management 7671 2015 2015
Hilldale, Robert C. Federal Interagency Sedimentation Project 2559 2013 2015
Hilldale, Robert C. Field Testing and Calibration of a Hydrophone System for Surrogate Bedload Measurement 9342 2015 2015
Hilldale, Robert C. Signal Processing From Bedload Impact PLates Instrumented With an Accelerometer 4542 2015 2015
Hoffman, Catherine Oxnard Saline Demonstration Wetland 7138 2015 2018
Holdren, Chris Investigating an Innovative Constructed Wetland Design for Removing Endocrine Disrupting Compounds from Reclaimed Wastewater 9589 2015 2017
Hosler, Denise Detecting Environmental Impacts of Invasive Mussel Infestations: Development of an Algae and Zooplankton Database using FlowCam™ Technology 2387 2014 2015
Hosler, Denise Dressinid Mussel Monitoring and Detection Laboratory 5042 2013 2015
Hosler, Denise Impacts of Reused/Reclamed Water: Risks and Benefits 9782 2015 2015
Hosler, Denise Predicting Mussel Invasions with Predictive Modeling 3410 2015 2015
Irey, Peter Cracked Embankment Erosion Research 8284 2015 2015
Johnson, Jennifer Canal Inspection Methods Literature Review Final Peer Review 7676 2015 2015
Johnson, Jennifer Evaluating Future Agricultural Water Needs using Integrated Modeling Methods 1588 2015 2017
Karp, Cathy Evaluation of a new PIT tag antenna for large, deep, flashy river/canal systems 6448 2015 2017
Karp, Cathy Life history and ecological impacts of quagga mussels in Lake Havasu, Lower Colower River 9084 2014 2015
Karp, Cathy Testing ability of widely used fish screens to resist quagga mussel fouling 5740 2014 2015
Kelly, Kevin L. 2014 Las Vegas Wash Time-of-Travel Study 2262 2015 2015
Kelly, Kevin L. Performance Testing for Polymerase Chain Reaction Assays 7954 2014 2015
Kennedy, Anthony Identifying the formation and reduction of nitrosamines in the Mni Wiconi Water Treatment Plant 8154 2015 2017
Kihara, Kathy Use of Aqualastic to encapsulate degraded RCC Lining in Canals 786 2013 2015
Kimbrel, Sean Groundwater Model Coupling to Reclamation Surface Water Models 806 2015 2015
Klein, Matthew Photogrammetric Tools for Condition Assessment of Reclamation Structures 493 2015 2015
Klein, Matthew Photogrammetry App for Roughness Profile 1382 2015 2015
Klein, Matthew Trinity Intake Tunnel ROV Photogrammetry Analysis 9612 2015 2015
Lai, Yong An Integrated Modeling Tool to Assess Mercury Transport and Transformation Processes at Reservoirs 3425 2015 2017
Lai, Yong Quantitative Modeling Tools of Scour and Morphological Impact due to Large Wood Debris Structures 4495 2014 2016
Landis, Mike Utilizing Drones to Survey Elephant Butte Dam - Aging Infrastructure and Safety 6015 2015 2015
Larsen, Deena Conveying Climate Change and Variability 3533 2015 2015
Lindeman, Dale Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation Control in Water Delivery Systems: mapping and monitoring vegetation biomass 1725 2015 2017
Little, Daryl Demonstration Project to Implement Electro-Osmotic Pulse (EOP) Technology to Stop Water Leaks Through Concrete 7351 2015 2015
Little, Daryl Effect of Electric Fish Barriers on Corrosion and Cathodic Protection 4805 2015 2015
Little, Daryl Extending the Useful Service Life of Wire Hoist Ropes using Nondestructive Testing 3973 2015 2015
Llewellyn, Dagmar Runoff Efficiency and Seasonal Streamflow Predictability in the U.S. Southwest 8730 2015 2017
Madera, Veronica Underwater Cure Polymeric Repairs to Seal Seepage Cracks 2398 2015 2015
McKinstry, Mark Evaluating an Innovative Fish Weir for Preventing Fish Entrainment 5166 2015 2015
McKinstry, Mark The Development of a Bonytail Fish Population in Lake Mead or Lake Powell 2372 2015 2015
Merten, Bobbi Jo Coal Tar Enamel & Coal Tar Epoxy Materials Analysis and Performance History 1546 2015 2017
Merten, Bobbi Jo Coating Service Lifetime Evaluation by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) 7673 2013 2015
Merten, Bobbi Jo Reclamation Infrastructure Sustainability Research Roadmapping 151 2014 2015
Meuleman, Allyn Safety Practices & Protocols for Natural Resources Field Investigators 7949 2015 2015
Morberg, Mark Three-Dimensional (3D) Scanning to 3D Printing Technology Development 8564 2015 2015
Mortensen, Josh Comparison of physical observations and simulations of air entrainment 9509 2014 2015
Mortensen, Josh Evaluation of Hydro-Kinetic Impacts to Existing Water Delivery and Power Infrastructure 7317 2014 2015
Mortensen, Josh Hydropower Research Roadmap - Mechanical 7330 2015 2015
Mortensen, Josh Optimization of Turbulence Generation System to Prevent Invasive Mussel Colonization within Pipelines 4183 2014 2015
Mortensen, Josh Penstock Air Vent Analysis 5710 2015 2015
Murray, Joel Glenn Use of a Continuous Simulation, Process-based Model to Predict Sediment Inflow in Unsurveyed Reservoirs 8653 2015 2015
Nelson, Kirk Evaluation of Land Subsidence Impacts Due to Groundwater Pumping 3117 2015 2017
Nowak, Kenneth Develop GPS/GIS-enabled Tablet Applications to Modernize Resources and Facility Condition Monitoring 8617 2015 2015
Parrott, Stanley Conceptual water budget model for screening analysis of supplemental water supply projects 5289 2015 2015
Peterson, Eric Structure from Motion Photogrammetry: Constructing 3 Dimensional Structure from Ordinary Photography 3835 2015 2015
Pucherelli, Sherri Habitat Suitability Parameters for Invasive Mussels at Reclamation Managed Facilities and Waters 6714 2013 2015
Pucherelli, Sherri Using Microsatellite Analysis to Track Changes in Quagga Mussel Populations in the Western United States 9120 2015 2015
Rager, Audrey Detecting Canal Leakage with a Tiered Remote Sensing Approach 5326 2015 2015
Rager, Audrey Evaluating Filter Material and Water Chemistry for Potential of Promoting Bacterial Growth Resulting in Clogged Drains 7101 2015 2015
Rager, Audrey Studying the Morphology of Invasive Mussel Veligers Using 3D Models Created With a Scanning Electron Microscope 7361 2015 2015
Robertson, John Leaching Lithium 1938 2014 2016
Robertson, John Moisture Content Requirements for Effective Concrete Repairs 2886 2014 2015
Robertson, John Ultra High Performance Concrete Used as a Coating 4621 2015 2015
Rothwell, Eric Application of a Physically-Based Distributed Snowmelt Model in Support of Reservoir Operations and Water Management 2264 2013 2015
Rothwell, Eric Enhancing Predictions of Climate Change Impacts on Snow Distribution and Melt Patterns in the Mountain West 8106 2014 2016
Rothwell, Eric Intermediate-range Climate Forecasting to Support Water Supply and Flood Control with a Regionally Focused Mesoscale Model 9682 2015 2017
Skaja, Allen Antifouling Coatings for Invasive Mussel Control 7095 2010 2015
Skaja, Allen Durable Silicone Foul-release Coatings Formulations CRADA 809 2014 2016
Spears, Mark Improved Estimation of Reservoir Evaporation 7662 2013 2015
Starbuck, David Evaluating Methods to Seal Leaking Contraction Joints in Dams 7688 2015 2016
Starbuck, David Investigating Techniques for Sealing Small Cracks in Thick Concrete 2805 2015 2015
Sutphin, Zak Effectiveness of a Delta Cross Channel Graduated Field Electrical Fish Barrier to Reduce Movement of Adult Fall-run Chinook Salmon from the Mokelumne River into the Sacramento River, CA 554 2015 2017
Tarbet, Karl Time Series Web Service -- 969 2015 2015
Tordonato, David Field Scale-up testing of Foul Release Coatings 5270 2013 2015
Tordonato, David Finding a Green Alternative to Vinyl Resin Coatings 8835 2015 2017
Torrey, Jessica Composites Research Roadmap 9940 2015 2015
Torrey, Jessica Corrosion Mitigation System Monitoring 4108 2015 2017
Torrey, Jessica Mobile Information Collection Application (MICA) Implementation Plan 7876 2015 2015
Torrey, Jessica Novel Methods for the Detection of Corrosion on Rebar in Concrete 1943 2015 2017
Torrey, Jessica USBR-NIST Exploratory Research Symposium 3913 2015 2015
Turcotte, Roger Potentiodynamic Polarization Testing of Zinc Anodes in Natural Waters 8623 2015 2015
Varyu, David Ephemeral Tributary Sediment Transport Measurement 9781 2015 2017
Wahl, Tony Improving Coanda-Effect Screen Technology 6295 2015 2017
White, Janet Verification that Type V Cement is required for CLSM with high sulfate native soils 2840 2013 2015
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