Trinity Intake Tunnel ROV Photogrammetry Analysis

Project ID: 9612
Principal Investigator: Matthew Klein
Research Topic: Repair and Maintenance
Funded Fiscal Years: 2015
Keywords: underwater, inspection, photogrammetry, rov, condition assessment, video

Research Question

Can an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) be used to perform condition assessments and underwater photogrammetry?

Need and Benefit

This work would provide the ground rules and confidence needed to regularly deploy underwater ROV's for site condition assessments using photogrammetric techniques. Photogrammetry has the promise to generate 3D models of structures quickly and efficiently when compared to sonar and laser scanning.

Reclamation does not have an official underwater ROV inspection program.
We currently use divers for most shallow water inspections but in the case of Trinity intake structure, the tunnel is too dangerous to deploy divers due to its depth, length and confined spaces. In addition to not having an ROV inspection program, underwater photogrammetry has not been implemented as a alternative to sonar and laser 3D modeling in Reclamation.

The benefit to Reclamation is that underwater photogrammetry, when combined with HD cameras on a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), allows for assessments without the use of divers and can be operated in potentially hazardous and inaccessible areas. In essence, it is two benefits for the price of one: video inspection coupled with measurement and 3D capabilities. It will provide a previously unavailable method of evaluating many of Reclamations's underwater structures, tunnels, pipes and tanks that cannot be dewatered for deterioration and help to identify problems before they become critical.

Contributing Partners

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Research Products

A final report outlining the entire project. The report will be divided into the following sections: ROV video inspection, ROV Sonar modeling, Photogrammetry modeling, Dewatered visual inspection, and Correlation between different techniques.

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Last Updated: 6/22/20