Value Attributes in Pump Generation Plants

Project ID: 9737
Principal Investigator: David Harpman
Research Topic: Improved Power Generation
Priority Area Assignments: 2014 (Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation), 2015 (Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation)
Funded Fiscal Years: 2014 and 2015
Keywords: pump generation plants, design, siting, head, storage volume,

Research Question

We propose to identify the physical and site factors which determine the economic value of a pump generation power plant, and estimate the independent contributions each attribute makes to this value. Our research will help inform engineers, planners and decision-makers as they explore potential locations for siting pump generation plants.

Need and Benefit

This research will provide here-to-for unavailable evidence on the relative importance of selected attributes, including head, forebay storage volume, capacity and pump design, to the value of a pump generation plant. These attributes are common to all pump generation plants and this research will help inform site and design selection criteria.

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Research Products

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Value Attributes in Pump Generation Plants (final, PDF, 2.9MB)
By David Harpman
Publication completed on September 30, 2015

This research effort explores the incremental economic value derived from energy generation and the provision of four ancillary services; up-regulation (UR), down- regulation (DR), spinning reserve (SR) and non-spinning reserve (NR). It explicitly compares the economic value produced by variable speed (SS) and single speed (SS) pump generator units. Finally, the independent economic value of selected site characteristics such as head, forebay (upper) reservoir storage, and unit size are examined.

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Attributing Values to Pump-Generation Hydropower Plant Production Factors (final, PDF, 1.1MB)
By Todd Gaston
Publication completed on September 30, 2016

This bulletin summarizes the research results and potential application to Reclamation's mission.

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