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Klamath Summit

Over the past 20 years, the Klamath Basin has met unprecedented challenges due to ongoing drought conditions, limited water supply and diverse needs. The Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have diligently sought collaborative solutions for water availability with partners and those intimately connected to land and water conditions. The Klamath Summit engagement sessions, demonstrate a commitment to transparency and ongoing review of best practices as we continue to address climate change and work towards long term solutions in the Klamath Basin for current and future generations. 

Klamath Summit Materials

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Klamath Basin Science & Funding Workshop
March 21, 2023

IFRMP Update
IFRMP Work, U.F. Fish and Wildlife Service 

Comprehensive Funding
Klamath Funding Opportunities (Updated 3/18/2023), The Klamath Basin Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan
Klamath Funding Coordination Group Update, NOAA Restoration Center

2023 Funding Opportunities
Overview of Year Two Klamath BIL Process, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
America the Beautiful and Other Opportunities, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Wetland Restoration and Basin Resilience
Putting the Klamath Basin Puzzle Back Together, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Basin Watershed Resiliency Top to Bottom, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Opportunities within the Klamath Project Area, Klamath Water Users Association

Fire and Associated Impacts for Water in the Basin
Wildfire Impacts on Water Supplies for People and Aquatic Ecosystems, U.S. Geological Survey

Fish Screening and Reservoir Reach Restoration
Klamath Reservoir Reach Restoration Prioritization Plan, NOAA Restoration Center, Trout Unlimited, and Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
Water Diversion Inventory and Assessment, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Klamath Basin Science & Funding Workshop
December 14-15, 2022

Watershed Overview

Klamath River Basin Climate, Dave Felstul, Bureau of Reclamation
Klamath River Basin Hydrology, Dave Felstul, Bureau of Reclamation
Klamath Basin Hydrology, Ivan Gall, Oregon Water Resources Department
Klamath River Basin Water Quality, Liam Schenk, U.S. Geological Survey; Jake Kann, consultant
Forest and Fire Management, Jerry Bird, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service; and Neva Gibbens, Karuk Tribe

Wetlands and the Pacific Flyway

The Klamath Basin in Context, Mark Petrie, Ducks Unlimited
Truth and Consequences: Science to Inform Decision Making in the Klamath Basin, Mike Casazza, U.S. Geological Service
Wetland Systems and Fish Recovery in the Klamath Basin, John Vradenberg, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Agricultural Communities Perspectives on Conservation

Klamath Project, Paul Simmons, Klamath Water Users Association
Upper Basin, Upper Klamath Basin Ag. Collaborative
Scott and Shasta River, Siskiyou County Farm Bureau

State of the Science and Recent Salmon and Suckers Research

Overview of Salmon Science and Future Needs, Tommy Williams, National Marine Fisheries Service
The Yurok Tribe’s Approach to Klamath River Restoration, Mike Belchik, Yurok Tribe
Klamath Salmon Recovery Guided by Research and Monitoring, Toz Soto, Karuk Tribe
Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP) Adaptive Environmental Assessment Management (AEAM) Refinement and Klamath-Trinity River Basin Wide Management, Mike Orcutt, Hoopa Valley Tribe
Overview of the Klamath Suckers, Adam Johnson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Upper Klamath Lake Adult Sucker Status Update, Eric Janney, U.S. Geological Service B
The Klamath Tribes Science and Research and Perspective on Next Steps for Sucker Recovery, Mark Buettner, Klamath Tribes
Reintroduction of Anadromous Fishes in the Upper Klamath Basin, Mark Hereford, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Anadromous Fish Monitoring and Science in a Changing Landscape, Kurt Bainbridge, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Federal and State Agency Funding Opportunities

WaterSMART Program, Bureau of Reclamation
Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Bureau of Reclamation
Restoration Grant Opportunities, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Klamath Basin Funding, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
NOAA Funding Opportunities, U.S. Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Marines Fisheries Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Services, Oregon and California
Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service

Layering and Leveraging Funding Opportunities

Klamath Basin Funding Opportunities
Making the Most of the Moment, Matt Baun, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Klamath Funding Coordination, Bob Pagliuco, National Marine Fisheries Service

DOI News Releases

December 22, 2022
During Visit to Klamath River, Secretary Haaland Announces Four Tribal Water Projects

August 23, 2022
Historic Funding from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Headed to Klamath Basin

June 29, 2022
Interior Department Officials Visit Klamath Basin to Highlight Ongoing Investments Amidst Record Drought

February 11, 2022
Interior Department Concludes Robust Klamath Basin Stakeholder Engagement Sessions

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