Doing Business with Reclamation

The Bureau of Reclamation Acquisition and Assistance Management Division oversees the overall implementation procurement and grant programs. This includes ensuring these programs perform in accordance with current applicable laws and regulations. We make contract with the private sector for a variety of supplies, equipment and services.

What We Buy


Services our procurement offices have acquired by contract include research - applied science, earth science data gathering and studies, training, architect-engineer services, advisory and assistance services, custodial services, guard services, operation and maintenance, telecommunications services and information-technology services, facilities management services and maintenance and support,


New construction, repair, operation and maintenance of existing structures, including: aqueducts; canals; dams; drainage facilities; electric transmission facilities; levee erosion control; power plants; switch yards; water distribution facilities; office remodeling; highway, railroad, and utility relocation; and recreation facilities, and associated access roads.




Last Updated: 4/6/17