Area Offices

Area Offices and Field Offices

California-Great Basin Regional Office

The Interior Region 10 · California-Great Basin, one of five Reclamation regions, covers the northern two-thirds of California, most of western Nevada and part of southern Oregon. The region fulfills water obligations for agriculture, power generation, water conservation, water recycling and reuse while protecting of natural and federally protected cultural resources.

Central California Area Office

The Central California Area Office is headquartered at Folsom Dam, 23 miles east of California's capital city of Sacramento, with resource offices located at New Melones Dam and Lake Berryessa. The Area Office manages water and land resources in 12 counties, including facilities of the Central Valley Project - American River and East Side Divisions, and facilities of the Solano Project.

Klamath Basin Area Office

Irrigation of agricultural lands in the area now comprising the Klamath Project was initiated in 1882 with construction of an irrigation ditch to the land from White Lake. Private interests further developed the project by constructing the Adams Canal in 1886, which was supplied also from White Lake, and the Ankeny Canal in 1887, which diverted water from Link River. By 1903, approximately 13,000 acres were irrigated by private interests.

Lahontan Basin Area Office

The Lahontan Basin Area Office (LBAO) has jurisdiction over a large area of the Great Basin including most of the northern two thirds of Nevada with a small amount of overlap into California and Oregon. Much of this expanse was covered by ancient Lake Lahontan that existed during the last ice age, and whose surface area peaked nearly 13,000 years ago at 8500 square miles.

Northern California Area Office

The Northern California Area Office (NCAO) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Shasta, Keswick, Trinity, Lewiston, Spring Creek Debris, Whiskeytown, and Buckhorn Dams, including powerplants and appurtenant facilities.

South-Central California Area Office

The South-Central California Area Office (SCCAO) is responsible for managing land and water resources in the southern half of the Interior Region 10 · California-Great Basin. Generally bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to the north, the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the east, the Tehachappi Mountains to the southeast, and Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties to the southwest, SCCAO has jurisdiction over approximately 2.5 million acres of irrigated lands, which represents about 25% of the Bureau-wide total.

Specialized Offices

Bay-Delta Office

The breadth and diversity of Bay-Delta activities, and the need for timely and effective solutions, place extraordinary demands on Reclamation. The Bay-Delta Office centralizes program management and staff expertise to help ensure that Reclamation effectively responds to the urgent needs of the Bay-Delta.

Central Valley Operations Office

The Central Valley Operations Office (CVOO) directs, supports, and integrates Reclamation's water and power operations of the Central Valley Project as well as providing technical support across the California-Great Basin Region. Through its activities, the CVOO contributes to implementing Reclamation's mission to manage, develop, and protect water and related resources in an environmentally and economically sound manner.

Willows Construction Office

The Willows Construction Office (WCO), created in 1990 to manage Reclamation’s burgeoning construction program, is the cornerstone of all preconstruction, onsite construction management, and construction contract administration throughout southern Oregon, western Nevada, and central and northern California.

Last Updated: 5/6/22