Lower Colorado Region Resources Management Office

TNear Lake Las Vegas, an archeological dig on an Anasazi pit house dated between 400 and 600 AD.he Lower Colorado Region's Resources Management Office provides services related to Reclamation's environmental planning and compliance activities, land-use management, recreation development, and long-term planning programs. The office staff includes biologists, environmental protection specialists, recreation planners, archaeologists and other professionals who work collaboratively to manage environmental programs on the lower Colorado River.

The office's environmental compliance group provides environmental oversight for Reclamation programs in the Lower Colorado River Basin. It specifically:

Memorial Day weekend boat traffic on Havasu Channel.

The Resources Management Office also manages activities on Reclamation-withdrawn lands such as lands around the Salton Sea (those set aside for Reclamation project purposes) including use authorizations, recreation development and administration, trespass abatement, inventory, universal accessibility, and official records management. The office provides recreation and land use planning assistance and program coordination, and assistance in acquiring lands or interests in lands for project or resource management use.

Other activities include providing:

  • oversight of water reclamation and reuse studies, and

For more information about these activities, contact the Resources Management Office at 702-293-8130.

Last Updated: 11/4/15